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Page 3 INTRODUCTION Sound & space: the challenges and indicators of modern architecture Page 7 HOW DOES THE SOUND DIFFER? Can room acoustics be measured? Page 9    BLACKTHERMO'FELT ACOUSTIC PLUS OBJECT CARPET flooring - an unbeatable noise absorber Page 11 OBJECT CARPET FLOORING Work and live: more quietly, more comfortably and economically with OBJECT CARPET Page 13 OBJECT CARPET AND YDOL Partners in tailored sound-optimising of rooms Page 15 HOLISTIC ACOUSTIC PLANNING Our versatile professionalism for your project Page 19 REFERENCES Implemented projects

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Sound & space: the challenges and indicators of modern architecture Whether open space offices or modern conference rooms, room acoustics is one of the factors defining the quality of architecture. Acoustics is decisive for work efficiency and communication, as well as for comfort in offices, classes or workshops. Modern architecture and living concepts using smooth, hard materials and open structures need sophisticated planning of acoustics, since glass, steel and concrete reflect the sound and wide rooms provide less possibility for sound absorption. The consequence is a long reverberation time...

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How does the sound differ? How does the sound differ? Can room acoustics be measured? Conversation 60 dB Meetings 70 dB Printer 50 dB Telephone 80 dB Disturbing noise sources diminish our power of concentration. Noise stress in the office impairs our productivity and can be noxious to our health. In a research of the VDI (Association of German Engineers), labour productivity losses caused by noise are estimated to 20-30 per cent. To systematically reduce noise, as well as to meet requirements on footfall sound insulation against sound transmission acc. to DIN 4109, we need to distinguish between...

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BlackThermo®fELT ACOUSTIC plus OBJECT CARPET flooring: unbeatable noise absorber BlackThermo®Felt Acoustic Plus for selected OBJECT CARPET qualities - as broadloom, rugs (RUGX) or SL tiles. Do not hesitate to contact us. Footstep sound in rooms depends on the type of flooring. Flooring with high surface hardness and stiffness transfers footstep sounds especially strongly, whereas softly padded floors like carpets almost completely exclude such noises from the outset. Even very thin carpets can improve footstep sound absorption by about 20 dB, and carpets with high pile by about 30 dB. In contrast,...

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BlackThermo®fELT ACOUSTIC plus Work and live: more quietly, comfortably and economically with OBJECT CARPET MORE COMFORT FOR LESS MONEY: BlackThermo®Felt Acoustic Plus creates a pleasant and well-balanced atmosphere in the room. A softer tread means more walking comfort. Improved insulation properties retain pleasant warmth for your feet and save on heating energy costs. The higher and denser the pile, the better the room and footstep sound absorption and the lower the noise level both in the room and in adjacent rooms. In this way, OBJECT CARPET flooring positively influences the working atmosphere...

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Partners in acoustics: Object Carpet and Ydol Object Carpet and YDOL ACOusticS partner for tailored sound-optimising of rooms With OBJECT CARPET carpets, building owners and architects provide a basis for absorption of noises like room sound and footstep sound. YDOL contributes to better and more targeted optimisation of room acoustics by a diversified product range of acoustic elements, also involving wall and ceiling surfaces. Thus, depending on the room demands, you can achieve an individually designed and acoustically efficient ambience in the range of sonically hard surfaces, as well. Style...

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Partners in acoustics: Object Carpet and Ydol Holistic acoustic planning: versatile professionalism for your project OBJECT CARPET and YDOL have expanded their services together and offer holistic advice on room acoustics. The partners’ collaboration unites their professionalism and experiences. Both manufacturers have distinguished themselves through their fruitful co-operation with architects, and interior planners for many years. The co-operative portfolio comprises a holistic comprehension of the project including advice, analysis and conception. After determining an “optimal acoustics” and...

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Partners in acoustics: Object Carpet and Ydol OBJECT CARPET and YDOL, the partners in acoustics, bring you: The most comprehensive collection of broadloom, SL tiles and rugs for acoustic optimisation in the building. The most comprehensive collection of design acoustic elements in Germany. Innovative BlackThermo®Felt Acoustic Plus, specially designed for requirements in commercial buildings Reduction of footstep sound up to 40 dB Professional advice and analysis Measuring and calculating individual acoustic values Reduction of reverberation time by 40 % Professional acoustic planning Noise absorption...

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OBJECT CARPET'S references: ACTELION BUSINESS CENTRE, Allschwil ADAC MITTELRHEIN E.V., Koblenz (fig. 6) INNEN_ARCHITEKTEN BALS + WIRTH, Wiesbaden INTERSTUHL, Messtetten-Tieringen (fig. 5) BERGAGER CHEESE DAIRY, Waging am See BSU, Hamburg CINEPLEXX Kinobetriebe GmbH, Vienna (fig. 1) ERNST & YOUNG, Munich EMC2, Ismaning FRAPORT, Frankfurt Airport HOFBURG, Vienna HOTEL EGERNER HOEFE, Rottach-Egern HYPO NO, St. Poelten LATHAM & WATKINS, Munich LBBW, Stuttgart LIBRARY & LEARNING CENTER, Campus WU, Vienna (fig. 2) MICROSOFT, Unterschleissheim PORSCHE, various locations TOWN HALL in Dornstetten ROHDE...

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