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Spa Mukul at Mukul Beach, Golf & Spa at Guacalito de la Isla, Nicaragua

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choose Dakworkg ? MADE IN THE USA Since 1977, when my wife Linda and I made all of our tables by hand in the commune where we started Oakworks®, we have always understood the importance of US manufacturing. Back then, Oakworks® allowed us to work close to nature, with our little solar heated shop and organic gardens outside our door. We spent seven years living off the land, had two children, and developed a view of life and values that were different than most. We came to understand that we are all connected to the land and to each other, we have a responsibility to nurture all. This sense...

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Spa Table Series CELESTA® CLINICIAN™ CLODAGH PERFORMALIFT™ PROLUXE™ 100 SERIES PROCEDURE CHAIR MARINA™ SEYCHELLE OAKWORKS® SLIMLINE TROLLEY OAKWORKS® TROLLEY The 'Details_ FEATURES & OPTIONS FABRIC, PADDING & WOOD FINISHES TOP DESIGNS Oakworks Custom Shop DESIGN IDEAS FOR CUSTOMIZATION We have been consulting on the design and development of spas across the country for more than ten years; we have recommended Oakworks® tables exclusively for the last eight years. We know that their tables are the best in the industry and have placed them in grand hotel spas, high end medical spas, and...

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The ultimate in luxury, the Celesta®'s exquisite contemporary design, superior comfort and fully electric functionality will transform the spa experience from the mundane to the extraordinary. The combination of great guest experience and superior functionality is the reason it is found in 5 Star Hotel Spas around the world. fully electric lift and top multi-function foot control hot towel cabi ready many options for customization Shown here with Electric Salon top, Clay fabric & optional Cherry stain, Signature Tambour doors, Universal Table Extender & Adjustable Side Arm Rests. see page...

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see all door options on page 29 Shown here with Electric Salon top, Butter fabric & optional Walnut stain, Signature Frame and Panel Grass Pattern Acrylic doors, Universal Table Extender & Adjustable Side Arm Rests. Also shown with optional Hot Towel Cabi. electric lift system Electrical Outlet inside the cabinet The quiet, powerful lifting system gives you the classic look of fine furniture and the function you need for the best guest experience. The multi-function foot control makes adjustments during treatments a breeze. Choose from 4 Standard Door Styles Frame and Panel Wood Style doors...

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The Clinician™ Premiere features fine handmade furniture construction that sets Oakworks® Spa Tables apart from the rest. It offers the perfect blend of beauty, function and value. Whether your décor reflects classic or modern tastes, molding options ensure that your table will match your spa’s unique style. quiet, electric/hydraulic lift multi-function foot control hot towel cabi ready many options for customization Shown here with Electric Salon top, Modern Molding, Espresso fabric and optional Golden Oak stain, Signature One Piece Leaf Pattern Acrylic doors, Universal Table Extender &...

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Shown here with Flat top, Colonial Molding, Standard One Piece Slotted Wood doors, Earth fabric & optional Bone lacquer, QuickLock™ face rest platform & Boiance™ face rest crescent. Shown here with Electric Salon top, Modern Molding, Pewter fabric & optional Bone lacquer, Signature One Piece Arctic White Solid Surface doors, Universal Table Extender & Adjustable Side Arm Rests. distinctive beauty, timeless quality electric/hydraulic lift system Modern Molding Design Our new system is quieter than ever, easily lifting 500 lbs. Combined with the standard multi-function foot control, you have...

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The Clinician™ Series was designed to meet just about everyone’s needs, especially when budget is a priority. The Clinician™ Series comes standard with a storage shelf and the optional cabinet upgrade allows you to create exactly the look you want while staying in budget. • 3 lift systems • 3 top options • shelf and door options lift system Foot control standard! Shown here with Lift-Assist Salon top, Taupe fabric, Natural finish & optional Cabinet with Standard Frame and Panel Wood doors, Universal Table Extender & Adjustable Side Arm Rests. see all door options on page 29 see page 32 TOP...

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lift system This hybrid system replaces the electric motor of the electric/hydraulic system with a fold away crank handle that easily lifts your client to the desired height. A great choice where electricity is problematic. Shown here with Lift-Assist Backrest top, Seafoam fabric & optional Walnut stain & Cabinet with Standard One Piece Frosted Acrylic doors. lift-assist salon & backrest tops This easy to use system makes it possible to adjust the table even when your guest is on the table. The powerful gas cylinders are controlled by easy to reach finger controls that lock the table...

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LIFE ENHANCING MINIMALISM Clodagh Series Clodagh passionately believes that good design supports well-being and that it can transform people’s lives. Clodagh’s design mantra is cleanse, clarify, contemplate, and create. She leaves nothing extraneous or superfluous, and all irritants are designed out. Yet, all the essentials are included; textured, sensuous and warm. To learn more, visit Sasanqua Spa | Kiawah Island, NC The White Horse Spa | County Clare, Ireland Miraval Resort & Spa | Tuscon, AZ

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Oakworks® is proud to have been chosen by Clodagh to bring her designs to life. The Gemini is her flagship bed, with a combination of simplicity and functionality that has made it the choice of top spas in the world. Featuring Oakworks® unique 4 electric motor system and electric salon top, the guest experience is unparalleled. • fully electric lift and top • multi-function foot control • hot towel cabi ready Storage Shelf Shown here with Electric Salon top, Opal fabric & optional Walnut stain, Universal Table Extender, Adjustable Side Arm Rests & Clodagh door design (no other door options...

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