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Industrial kitchen equipment 2014

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With more than 4500 different kind of high quality professional kitchen appliances and equipment ranging from preparation to cooking equipments, carrying to display units and from hot-cold lines to working benchesand dishwashers, Oztiryakiler has been offering turnkey solutions and complete commercial kitchen design services since 1958. With 125.000 m2 production area equipped with latest technology, 1200 employees and more than 2000 internationally acknowledged product & product group certifications, we design, we produce and we install.

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Wir fertigen heute mehr als 4500 verschiedene GroBkucheneinrichtungen in hoher Qualitdt sowie Kochausstattungen, Spulmaschinen , Kuhlschrdnke, Kalte - Warmetheken und Spultische. Seit 1958 bieten wir auch schlusselfertige Ldsungen und komplette GroBkuchendesign. Auf unserer 125.000 m2 Produktionsflache, mit modernster Technik, 1200 Mitarbeitern und mehr als 2000 internationale anerkennte Produkte & Produktgruppenzertifizierung - wir planea produzieren und installieren.

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world standart industrial kitchen equipment already in 5 continents, over 105 countries! weltstandard gross

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Stainless Steel for Cookware Stainless Steel has long been the first choice of producers, designers and users of cookware because of the fact that stainless steel products do not stain, chip or rust are robust and do not affect the flavor of the food, plus their easy clean- ing maintenance makes it the first choice for strict hygiene conditions such as found in hospitals, kitchens, abattoirs and other food processing plants. Stainless steel's bright, easily maintained surface provides a modern look and attractive appearance. Whaf s more, being fully recyclable, stainless steel has good...

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★Not suitable for induction cooking Nicht fur induktionsplatte geeignet ★Not suitable for induction cooking Nicht fur induktionsplatte geeignet ♦Not suitable for induction cooking Nicht fur induktionsplatte geeignet

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COOKWARE - STAINLESS STEEL Semi Satin - Semi Mirror Serie / Semi Ausfuhrung

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COOKWARE - STAINLESS STEEL Deckel (Seidenmatt) Deckel (Hochglanzend) Deckel (Seidenmatt) Deckel (Seidenmatt)

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COOKWARE - STAINLESS STEEL Frypan / Bratpfanne Non-Stick Coated Frypan, S/S Antihaftbeschichtete Bratpfannen Paella Pan Satin Finish (Frypan Paella-Pfanne, Seidenmatt Paella Pan Mirror Finish (Frypan with two handles), S/S Paella-Pfanne, Hochglaenzend

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Frypan / Bratpfanne COOKWARE - STAINLESS STEEL Wide Shallow Pots Bigger sizes available Seiher, niedrig

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COOKWARE - STAINLESS STEEL with lid and strainer / mrt Deckel und Einsatz The steam pots best fit with stock pots semi satin-semi mirror 20x13 and 20x17. Die Dampf-kochaufsdtze sind am besten fur die 20x13 und 20x17 Semi-Ausfuhrung Topfe geeignet. The pasta cookers best fit with stock pot mirror 36x22 and 40x25 Nudeleinsdtze sind am besten fur die 36x22 und 40x25 hochgldnzende Topfe geeignet. Nudeleinsatz fct^ Code

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Aluminum Frypan Non-Stick Coated / Aluminium Bratpfanne mit Antihaftbeschichtung Aluminum Frypan Non-Stick coated Non-Stick Coated Aluminium Crepes-Pfanne Non-Stick coated

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Rechteckige Bratpfannen 5 cm height trays are without handles 5 cm tiefe Pfannen sind ohne Griffe Rechteckige Bratpfannendeckel

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Food Carrying Container Double Food Carrying Container Food Carrying Container Double Skin with Food Carrying Container, S/S without sandwich bottom Ohne Unterboden with sandwich bottom induction ready Food Carrying Containers Double Skin Without Silicone Rubber Cooling chart Heating chart Temperature loss at hot meals Temperature loss at cold meals

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Product Features • Smooth and shiny inner surface for easy cleaning • Extra reinforced corners • Carrying capacity; between 53 It. - 63 It, • Light body structure for easy carrying • Double Skin. CFC FREE Polyurethane foam is used between skins, • No harmful material is used • Bolts and hand holders are made of AISI 304 S/S • With unbreakable label • Suitable for Gastronorm Containers • With 12 shelves. Gap between shelves is 3cm • With different color options • +100 °C warm - 40 °C kalt bestandig • Innenflache gldnzend und glatt fur einfache Reinigung • Extra verstarkte Kanten • Einfaches...

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Full Size Dishwasher Compartment Dishwasher Baskets / Spulmaschinenkdrbe Full Size Dishwasher Rack Extender Plate Tray Dishwasher Rack Teller-und Tabletfkorb Full Size Dishwasher Base Rack Full Size Dishwasher Flatware Rack Glas Rack (for Glasswasher OBY 500 B)

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gastronorm behalter

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Gastronorm Containers / Gastronormbehalter

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Gastronorm Containers with Handle / Gastronormbehalter mit Fallgriffen

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Perforated Gastronorm Containers / Perforierte Gastronormbehalter

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Gastronorm Lids / Gastronorm Deckel Lid for GN Container with Handle and Ladle Cut GN-Deckel mit Aussparung fur Griff und Loffel Lid For GN Container with Handle Lid for GN Container with Long Handle Deckel fur GN mit Langen Griffen

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Stainless Steel / Edelstahl Chrom Nickel Coated Steel / Stahl mit Chrom Nikel Beschichtet

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GN Cutlery Box with Hanger, S/S Dimensions Capacity without GN container / Ohne GN behdlter Insert Base for GN Containers, S/S GN-Einlegeplatte, gelocht

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Code Model (It) Price (€) Code Model (It) Price (€) Code Model (It) Price (€) Code Model (It) Price (€)

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Turquoise Serie Rolltop Chafing Dish, S/S Soup Chafing Dish, S/S ★with fuel holders / mit Brennstoffhalter ★★Suitable for electrical heating / Geeignet fur Elektrische Heizplatte

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Chafing Dish Sapphire Serie Rolltop Chafing Dish, S/S Stackable Chafing Dish, S/S Ineinander Stalpelbar Dimensions Capacity Stackable Rolltop Chafing Dish, S/S Ineinander Stapelbar, mit Rolltopdeckel Dimensions Capacity 180° Rolltop Chafing Dish, S/S 18C£ ROLLTOP LID WITH STEAM CANNAL ,WATER PAN WITH DRAINER Built-in 180° Rolltop Chafing Dish, S/S ★with fuel holders / mit Brennstoffhalter ★★Suitable for electrical heating / Geeignet fur Elekhische Heizplatte

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