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domestic the Feel-Good Floor For your house

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But it should also Be easy-care, practical, duraBle, creative, quiet, authentic, robust, cosy, and ... should Be Beautiful, naturally. in short: your new floor

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The PolyureThane Surface TreaTmenT thanks to a factory-applied polyurethane surface treatment, there is less work for you to do to care for your floor. The Wear layer this transparent, extremely dense layer is hard-wearing and protects the pattern below. this allows the surface embossing to create a particularly authentic effect. The PaTTern layer Many designs have been developed exclusively for EXPonA and embossed onto the pattern layer by means of innovative technologies. The STabiliSaTion layer improved dimensional stability is achieved by minimising the changes caused by physical...

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5981_P4 ruSTy Pine 10 CrEAtiVE CREATIVE 11

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5959_P2 aged indian aPPle 12 CrEAtiVE CrEAtiVE 13

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5922_T2 blue braSilian SlaTe 14 CrEAtiVE CrEAtiVE 15

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5961_P2 naTural bruShed oak 16 CrEAtiVE CrEAtiVE 17

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5916_T1 black oilShale 5917_T1 WhiTe oilShale 18 CrEAtiVE CrEAtiVE 19

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21 5963_P2 honey aSh 20 CrEAtiVE CrEAtiVE 21

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5912_T1 CLAssiC trAVErtinE 30,5 X 61,0 5928_T1 BEigE MArBLE 45,7 X 45,7 5915_T3 MEDiUM AntiQUE trAVErtinE 45,7 X 45,7 5913_T3 Light AntiQUE trAVErtinE 45,7 X 45,7 5920_T2 oXiDED BrAsiLiAn sLAtE 61,0 X 61,0 5921_T2 rUstY BrAsiLiAn sLAtE 61,0 X 61,0 all sizes of tiles and planks in cm stained teak Brown Bleached ash dark Brushed oak antique cherry Black oilshale Blue Brasilian slate silver liMestone wild oak Beige MarBle With 18 stone and 32 wood effects, we offer authentic decorations for every taste and style. innovative printing technologies and realistic surface embossing enable this...

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5926_T1 WhitE MEtALstonE 30,5 X 61,0 5924_T1 WhitE LiMEstonE 61,0 X 61,0 5919_T1 WArM grEY ConCrEtE 45,7 X 45,7 5925_T1 siLVEr LiMEstonE 61,0 X 61,0 5927_T1 BroWn MEtALstonE 45,7 X 45,7 5922_T2 BLUE BrAsiLiAn sLAtE 61,0 X 61,0 5917_T1 WhitE oiLshALE 45,7 X 45,7 5914_T1 PEBBLEstonE * 45,7 X 45,7 5916_T1 BLACK oiLshALE 45,7 X 45,7 5911_T4 grEY sLAtE 30,5 X 61,0 5910_T4 siLVEr sLAtE 30,5 X 61,0 5923_T1 grEY LEttErs * 45,7 X 45,7 all sizes of tiles and planks in cm 26 AUthEntiC AUthEntiC 27 * not cut to repeat

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5983_P4 Worn BoAtPLAnK** 20,3 X 121,9 5967_P4 nAtUrAL oAK grEY 15,2 X 121,9 5972_P1 stAinED tEAK grEY 15,2 X 91,4 5982_P4 nAtUrAL oAK WAshED 15,2 X 121,9 5976_P2 grEY BrUshED oAK 20,3 X 121,9 5979_P4 grEY PinE 15,2 X 121,9 5962_P2 grEY Ash 15,2 X 121,9 5978_P4 BLACK PinE 15,2 X 121,9 5980_P4 BLUE PinE 15,2 X 121,9 5975_P2 BLEAChED Ash 15,2 X 121,9 5984_P5 BLUE rUstiC WooD 15,2 X 91,4 5973_P1 stAinED tEAK BLACK 15,2 X 91,4 all sizes of tiles and planks in cm 28 AUthEntiC AUthEntiC 29 ** the sample shows only a small part of the overall design.

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5958_P2 BLonD inDiAn APPLE 15,2 X 121,9 5950_P5 sCAnDinAViAn CoUntrY PLAnK 15,2 X 91,4 5961_P2 nAtUrAL BrUshED oAK 20,3 X 121,9 5971_P1 CLAssiC oAK 10,2 X 91,4 5951_P5 AntiQUE oAK 15,2 X 91,4 5953_P1 WiLD oAK 15,2 X 91,4 5954_P1 nAtUrAL MAPLE 10,2 X 91,4 5955_P5 AntiQUE ChErrY 15,2 X 91,4 5957_P1 MAPLE CALVADos 10,2 X 91,4 5952_P1 PArQUEt MAPLE 10,2 X 91,4 5968_P4 nAtUrAL oAK MEDiUM 15,2 X 121,9 5963_P2 honEY Ash 15,2 X 121,9 all sizes of tiles and planks in cm 30 AUthEntiC AUthEntiC 31

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5956_P1 FrEnCh nUt trEE 10,2 X 91,4 5966_P3 sWiss nUt trEE MEDiUM 18,4 X 121,9 5969_P4 nAtUrAL oAK DArK 15,2 X 121,9 5960_P2 DArK BrUshED oAK 20,3 X 121,9 5959_P2 AgED inDiAn APPLE 15,2 X 121,9 5981_P4 rUstY PinE 15,2 X 121,9 5965_P3 sWiss nUt trEE DArK 18,4 X 121,9 5974_P1 stAinED tEAK BroWn 15,2 X 91,4 subject to change for reasons of technical further development. the samples are only cuttings of the respective products. they show only a small part of the overall design and colour. With regard to colour printing, it is only possible to give a provisional representation of the colour. For...

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T 1 – Fine stone structure T 2 – s tone structure T 3 – Antique stone structure T 4 – s late structure P 1 – Fine wood structure P 2 – Wood structure P 3 – h and-planed structure P 4 – r elief wood structure P 5 – r ustic wood structure inSTallaTion alTernaTiveS Whether you select a simple installation, a combination of tiles and planks with design elements or a specially customised design application, we offer you a selection of 58 different alternative installations. You can find further suggestions at www.expona-flooring.com Accentuate your floor design with your own personal style...

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eXpona doMestic duraBle – easy durable: the hard-wearing surface is highly resistant and creates floors with lasting beauty. EXPonA DoMEstiC flooring can therefore be used in high-traffic residential areas – and it even offers an extremely pleasant, muted sound when you walk on it. eaSy: Because it is not particularly thick (2 mm), EXPonA DoMEstiC flooring is also especially well-suited for renovations and also for installation over under-floor heating. the factoryapplied polyurethane surface treatment protects the floor, and if correctly cared for can offer extremely low maintenance for...

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Tough: EXPonA DoMEstiC flooring is resistant to dirt and surface water. Because of its properties, it does not swell and is therefore problem-free for installation in bathrooms and kitchens. eaSy-care: these floors are easy to clean. We recommend regular vacuuming or broom sweeping. stubborn dirt can be removed by damp-wiping the surface with any neutral cleaning product or the Polyurethane Cleaner. eXpona doMestic tough – easy-care 40 PrACtiCAL PrACtiCAL 41

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eXpona doMestic service – quality WarranTy our design flooring remains timelessly beautiful when properly cared for. We give you a 15 year warranty on EXPonA DoMEstiC flooring in all residential areas. SuSTainabiliTy EXPonA DoMEstiC flooring is a high-quality and long-life product that fulfils this most important prerequisite for sustainable products. in addition, only very little waste is created during installation, something that conserves natural resources. there are also a number of opportunities to recycle the material after use. old material can be reintroduced into the manufacturing...

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