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CUBUS series

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DOUBLE SKIN Also available with Cubus are “design” standard ventilation units designed for connection to circular ductings. They seduce by their UBUS CONCEPT The CUBUS series declines itself in 5 sizes (350x350, 400x400, 500x500, 600x600 and 710x710), and is equipped with PLC direct drive centrifugal fans. In option, the series can be equipped with high tech TAC technology fans. It is fitted for airflows ranging from 200 to 5.000 m3/h, and for static pressures up to 800 pa. Modularity All the panels are removable and interchangeable, and can therefore always be configured to allow the ideal...

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INTERCHANGEABLE PANELS sober æsthetic aspect, their neat finish and their technical characteristics: low noise level and broad product range. 2. technology “high tech” fans: These fans are DC driven and present many inherent advantages: substantial energy savings, constant airflow (pressure independant), linking airflow to a 0/10V sensor’s value (TACn), programmable performances (TACn), remote control of units through RS485 network and PC freeware (TACn), modem maintenance. = master the airflow If you opt for there is no need to worry about the actual system‘s counterpressure, the fan will...

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Also available with CUBUS 4 poles motors 800044 CUBUS 6 poles motors 800005 We are constantly working to make our products better and more reliable. Therefore we cannot guarantee the information contained in our leaflets reflects the last version of the described product. Also, although we put a lot of care in the making of our documentation, we cannot be held responsible for any error and/or omissions that could have slipped in. 102, chaussée de Tirlemont B 5030 GEMBLOUX TEL.: +32-(0) FAX: +32-(0) e-mail: We respect nature. Brochure...

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