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Catalogue excerpts

Novoferm Docking Solutions Efficient, safe, controlled – at any time

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Highest quality and safety for your logistics needs New ideas and proven technology to save you money Novoferm Docking Solutions are tried and tested, technically perfected, from a single source ensuring that your material movement results in added value. All our docking solutions are tailored to your individual requirements in the design process. Novoferm Docking Solutions – Superior quality in product and service

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Safer docking systems All docking systems are in compliance with the European directive DIN 1398. Novoferm develops and produces new products that are in strict compliance with this standard and fully safe in their operation, not only for everyday use but also with regard to installation and maintenance. Novoferm protects the environment In 2009, Novoferm endorsed the “Green Solutions“ Group Charter, thus committing itself to reduce CO2 emissions during the course of production, delivery, installation and maintenance. www.nov

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Setting standards Evolution of energy consumption NovoDock L 530i Novoferm Docking Solutions – always one step ahead 2009 Introduction of NovoDock L 500 with unique ErgoPlus package as standard protecting loadings, employees and goods 2011 NovoDock L 500i with energy consumption up to 70% lower than c ­ ompatible competitor products

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Efficient Solutions All NovoDocks are supplied with certificates of energy performance. Added value thanks to sole sourcing Today, many loading equipment suppliers do not sell their products from “one single source”, which unfortunately means nothing other than a supplier offering products from different manufacturers which are not always ideally suited to each other. For you, Efficient Solutions means that Novoferm not only Develop products, but also manufactures them ensuring each different product works in harmony with another, thus making it possible for you to design your loading bay process...

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Green Solutions certificate of energy performance Novoferm Green Solutions – Saving with a clear conscience Energy saving using the latest technology Thanks to the active energy-saving mode in the Novo i-Vision controls, It is possible to save up to 70 % on energy compared to our competitor’s equipment without this technology. 100% recyclable materials This is our clear objective. For this reason, we select materials and components with great care, supplementing them with our own sustainable developments; for instance, our control equipment is totally lead free and fully RoHS-compliant, which...

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Option Packs Alter your logistics efficiently to your specific requirements with our option packs. Six packs that are unparalleled in the realm of loading technology offer you many possibilities to design your loading Sustainable materials, ecologically friendly components and a power saving function significantly reduce CO2 emissions while saving costs at the same time. • • • • • operations dynamically and flexibly. Our option packs characterised by optimised components, functions or configuration levels make Novoferm stand out from its competitors. Use of organic oil (optional and without surcharge)...

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Novo i-Vision HA/HAD (Option) Basic conditions for efficient loading The Novo i-Vision control includes the latest environmentally friendly technology. It has a unique power saving function and offers an exceptional range of functions with an ergonomic design. Novo i-Vision TAD/HAD • Integrated door control • Integrated dock leveller control • “Auto Return" function • “Auto Dock" function • Prompt through LEDs • Integrated interlocking of dock leveller and door Novo i-Vision TAD (Option) • NCI on board Our contribution to CO2 reduction The active energy-saving mode still reduces consumption resulting...

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NCI and Novo i-Vision Visual Novo i-Vision Novo i-Vision Visual The future is on board as standard Novoferm Communication Interface Control your loading bay with the Novo i-Vision Visual Software Map view – all your locations in one overview Novoferm industrial products with Novo i-Vision controls have the new Novoferm Communication Interface (NCI) installed. NCI provides over 50 important parameters for various evaluations. Whether status or error messages, average utilisation times or different analyses, the NCI provides you with the relevant data enabling you to achieve more efficient loading...

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The ideal ISO loading bay The unique design of the NovoDock L 730i ensures the best possible insulation of the loading bay at any time. Also, during the loading process, no draughts can get under the dock leveller, thus preventing a cold bridge. Because the acceleration forces can be directly fed into the base plate of the building, the construction form of the installation pit as compared to traditional ISO loading bays is much easier to design. Product benefits • Standard GreenPlus pack, up to 70 % energy savings; upon request without bio oil surcharge • Standard ErgoPlus pack • RoHS-compliant...

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NovoDock L 730i in action Energy savings to perfection The NovoDock L 730i is supplied as a preinstalled, ready-to-install compact solution, making for a fast and safe installation. The optional DoorPlus pack does not only control the sectional door and the NovoDock, but also increases efficiency through its AutoDock function. An inflatable door seal and accessories like traffic lights and loading light can also be actuated if needed. Novo i-Vision TAD (Option) Standard colours of dock levellers Technical data The maximum admissible inclination according to EN 1398 is 12.5 %. For further technical...

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Novo i-Vision con trol integrated Flowing transition with fully extended telescopic lip Nominal load GREENVi SOLUTION 5010    7016    9005 Hydraulic dock levellers with telescopic lip The infinitely variable telescopic lip of the NovoDock L 530i enables precise and accurate positioning of the lip during loading. With the integrated Novo i-Vision TA control, dock levellers are user friendly and safe to operate. Like all Green Solution products, NovoDock L 530i and L 550i contribute to cost savings thanks to CO2 reduction technology. The NovoDock L 530i also has the new revolutionary NCI on board. Product...

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