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Lights to remember - 24 Pages

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Lights to remember
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Catalog excerpts

Photo © Sabine Wenzel / LD: Gert Hof

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It‘s hard to believe in miracles – until you see them. Our world is characterized as never before by the visual. Yet however many impressions we absorb, that which is truly impressive was ever, and remains, a rarity. We go on yearning for images that engage not only the eye but all the senses. Even after many years dealing with light, lighting and effects, the task of p ­ resenting in a new light things that are worth seeing, and enhancing their emotional impact, is still one that inspires us. The equipment and the concepts we bring to a given task, whether immense or quite modest in scale, demand...

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Photo © Bjoern Lauen / LD: Oasis Enterprises

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High Light Architects, lighting planners and lighting designers receive efficient support from A&O Technology in the form of know-how and high-performance equipment. Lighting systems from A&O Technology are in use worldwide, wherever what is sought is an accentuated play of light, a striking contrast or an effect of light and shadow. Architectural pearls, buildings of all sizes, from Small to XXL, towers, bridges and even vast tracts of land can be enhanced in their appeal through the expertise of A&O Technology. Take the Burj Khalifa. There, what is currently the xenon installation in the world...

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backdrop – fa s c i n at i n g p e r s p e c t i v e s b y n i g h t Powerful lighting systems from A&O Technology extend sightlines into the dark, into new dimensions. Whether it’s the illumination of a single tree or a nature reserve, a sand dune or an entire desert region, an iceberg or a mountain – we can do it. For instance, the 4,478-metre Matterhorn in the Alps, illuminated from a distance of 5.8 km. Through the sustainability of high-performance systems from A&O Technology, the wondrous beauty of nature, once shrouded in darkness, blazes forth in all its majesty.

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Photo © Adrian Bischoff

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Photo © Ralph Larmann / LD: Gert Hof

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for special moments Creative concepts lend that special touch to events, whether indoors or out. A&O Technology supports events organizers and planners in any way they desire – whether with equipment, purely, or as a general service provider with lighting, pyrotechnics and water effects. Whether national or corporate jubilees, urban celebrations or naval parades, the Super Bowl, an awards presentation, an open air festival or a concert, A&O Technology has a solution to enhance even the occasions. One fascinating example was the opening ceremony for the Katara Amphitheatre in Doha for which multimedia...

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Photo © Ralph Larmann / LD: Jerry P. Appelt S ta r l i g h t In show business, performers and organizers demand nothing less than lighting that is perfect in every respect – regardless of whether it’s a small regional event or a major international one. From high-calibre TV productions to classical or rock concerts, sporting occasions or live events, A&O Technology delivers exactly what is required – be it simple stage lighting or a fulminating light show. Lighting concepts rich in effects infuse spectators with enthusiasm. Such was the case in Baku at the Eurovision Song Contest . In the Crystal...

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Magic for t h e ORIE N T “Architainment” is the only word to describe the fusion of lighting concepts for the enhanced presentation of architecture with entertainment elements. Dynamic lighting effects on facades as well as dazzlingly illuminated buildings, squares, streets and stretches of fascination, a capacity to mesmerize. A&O Technology supports such projects with mature lighting concepts, exact project planning and powerful equipment. Photo © Ralph Larmann / LD: A&O Creative

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The Muscat Festival of Lights in the capital of Oman was a case in point. There, the colourful illumination of the architecture combined with carefully programmed lighting effects to create event of exceptional quality, not the least remarkable circumstance of which was that A&O Technology, established now in the region for 10 years with its own Middle East bureau and enabled by its large local warehouse capacity, was able to realize the commission at short notice.

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Visual © / LD: voss media design Visual © / LD: Jerry P. Appelt C r e at i v e co n c e p t s and excellent project management Through the focussed expertise of A&O Creative, A&O Technology offers its customers source from which all that’s needed for a successful lighting spectacle can be obtained. From architectural installations to one-off mega events. A&O Creative’s experts accompany the project from the visualisation of the initial idea to finalization of the master plan Photo © A&O Technology / LD: Bob Dickinson for its execution. Furthermore, all the lighting effects involved can be tested...

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Photo © / LD: Leader Light

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The internationally acclaimed expertise of A&O Technology owes much to the high-powered luminaires of the FALCON range. With these products, manufactured in-house, A&O Technology has established a new international standard. The modern production and warehouse facilities are located at the company’s headquarters in Bremen. It is there that the specialists company’s own brand, alpha one gmbh, devote to the manufacture of these products the sedulous attention to detail and meticulous concern for quality one associates with the finest German goods. of the

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Re s ea rc h & Deve lop m e n t Efficiency in focus We’re working on the sun of tomorrow highlights call for new technologies: that’s why A&O Technology is already working on the lighting elements of the future . In this we are relying not only on New our own vast practical experience but also on the close contact we maintain with the cream of the world’s lighting designers. visions whilst at the same time heeding the desire of the market for reduced costs is a conundrum we solve through innovative solutions . Our development engineers make the pursuit of higher radiance, ever more novel effects,...

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