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BABYTRÄUME - 180 Pages

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Catalog excerpts

PAIDI BABYTRÄUME 2014/15 Kinder · Möbel · Generationen

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PAIDI Babyträume Babyträume – from A to Z. Arne Body + front: Maple Light imitation walnut dark imitation acrylic panels Body and front: ecru variants: bottom drawers in ecru, rose, bleu or lime green Body and front part: Soft pear imitation Middle section front: Cherry imitation Body and front: Icy White /Acacia cinnamon imitation Body and internal dividers: Oak novo imitation front: Solid veneered Body and front: Glossy white Body + front Oak Nebraska imitation Body + front: Real birch veneer Body: Oak antique replica front: Beige or brown Body + front part: Walnut imitation Front part: Icy-White

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126 – 135 Body + front: Ecru Variants: Raspberry, sky blue, lime or ecru Body: Havanna cherry imitation Front: Ecru, Lower drawers: Ecru, cherry havana imitation, rose, lime green or bleu Body + front: Solid spruce inside imitation Variants: White or nature Body + front: Scandic-Wood white imitation Body: Thuja imitation Front (glossy): Ivory, cream, truffle Body + front (painted): Icy-white decor Body: Exterior veneer interior white decor imitation Front: Spruce/pine white solid Complements/Accessories Seating group Bingo Play tents/Changing board pillow Storage accessories AIRWELL® mattresses...

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PAIDI Babyträume Dear parents, more than 75 years ago, we at PAIDI dedicated ourselves to „the happy child“ - and since then developed furniture specially designed for babies, children and teenagers. Meanwhile, millions of small people have grown with PAIDI. Many of these children are now parents themselves ... and want for their offspring the brand they can trust from the beginning: PAIDI Safety has been always capitalized at PAIDI - back in the 50s, when the first crib PAIDI with removable bars was developed, which allowed the little Earthlings the safe exploration of their surroundings. With...

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We set standards. For quality and safety. GS-tested safety This is the most reliable sign for the functional safety of furniture (and other consumer products). It is awarded by independent testing centers, licensed by the Federal Ministry of Labour. The RAL Quality Mark The “golden M” is awarded by the German Association of Quality Furniture (DGM) a character that is received only by furniture that is tested through their paces. They must be processed stable, secure, durable and well processed - and also meet the highest standards from a health perspective. Non-toxic paints The DIN 53160 and EN...

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You can depend on us. PAIDI grows. All PAIDI baby cots can be converted easily into a junior bed, thanks to optional removable side panels - and so assist with growing up. PAIDI is safe. We do not compromise safety: All of our furniture complies with the strictest safety standards. And with the new safety set we offer you an even better feeling during the transition from baby cot to junior level or to a junior bed. PAIDI is stable. Drawers open and closed ... no problem. Our quality products withstand continuous nuisances - for many years. PAIDI ist ergonomic. Relief for the parents backs: The...

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PAIDI Babyträume A bed, designed to grow. The younger the child, the more sleep is needed. All the more important is the decision for the right bed. PAIDI cots are designed from the very beginning for high sleeping comfort - and for the subsequent phases it can simply be rebuilded and expanded. Comfort on every level. When children are growing bigger they want to discover the world. So they do not climb out of the beds way to high bars on their path, we equipped all PAIDI cots with round bars and three removable slip rungs. Grows with flexibility. Healthy base. Using optional removable side panels...

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Definitely the right decision. Complete safety. Good transition. The PAIDI baby cot with 4-ways height adjustable AIRWELL ® Com- With the safety set in ecru in no time to the junior level: 2 bed sides, fort slats rust: Protection for the child, comfort for parents. side protection and fall protection ensure safe sleep even without grid Playful security. All the freedoms. Matching the safety set a play tent can be affixed to the fall protection, By removing the front fall protection a children's sofa is created, this gives a playful safety feeling. The optional small ladder makes the

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PAIDI Babyträume Solid and partly solid furniture. High quality and stable. In furniture construction there is a distinction between solid wood furniture and partly solid furniture. In the latter case, visible parts, such as doors and sides are solid wood work, while elements for the interior, which are not directly visible, consist of laminated chipboard. Partly solid wood furniture is just as strong and durable and looks almost identical to solid wood furniture. Through years of experience PAIDI has optimized the production of partly solid furniture and can guarantee a quality standards that...

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Fronts and supporting elements are solid High quality and natural materials Easy to clean and free of pollutants 1 Fronts and supporting elements made 3 Stability and longevity. Our partly solid furniture is especially ​​of solid wood. strong and durable, as all supporting While the fronts and all supporting elements are made of high quality solid elements of our partly solid furniture programs are made of solid wood, usually wood. The laminated chipboards used are characterized by high strength and less important, and not at first visible water resistance. elements are made from laminated chipboard. 5...

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PAIDI Babyträume Body and interior dividers: Oak novo imitation Front: Solid veneered

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Body and interior dividers: Oak novo imitation Front: Solid veneered

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PAIDI Babyträume Bed: 90 x 200 cm, solid oak, with canopy construction low, protection board and ladder, lamp LED TWIST Furniture: Body oak-novo-imitation, front solid oak veneered Textile accessories: canopy, back cushion, cushion roll, comfort roll and seat cushion „junglel“ Eike is also available as play, high and bunk bed (see Kidsworld-catalogue). And desks you can find in our Büffelland-catalogue or on www. paidi.com 16

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