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Onity Electronic Locking Systems for Hotels
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    Onity With around 4 million electronic locks installed worldwide, Onity electronic locking systems can be found in over 22,000 hotels in more...
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    'innovative thinking' Discover the benefits for both you and your guests of choosing an Onity electronic locking solution: 3 Keycard Technologies_ Mag-stripe...
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    (Dnity Onity HT28 Smart A revolutionary locking system HT28 Smart features dual technology, the system accepts both low-cost mag-stripe keycards...
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    innovative thinking' Onity HT24W/HT22Ì The most advanced system based on mag-stripe and contactless technologies □ Works with Onity...
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    Onity .=1 Locks & Readers (!>nity Mag-stripe HT24 □ Stand-alone (no wires) □ Works with standard ISO/ABA mag-stripe cards □...
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