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TG63-100 - 10 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

GEOTECHNICAL EQUIPMENT Extremely high performance for in situ static and dynamic tests in an EASILY TRANSPORTABLE compact structure. Thanks to its semi-automatic anchoring system, IT CAN BE HANDLED BY A SINGLE OPERATOR and it's a great solution for all those drawbacks which often limit the diffusion of STATIC TESTS, CONSIDERED AS SOME OF THE MOST VALID ONES FOR UNDERSTANDING THE SOIL AND SUBSOIL. THE TEST TIMES ARE DRASTICALLY REDUCED Its tracks allow for MAXIMUM MOBILITY EVEN ON THE WORST TERRAINS. With its three stabilizers and reclinable mast the TG63-100 can operate even on very steep slopes,...

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The TG63-100 can be configured on request for continuous dynamic (average efficiency 78%), or static/dynamic penetrometric tests. The static tests can be carried out with a mechanical cone (CPTm), or digital probes like the piezocone (CPTu), and combined also with a seismic module (S-CPTu) to get a better understanding of the soil. The static/dynamic method allows information to be obtained along verticals consisting of soil with different mechanical characteristics (from very soft to very hard and compact), while it is possible to overcome particularly hard layers thanks to a rotation head which...

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CPT TESTS Maximum thrust capacity (kN) - (pounds)    100 - 22481 Maximum extraction capacity (kN) - (pounds)    120 - 26977 Test speed (cm/s) - (foot/s)    2 - 0.065 Selector for CPTm tests with load cell and electronic board for manual data acquisition. Maximum thrust readable from the load cell (kN) - (pounds)    100 - 22481 DP TESTS The following tests can be performed: Type    4-stroke, 2 cylinders V 60°, unleaded petrol, forced air-cooling and muffler Starter    Electric and hand Air filter    Slip-on pre-filter and cartridge filter Consumption (litres/hour) - (US gallons/hour)    Variable...

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CYLINDER UNIT Maximum pushing speed (cm/s) - (foot/s)    13 - 0.426 Maximum extraction speed (cm/s) - (foot/s)    10 - 0.328 Lift and thrust unit piston stroke (mm) - (inch)    1311 - 51.61 3 with hydraulic action with articulated feet Screwing/unscrewing of anchoring screws Number of anchoring carriages Anchoring torque (kgm) - (inch-pound) - (Nm) Anchoring type Serial screw rods (mm) - (inch) Serial screw rods (mm) - (inch) Anchoring screw speed (rpm) Via gear motor (1 per carriage) 2, one for each side of the penetrometer 150 - 13019 - 1472 Modular 0100x750 - 03.9x29.5 0100x1000 - 03.9x39.3 23 Software...

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TG63-100 SIZE AND WEIGHT CPT+DP CONFIGURATION A Weight without accessories Soil pressure (without accessories)

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TG63-100 SIZE AND WEIGHT DP CONFIGURATION A Weight without accessories Soil pressure (without accessories)

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GEOTECHNICAL EQUIPMENT Pagani Geotechnical Equipment Srl Loc. Campogrande 26, 29010 Calendasco (Piacenza) Italy Tel: +39 0523 771535 - Fax: +39 0523 773449 Non-binding data, with right to make changes. The diagrams may differ from the standard version. The equipment may differ depending on which country it is being shipped to.

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