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BA series

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BA series Information technique v09.02 BA series: water and dx heat exchangers All the heat exchangers of the range are compounds of copper tubes and aluminum fins of high quality. Tubes / fins: The copper pipes are mechanically crimped in the fins, these are provided with small collars which increase the surface of exchange between each other. Fins Fins are of aluminum with surface slightly waved to improve the quality of the thermic exchange by effect of turbulence. This characteristic does not modify significantly the pressure drop created on the air. The standard space between fins is of 2.1mm, except for the series AIRA or the space is of 4mm Tubes These are made from copper reels of 3/8 " tubes directly formed to dimension. After the expansion process in the fin, the internal surface is perfectly smooth to reduce water pressure drop. Cadre Les cadres sont en acier galvanisé. Il assure une rigidité parfaite de l’ensemble et protège le cuivre et aluminium d(un contact avec des éléments coupants. Il permet le montage des é changeurs sur glissière. Frame The frames are of galvanized steel. They insure a perfect rigidity of the set and protect the copper and the aluminium from contact with sharp elements. It allows the mounting of the exchanger on gliders. Collectors The collectors are made of copper. They collect all the parallel circuits of the heat exchanger and gather them into one single main circuit. Distributors The distributors are of the venturi type and are manufactured in brass. The set distributor/ capillaries is welded to the distributor and allows a well-balanced distribution of the liquid in the parallel circuits of the dx coils. La qualité des échangeurs st garantie par les contôles suivants aux différentes phases de production : Quality The quality of heat exchangers is guaranteed by the following controls in the various phases of production: 1) Correct expansion(expander) of the tube copper in the aluminium fin. 2) Correct welding of the of elbows and collector in an inert environment 3) Waterproofness test under water and with a dry air pressure of 30 bars 4) Complete dimensional control We are constantly working to make our products better and more reliable. Therefore we cannot guarantee the information contained in our leaflets reflects the last version of the described product. Also, although we put a lot of care in the making of our documentation, we cannot be held responsible for any error and/or omissions that could have slipped in.

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BA series Information technique v09.02 Product range and dimensions Legend: R =: number of rows X = number of circuits / Lt= : water content All coils are designed for cold and warm water applications and transformable in condensation coils. The dx types are only available in 4 rows. Fin spacing : 2,1mm, except for AIRA: 4mm.

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