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Writing desks - 52 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

PAIDI Buffe Hand Dear parents, over 75 years ago PAIDI produced the first furniture especially for child ren. Since then, millions of small people have grown with PAIDI. Many of these children are now parents themselves ... and they want for their offspring a brand that they can trust from the beginning: PAIDI. PAIDI furniture is not only made for playing and sleeping but it also makes learning a more fun thing to do. In the PAIDI Biiffelland pro- gram you and your children can find a child-friendly and economically designed workplace that grows with your child and will accompany it many years:...

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PAIDI Biiffelland PAIDI grows. The desks and chairs from the Buffelland program adapt to the body size and needs of the children and are fully adjustable. PAIDI adapts. Ergonomics is very important to us: Even the inclination angle of the desk and the seat height and depth of the swivel chairs are individually adjustable. PAIDI makes it round. The rounded corners and edges help prevent injuries and guarantee maximum safety at the desk. Our quality products are extremely durable and can withstand the highest im- We only use high quality materials - and ensure a proper processing of our pro- ducts....

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PAIDI Biiffelland Program overview Marco 2 Great extras Drawer extension with accessories, Drawer extension plus, Functional rail page 16 + 17 Desk lamp ^HINC page 50 + 51 4 wood decors + 4 wood options

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PAIDI Buffelland With split worktop Desk Marco 2 GT page 20 + 21 Program overview Marco 2 GT page 22 + 23 Great extras Drawer extension with accessoires, Drawer extension plus, Functional rail page 16 + 17 Desk lamp ^fllNC page 50 + 51 4 wood decors + 4 wood options

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PAIDI Biiffelland Falko grows Desk Falko Program overview Falko Great extras Extension units Drawer exteniosn, Functional rail, bookend Desk lamp ^*flNC

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PAIDI Buffelland Desk Scout Program overview Scout Great extras Desk lamp VrflNC Maple replica

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PAIDI Biiffelland The correct posture is important for the health and well being of your child - after all, it is in the growth period. To prevent back problems and poor posture, ergo- nomie experts and orthopaedists recommend desks and chairs that can ce adapted to the size of the PAIDI desks can steplessly adjust in height - and enable an optimal adaptation to the current height. In combination with tilting table tops, muscular ten- sion and headaches can be prevented.

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PAIDI Buffelland You should take care of: 1. For an optimal seating position, the thighs of your child should form a horizontal and the lower legs form a vertical line. The feet should be flat on the floor. An upright posture relieves the spine. 2. Desk and chair should be coordinated with each other, the seat height is adjusted properly when the upper and lower legs form an angle of about 90 degrees when placing the feet flat on the floor. The desk top can be easily altered in incli- nation angle in order to support an optimum The innovative PAIDI-crank allows a quick and easy adjustment to any...

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PAIDI Biiffelland Marco 2.Creativity needs to grow. Marco 2 grows with each child, desk and chair are both adjustable steplessly in height and adapt to the chan- ging body size. Students automatically take a healthy posture and fell comfortable at their workplace.

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PAIDI Buffelland With universal container 3S, Chair Pepe Design Soccer (blue) and desk lamp ^filNC

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PAIDI Buffelland Desk in beech solid

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PAIDI Buffelland The practical function rail has two utensils trays and two CD holders. It can be clipped easily to any side of the table - so there is more space for Special equipment The drawer extension can be equippedwith an anti-slip mat and a utensil tray (2 trays fit next to each other). The utensil tray FC is stocked with quality Faber-Castell products, such as erasers, colors and pencils, sharpener and more. In a drawer pull ou two trays fit next to each other. The drawer extension plus is equipped with a utensil tray, a Faber-Castell sharpener aswell as self closing and cushioning. The...

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PAIDI Buffelland Schreibtisch in Birke multiplex mit Universal-Container 3S und Rollcontainer 3S inkl. Sattel- tasche in Orange/Grim, Stuhl Pedro mit Bezug 3D-Netz in

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PAIDI Buffelland Happy colors Saddle bags with pillows are available in twelve different color combinations: red/yellow, red/blue, orange/green, green/white, rose, rose/white, light blue, light blue / white, blackberry/white, dark blue/white, red/white and dark blue.

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PAIDI Biiffelland Desk with split plate in oak-effect with roll container 3S and chair Pepe design soccer (blue). The adjustable plate can be attached to the left or right. Between the fixed and the adjustable pla- te there is a strip brush in order to avoid the falling down of pins, erasers etc.

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PAIDI Biiffelland Desk with split top in ecru with bookend und chair Pepe in rose/rose-white. The adjustable plate can be attached to the left or right. Between the fixed and the adjustable pla- te there is a strip brush in order to avoid the falling down of pins, erasers etc.

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PAIDI Biiffelland Desk with split Great extras for Marco 2 Fixed plate can be mounted left or right Drawer extension with self closing, incl. Faber-Castell utensils (Pencil, stic, silver colored Drawer extension plus with self-closing and cushioning including utensil tray and Faber- Castell sharpener Metallic, silver colored silver colored Functional rail silver colored / translucent

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PAIDI Buffelland with chair Pepe in design unicorn (pink).

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PAIDI Biiffelland Small people need furniture that can grow with them. Falko is made for growing: He is easily and quickly adjustable in height - and remains for a long time a faithful companion for every student. Good posture is also supported by the in angle adjustable worktop. Using the innovative PAIDI-crank Falko can be quickly adjusted in heigth from 54 to 76 cm and adapt to the size of the child. letops support a healthy and relieving posture which is particulary important in growth and can prevent head and neck pain. Also available for Falko is the innovative gas spring that allows continous...

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