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Catalogue excerpts

PAIDI KIDSWORLD 2014/15 Kinder · Möbel · Generationen

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PAIDI Kidsworld Kidsworld –from A to Z. Biancomo Body + front: ecru Variants: lower drawers in ecru, rose, light-blue or lime-green Beds: ecru, studs solid ecru Body and inside: oak novo imitation Front: real oak veneer Beds: solid oak 74 – 85 Body: Ecru Variants: raspberry, sky blue, lime and ecru Body + front: real birch wood veneer Beds: solid birchwood Body + front: solid sprucewood inside imitation Variants: white or nature Beds: solid sprucewood 120 – 129 Body: spruce/pine veneer inside: imitation white Front: solid spruce-/pinewood white Body: icy white imitation Front icy-white varnished Body...

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PAIDI creates order 9 Fantasy world accessories 156-169 Changing covers and slipovers 18r Pillows, pillow sets and comfort roll 186 Wardrobe accessories Pillows, pillow sets and comfort roll Page 186

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PAIDI Kidsworld Dear parents, more than 75 years the first mass-produced Baby cot saw the light of day at PAIDI. Since then, generations of children have grown up in it. If your child slowly outgrows to „Babyträume“ which is the name of our program for babies first equipment it‘s time for the Kidsworld range. So children can experience their first big adventure: Whether as a pirate, knight or fairy princess - in the play worlds from the „Kidsworld“ program the imagination has no limits. And the safe and healthy sleep is also given because we only work with high-quality materials and clever security...

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PAIDI Kidsworld We set the standards. For quality and saftey. GS-tested safety This is the most reliable sign for the functional safety of furniture (and other consumer products). It is awarded by independent testing centers, licensed by the Federal Ministry of Labour. The RAL Quality Mark The “golden M” is awarded by the German Association of Quality Furniture (DGM) a character that is received only by furniture that is tested through their paces. They must be processed stable, secure, durable and well processed and also meet the highest standards from a health perspective. Non-toxic paints The...

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PAIDI Kidsworld You can rely on us. PAIDI grows. Our products conform to the needs and ages of the children. The play, high and bunk beds can for example be converted into beds. PAIDI is safe. The sophisticated safety concept includes stable guard rails on play high and bunk beds as well as partly luminous elements. PAIDI is stable. Playing, gymnastics, romping, alone or in company ... our quality products are extremely stable and last for years under maximum loads. PAIDI is ergonomic. A perfectly coordinated sleep system ensures a great night rest, ergonomically designed handle holes in the ladders...

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PAIDI Kidsworld For dreaming and playing: Different canopies and canopy constructions transform beds to little fantasy worlds. Little hiding places. A cosy place: The canopy construction low is available for the single bed (photo: design fairytale). Others designs you can find on pages 174+175, Fantastic: For the play bed there is also the canopy construction low Fabulous: For older children the single bed can also be "pimped" with a ... and it can be completed with curtains. canopy constuction high.

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PAIDI Kidsworld Wardrobe accessories PAIDI creates order. Nice and bright. The LED light LuckyLite brings light into the darkness of the closet. It responds to every movement and saves energy because it automatically shuts off after about 10 seconds. Article-No. 209 100 9 Little Helpers. Matching the wardrobes and chests, a drawer insert with utensil tray is available. Existing drawers in wardrobes and chests can be expanded with drawer inserts with utensil trays - see accessories pages 154+155. The laundry partitioning is optimal for organizing smaller garments Find out more on accessories pages...

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PAIDI Kidsworld More design in the children‘s room! Perfect matching: Desk · Teen bed in 4 widths

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PAIDI Kidsworld Bed: 90 x 200 cm, canopy construction low and guard rail. Fabric accessories: “ocean“.

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PAIDI Kidsworld Bed 90 x 200 cm, ecru, canopy construction low Furniture: ecru Fabric accessories: canopy and curtain set “fairytale“, mattress apple green

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PAIDI Kidsworld Play bed Height: 125 cm, ecru, with slanting grip ladder and slide, canopy construction low Furniture: ecru Fabric accessories: canopy and curtain set (top and below) “ocean“, mattress light-blue

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PAIDI Kidsworld Play bed: height 125 cm, with slanting grip ladder, canopy construction low. Fabric accessories: “fairytale“.

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PAIDI Kidsworld Play bed Height: 125 cm, ecru, with straight grip ladder Fabric accessories: motif curtain set „Elf“, sailing tent blackberry/white and mattress blackberry Play bed: height 125 cm, with slanting grip ladder and slide, dresser with 2 drawers in blue. House tent and puppet theatre/small shop light blue/white

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PAIDI Kidsworld Bunk bed Height: 155 cm, ecru, bunk bed with straight grip ladder and trundle bed, wardrobe with two drawers in rose Fabric accessories: half-tent rose/white and mattresses rose

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PAIDI Kidsworld Optional The safety set – phosphorescent stripes and caps – is for all play, high and bunk bed Biancomo available and shows the right way at night.

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PAIDI Kidsworld Corner bunk bed Height: 183 cm, ecru, high bed with slanting grip ladder and bed, wardrobe ecru Not without colour. Biancomo can speak colours. Wether plain in ecru or combined with delicate lime green, blue or rose. This gives every child‘s room its own elegant design - and above all, the special extra.

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PAIDI Kidsworld The attachment shelf is suitable for all drawers and provides additional storage space.

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PAIDI Kidsworld High bed Height: 183 cm, ecru, with slanting grip ladder, wardrobe ecru, desk Falko ecru and chair Pepe green/white Fabric accessoires: Mattress green

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PAIDI Kidsworld Bed: 90 x 200 cm, with guard rail and protection side, bedside table, 3/4 storage box with cover and shelf.

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