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Falcon Beam White - 6 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

ENTERTAINMENT August 2008 FALCON® BEAM white 2.000W /// 3.000W /// 4.000W /// 7.000W /// 8.000W FALCON® BEAM white

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ENTERTAINMENT FALCON® BEAM white 2.000W/3.000W/4.000W/7.000W/8.000W The FALCON® BEAM white is a compact, indoor/outdoor, DMX controlled, xenon searchlight with Pan-and-Tilt movement, electronic dimmer, electronic strobe, zoom and integrated electronic power supply. The FALCON® BEAM white is exceptionally sturdy and cost effective, providing ease of installation and longterm performance integrity. Designed for both floor-mounted and suspended/inverted use, the FALCON® BEAM white is perfect for a variety of architectural and entertainment applications, including use as a searchlight or long-throw...

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FALCON® BEAM white • Technical specifications Technical specifications subject to alterations Technical specifications FALCON® BEAM white 2.000W/3.000W FALCON® BEAM white 4.000W/7.000W/8.000W Lamp Type OSRAM XBO® 2000 W XBO® 3000 W Xstage® 3000 W OSRAM XBO® 4000 W Xstage® 4000 W XBO® 7000 W Xstage® 7000 W XBO® 8000 W Colour temperature 6.000 K Colour of light Dichroic filter Standard: clear Optional: dichroic filter on request Reflector Material Stainless steel with high precision electro-shaped nickel-rhodium coating Diameter 320 mm / 12.6 inch 460 mm / 18.11 inch Function Lamp on/off, hot strike,...

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FALCON® BEAM white FALCON® BEAM white 2.000W / 3.000W 180 cm 70.87 inch Light emission area: Ø 320 mm / 12.6 inch 1220 mm / 48.03 inch Pivoting angle: 240° FALCON® BEAM white 4.000W / 7.000W / 8.000W Technical specifications subject to alterations FALCON® BEAM white • Technical specifications 528 mm / 20.79 inch 372 mm / 14.65 inch 372 mm / 14.65 inch 544 mm / 21.42 inch Light emission area 560 mm / 22.05 inch 528 mm / 20.79 inch Light and safety shield This optional mountable unit reduces halation and protects the heat glass cover. Furthermore, it guards against contact with conducting points...

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Made in Germany Manufactured by Updated: August 2008 The alpha one logo is a trademark of alpha one gmbh. FALCON® and SPERBER® are trademarks of Niedermeier Besitzgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG. The logos of OSRAM, OSRAM XBO® and OSRAM Xstage® are trademarks of OSRAM GmbH. The text and photographs are the copyright of A&O Lighting Technology GmbH. All rights reserved. All of the descriptions, illustrations, diagrams and technical details in this catalogue describe examples of design or construction and they do not form any element of the contract. The right is reserved to make technical alterations....

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