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TG 30-20 - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Dynamic penetrometrical tests with the best manoeuvrability. Pagani Geotechnical Equipment Località Campogrande – 29010 Calendasco (Pc) – Tel +39 0523/771535 Fax +39 0523/773449 – Italia – e-mail: info@pagani-geotechnic

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Penetrometer 4x4 for the best versatility in dynamic tests. The Pagani TG30-20 penetrometer is the solution for the ever-increasing demand of quick, versatile and easy-to-use machines. TG30-20 is characterized by the high energetic efficiency which the hammer transmits to rods. It guarantees the perfect verticality of rods during tests and the extraction of the whole rod. The TG30-20 penetrometer is a hydraulic four-wheel drive machine (4x4), thus it guarantees the best manoeuvrability even on rough grounds. Thanks to its 3 stabilizers it can be placed even on very steep slopes; moreover thanks...

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It is possible to carry out the dynamic tests with following values: Hammer Stroke Rods DPL 30 kg 66 pound 200 mm 7,87 inch Ø20 mm 0,79 inch DPM 30 kg 66 pound 500 mm 19,6 inch Ø32 mm 1,26 inch (optional) Hydraulic extractor colour Motor pump control unit case treatment Documentation Penetrometer use and maintenance manual, engine use and maintenance manual, certificate folder. Petrol engine Type Starting Power (Hp) – (Kw) Air filter Consumption liters/h – (US gallon/h) Plates 4-time mono-cylinder engine, unleaded petrol supply, pressurised air cooling, exhaust emission satisfying EC directives...

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