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Children's rooms - 172 Pages

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Children's rooms
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Catalog excerpts

PAIDI Kidsworld Bottom drawers in ecru, rose, bleu Ecru, studs solid Birch real wood veneer Variants strips: birch veneer Solid birch Solid spruce Spruce / Pine veneerwhite inside decor replica Spruce / pine white solid Maple-sand effect, studs in solid beech Beech real wood veneer ariants strips: eech veneer ■olid beech Wardrobe accessories Cushion, Cushion sets and comfort roll page 170

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PAIDI Kid»»iid PAIDI labels Safety in the kids room PAIDI creates order Wardrobe accessories Fantasy world accessories Slats frames Change of covers and chair covers Pillows, pillow sets and comfort rolls

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PAID] Kidsworld Dear parents more than 75 years the first mass-produced Baby cot saw the light of day at PAIDI. Since then, generations of children have grown up in it. If your child slowly outgrows to „Babytraume" which is the name of our program for babies first equipment it's time for the Kidsworld range. So children can experience their first big adventure: Whether as a pirate, knight or fairy princess- in the play worlds from the „Kidsworld" program the imagination has no limits. And the safe and healthy sleep is also given because we only work with high-quality materials and clever security...

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PAIDI Kidsworld GS-tested safety This is the most reliable sign for the functional safety of furniture (and other consumer products). It is awarded by independent testing centers, licensed by the Federal Ministry of Labour. German Association of Quality Furniture (DGM) a character that is received only by furniture that is tested through their paces. They must be processed stable, secure, durable and well processed - and also meet the highest standards from a health perspective. Non-toxic paints of the strictest standards. It is typically used for children's toys, which is taken very often in...

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PAIDI Kidsworld PAIDI grows. Our products conform to the needs and ages of the children. The play, high and bunk beds can for example be converted into beds. The sophisticated safety concept includes stable guardrails on play high and bunk beds as well as partly luminous elements. Playing, gymnastics, romping, alone or in company... Our quality products are extremely stable and last for years under maximum loads. A perfectly coordinated sleep system ensures a great night rest, ergonomically designed handle holes in the ladders are adapted to movement sequences. A careful choice of materials goes...

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Safety in the childrens room. Play and romp without end? For sure! Because our play, high and bunk beds not only provide a lot of fun with slide, climbing tree, climbing wall, basketball, goal wall, swing or play tent - but also a lot of security. On most ladders side handles allow a safe climb to the high bed, optional protective sides prevent a fall down. And when darkness falls, light strip and caps (with Sophia and Biancomo optional) show the safe Enlightened moments. When the child wakes up in the dark, it should be able to orient itself. Lit clues lead the path to the light switch for young...

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PAIDI Kid»»iid Wardrobe accessories PAIDI creates ord The LED light LuckyLite brings light into the darkness of the closet. It responds to every movement and saves energy because it auto- matically shuts off after about 10 seconds. Article-No. 209100 9 Little Helpers. Matching the wardrobes and chests, a drawer insert with utensil tray is available. Existing drawers in wardrobes and chests can be expanded with drawer inserts with utensil trays - see accessories pages 144+145. Well pressed. Hangers (solid beech) are avaible in the set of 3 and are suitable for all programs-see accessories pages...

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PAIDI Kidsworld Height: 155 cm, ecru, with straight grip ladder, universal desk with LED lamp TWIST, Chair pepe in blue/blue-red Fabric accessories: Tent roof in red/white,

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Height: 155 cm, ecru, bunk bed with straight grip ladder and trundle bed, wardrobe with two Fabric accessories: Half-tent in rose/white

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PAID] Kidsworld Babytraume. Stylish

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PAIDI Kidsworld Biancomos program. Box furniture All dimensions are approx.-exterior dimensions in cm (W/H/D) Please add the appropriate number for the color version as final digit: 0 = ecru - 3 = rose - 5 = limegreen - 9 = blue • Equipped with slats rust AIRWELL® Comfort •With 3 removable bars • slats rust adjustable in high14-ways Security Set in ecru Supplements to secuity set tection and fall protection Play tent Babytraume catalo 167 104_*OG 167 034_*OG 167 054_*O night chest universel desk in ecru © drawer insert with © Wardrobe accessories in ecru for all wardrobes from production series...

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PAIDI Kidsworld Biancomo. Beds All dimensions are approx.-exterior dimensions in cm (L/W/H). O Ladders and slides can be mounted left or right on all beds. with slanted grip ladder with slanted grip ladder with slanted grip ladder with slanted grip with slanted grip Fall protection (front) with straight grip ladder with straight grip ladder with straight grip ladder with straight grip ladder with straight grip ladder Fall protection (back) slanted grip ladder straight grip ladder Spring slats frames Spring slats frame of solid wood for all beds, play, high and bunk beds in two versions: Q You...

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PAIDI Kidsworld Enhanced fall protection for short and long side for play, high, bunkand corner bunk beds (For 1 long and 1 short side) high beds (For the second short side) Enhanced fall protection for long side for play, high, bunk and corner bunk beds Wall shelf Fall Protection (all around) for play, high and bunk beds Fall protection for play, high and bunk beds Fall protection For play beds 125 with slide The fall protection guards children just from falling out. it cannot prevent that they climb over the enhanced guard. 1/2 bed box for universal bed 3/4 Storage box with cover Trundle bed...

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PAIDI Kidsworld with slanted grip ladder Fabric accessories: Half tent and curtains in light blue/white, mattress in light blue Height 125 cm, with slanted grip ladder and slide, shelf tent roof and curtains in blackberry/white, mattress

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