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ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN To Be Seen & not Heard It is a noisy world that we live in, whether it is the air or road traffic, public spaces or factory works, people inside the building are forever looking for ways and means to keep the sounds out. While Lami-P™ provides superior noise reduction capabilities compared to monolithic glass, Phoenicia's Lami-P™-SC is the solutions for architects specifying glazing systems that require even higher levels of acoustic comfort. Phoenicia's Lami-P™-SC is the ultimate solution, it is an excellent combination of Safety and Acoustic performance with all of the benefits of Lami-P™ (Laminated Glass), and can be combined with Lami-P™-SG (Solar absorbing Laminated Glass) and any of our tinted interlayers for added desirable effects. For installation in Building Areas: > Airports > Heavy Traffic > Factories > Restaurants

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Relative Noise Sources Pain Level Plane from 50m Rock Concert Noise pneumatic devices Noise production hall Loud Radio Busy Road Average Hearing Level Office Noise Regular Conversation Television Quiet Garden Clock Very loud Loud Noise Rather quiet Very quiet Paper Hearing Level Slight sound Sound is a wave phenomenon characterized in frequencies (Hz), speed (approximately 340m/sec through air) and amplitude (amount of energy in the sound wave). Lami-P™-SC is designed to decouple and disseminate sounds waves for superior sound damping performance. This system targets sounds in the 1000 – 3000...

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