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SHcatalogue - 60 Pages

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Catalog excerpts

peere dansk chairs tables www.paeredansk.com

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j Introduction Dnk i modem roiewood bmiiehat been maria in DenmanV \rce1944 &day v* lellvtnlage chan and 1abbi madoduring 1944-1969 abrg ido rovd/ madoodtibni otlhaorgral dotigni f<Jow4y mado ditons ■l*allvin1a੧^chairi1areonly mado ol toldvwd, probrab^ toFd *»0*ood Du ring il» 19501 and TΔOi, wktkl moil in Europe (and many m Denroark) woro dokfebpn^ lurnriuw mado ol new lynlh&lb matonali ochai pbtlci, bmiiata ard 1oan\ Danitharchfocli tuchat Ha* Wagner. Nefc Olo hbbrand rWgs Veilergaad teraenopenada rew chapter nlhehatory ol loldvood kjrrvkjttt Incc^bboralbnwrihlradibnaTcdbin&imalen, JhoyaoVanoodIPlh...

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Why Paere Dansk iM^Tiiy^ Paere Dansk 1. NO Moller 1962 dining chair in Victoria & Albert Museum's Collection of Modern Design 2. modern design is timeless, sculptural, comfortable and durable 3. #1 global leader in sales of solid rosewood furniture of modern design 4. only company in Europe and Americas making solid rosewood tables 5. only company in the world making solid rosewood tables of modern design 6. pricing on level with Imperial Chinese rosewood furniture 7. chairs prices RMB 10,000-500,000 8. tables prices 50,000-5,000,000 9. rosewood modern furniture targeted at "new rich" worldwide...

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The Making of Our Chairs t Handmade Solid Wood Chairs Since 1944, Paere Dansk chairs by Niels Otto Moller, Vestergaard Jensen and others famous designers have been made to outstandingly high quality standards by cabinetmakers JL Moller, Niels Roth Andersen and others. Moller chairs in particular have become the epitome of Danish modern design. What is it that makes Moller chairs so unique? Selection of materials We select the raw wood ourselves using very strict quality requirements. Oak from Spessart in Southern Germany, beech from Denmark, maple from Belgium, cherry from USA, teak from Asia...

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The Making of Our Chairs t Upholstery The chairs are upholstered with polyurethane foam, which does not flatten or become warm, and is at-tached directly to the individual chair. Moller chairs are not fitted with a prefabricated seat. On these chairs the upholstery is tacked on all the way round and the tacks are finally covered with edging strip to give the optimum finish. Woven In addition to leather or textile-covered seats, most models are available with a hand-woven seat. These are woven with 130 metres of impregnated wood fibre cord. This gives the seat optimum durability and makes it easy...

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The Design History Paere Dansk furniture design from the 1950s and 1960s broke with 450 years of tradition by doing away with superficial ornamentation and dcoration such as carving, gilding, inlays and intarsia. However, Paere Dansk furniture is not limited to the concept of form follows function, which in the absence of other inspiration leads to minimalist and lifeless tools. Paere Dansk's design concept is that creativity in designing and engineering assemblies of wood components can give rise to new structures that upon artistic detailing become sculptural art forms. The architects and designers...

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The Design History Whilst Klint himself was too conservative to do so, this outward-looking approach led some to look at natural forms and nature itself for inspiration. As a result, 1950s Danish furniture design came to be described as organic. Elements in furniture or even entire pieces of furniture, particularly those made of wood, were designed to resemble natural objects, such as branches or bones. Other designs were inspired by and named after animals or objects in nature, such as the papa-bear, egg, swan, antelope, saw-horse, harp and hand chair. This reliance on external inspiration, however,...

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The Four Cs of Rosewood 14s For the first 50 years, a rosewood tree is 95% sap wood, a sweet bark like wood that insects love to eat before and after felling. Not until a tree is 100 years does the heartwood (ie the dark wood that is rosewood) make up 20% of an 18 inch trunk. Such a young trunk may yield rosewood 4 inches thick/wide but with a pith or crack at centre. At 150 years, this pith splits and starts to rot, reducing the 4 inch rosewood to 2 inches, which is not large enough to form a moulding for a Paere Dansk chair or table. So, another 150 years have to pass for the heartwood to make...

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The Four Cs of Rosewood Solid rosewood furniture is another matter. It can bear daily use. It can be super-ficially polished to remove patina (ie dirt and abrasions) or moderately sanded down to restore original colour. Over time, solid rosewood furniture fades less quickly than veneered furniture but will over the years or decades (depending on exposure to daylight and direct sunlight) fade to a beautiful golden honey colour. As rosewood fades, its often dramatic grain pattern becomes more and more visible. One could make the case that rosewood is more beautiful after 50 years of use than when...

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grafciWVS.WS.VS.Sl UUImum ircljd»dor"bfan,. felnT Pure 0|sk««,U.?ait鮮.*lflt4.f<i«aifů.iM>t. **«v-*-fr, S-««t VA*** 4-fll:vvs, vvs, vs.Si. (ftMffWfcR. *Ml«*. s-M-HR.Si**?» ». *vvsA»**««**(«. vvv* MUE UQQm-SM; 100-2葉Om-iOO*. »0-)OQcl2»; W0-)>0c«-ljW; iS0-«0OwlT5H; «OIMJOm-׎OM Coburftguioarooorrohvdy«lhbolhagool In bofcsio tollnj ■ oUat lie* a» daite r and wl h mow tigu « gratei VWP, WR. VR, P «San P rmar. Wor'otW Hanronyii tewv*Jhhe peceiol roie*ood» wged,»a labbappojiiilo mnudo olontpbcool roiowood grafei WVH, WH. VH. H «hm H imam 'Wontou.- Voui V-counl h *>elolalnomb«io)iel*f V rialabhtt gode*...

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Whaldoo lurpriioui u iho ignfcanooollho maforiald cenilftjdbn. Chromonjtfc Sctowj boiothotr ihraadlng or irredihatrbmabparlnec Char*y*ftilibeglnt orp^rwod vheli rrmintedonarrotil baie braafcbeyond topa* wheroitetwo rnalorttli pin, Gbit, marbband ilono te ce ma chppad and clod. Bontvioodand p^xoodlooioloralb itarlh andunbondorinap. Soll* oruphoklorod brntu*> ■ whoio ihap*i*lfc%on in*«icafyworthbi\ lynthtfc bam -crumbbilooWard boie* sKape. Allol lhatema-loroK bavo a~uio bydato Doignart a now torm uiod v> »br lo Imitod odrion i-rnifcj» dot gnod by arliik F ho kJoa ihai an a ri M cioalov alurnrluredoiignlhal...

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