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TEMPERO line - 52 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

""Everything is for air, “that isn't visible but is perceivable”. To have the control of this noble fluid is the aim of our intuitions.”

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Single room, single flow with heat recovery TEMPERO ECO CERAM 12 Single room, double flow with heat recovery Centralized installation, double flow with heat recovery GRILLES AND EXHAUST VALVES    46 O.Erre via del Commercio 1 - 25039 Travagliato (BS) Q

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Ooerre Tempera www.oerre.it O.Erre via del Commercio 1 - 25039 Travagliato (BS) 9

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Operating indicator light O Ball bearing motor £ Energy Saving Low noise level No dust on the wall (outlet) pi: Washable filter A IPX5 protected IPX5 Removes moisture and mould High efficiency engine High degree of filtration filters Internal shutter APPROVALS C€    The product conforms to applicable EEC T 40 Working temperature 40°C Product with double electrical insulation Product approved by I.M.Q. (Italian Institute of Quality Mark) O.Erre via del Commercio 1 - 25039 Travagliato (BS) Q

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TECHNICAL GUIDE INTRODUCTION In recent years increasing attention has been paid to constructions in compliance with the highest standard of energy recovery. According to that, by using efficient materials and technologies in new constructions and renovations, environments in which we live become more and more sealed. In such sealed environments, the indoor air is becoming easily more moist and polluted than the outside air due to several factors, such as: * cleaning products * Vapours produced when cooking * moisture and exhalations produced in toilet facilities or laundry. These factors are the...

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CENTRAL SYSTEM The central system (better known as centralized system) allows the whole coverage of the entire surface of the residential home or building. The ventilation is ensured by using one or more fans. There are several types of equipment for the construction of the centralized systems, whose main categories are: • single flow • double flow Single flow central system - By using single flow systems, the air is extracted from the environment and conveyed outside through ducting. The fan is usually placed in a remote position, while the air intake is effected through the slits on the outer...

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Ooerre Tempera www.oerre.it O.Erre via del Commercio 1 - 25039 Travagliato (BS) 9

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0O.ERRE O.Erre via del Commercio 1 - 25039 Travagliato (BS) Q

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O.Erre via del Commercio 1 - 25039 Travagliato (BS) 9

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HEAT RECOVERY FOR SINGLE ROOM INSTALLATION • Aerator with heat recovery with efficiency up to 90%; • Ideal for domestic applications and suitable for single room installation; • Long life and high quality materials with an elegant design; • Equipped with automatic shutter which prevents undesired external entry while turned off; • Ceramic heat exchanger with performance up to 93%; • Silent running; • Condensation drainage is not necessary; • Brushless motor, high performance, low energy consumption; • Equipped with G3 filters both for inlet ad outlet; • Easy cleaning and maintenance; • Possible...

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Ooerre Tempera www.oerre.it FURTHER DETAILS Tempero Eco Ceram available versions: Base version's main technical features • Internal Automatic shutter; • ON/OFF switch and 2 speed switch (possible to control by remote); • Indicator light for functions. Active version's main technical features • Internal Automatic shutter • ON/OFF switch (possible to control by remote); • Surveillance function (sleep mode); • Humidistat function; • Operating indicator light for functions/filter cleaning; • 3 Speed selection through remote control or remote panel (optional); • Up to 16 units communicating in sequence,...

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CONTROL INSTRUMENTS ACTIVE VERSIONREMOTE CONTROL INFRA TEC REMOTE PANEL ACTIVECONTROL INSTRUMENTS WIRELESS VERSIONREMOTE CONTROL INFRA TECWL REMOTE PANEL WIRELESS The INFRA TEC remote control, the Remote Panel ACTIVE and/or the Remote Panel ACTIVE CO2 (optional) allow to run all functions related to ACTIVE unit. The Remote Panel ACTIVE CO2, contains the CO2 probe in addition to all functions of the ACTIVE unit. Note: (1) remote panel suitable for wall mounting or into a 503 wall-mounting box The INFRA TECWL remote control, the Remote Panel WIRELESS and/or the Remote Panel WIRELESS CO2 (optionals)...

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Ooerre Tempera www.oerre.it TEMPERO 100 AERATOR WITH HEAT RECOVERY • Aerator with Energy Recovery up to 70%; • Ideal for domestic applications and suitable for single room installation; • Wall and/or panel mounting; • Ball bearing motor; • Heat exchanger in PVC welded plates; • Twin centrifugal fan; • Polyurethane filters to grant higher protection and long life; • Pre-heating system (PH model) consists of a 240 W heating element with thermostat fitted in the inlet duct made of self extinguishing material; Base, Timer and Pre-heated versions; The optional RG 5 controller allows ON/OFF operation...

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IN EVIDENCE WARM AIR IN WINTER AND COOLER IN SUMMER WITH EFFICIENCY UP TO 70% TEMPERO is a twin centrifugal fan: one extracts air directly outside, the other one takes the external air and blows it into the room. During this process the incoming and outgoing airflows (completely separated) cross the heat exchanger made of PVC alveolar overlapped and welded plates: the extracted airflow transfers thermal energy to the incoming fresh air by reducing energy requirements necessary for heating (or air conditioning) the room. centrifugal tube fans external grille TEMPERO 100 can be easily installed...

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Ooerre Tempera www.oerre.it Ooerre Tempera www.oerre.it ACCESSORIES: RG5 CONTROLLER RG 5: suitable for TEMPERO 100 to control ON/OFF and 5 speed regulation RG E PH: suitable for TEMPERO 100 PH to control ON/OFF, stepless speed and heating element regulation Suitable for series TEMPERO 100 TEMPERO 100 PH RG 5 - RG E PH TEMPERO 100, 100 T e 100 PH SPACER FOR EXTERNAL GRILLE Accessory suitable for wall mounting also in case of very reduced thickness such as prefabricated structures, as homes and offices, containers, shelters, etc. The accessory does not allow the glass mounting O.Erre via del Commercio...

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