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Catalogue excerpts


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DeSIGNED tO tAKE tHE STRESS OUt OF EVErYDAY LIFE. Decor MANTEL PACKAGES COLLECTION Napoleon Decor Mantel Packages combine centuries-old tradition and elegance with modern flair and functionality for a truly exceptional statement piece. With 4 mantel style options available in the 33" collection and an impressive 40" firebox mantel, you are sure to find the masterpiece that speaks to you. A broad array of finishes, decorative pieces, textures, inlays and pedestal bases, not only work with your home decor but enhance your rooms ambiance. Aden Mantel Package shown 2 Cover Photo - Taylor Mantel Package...

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Find your happy (fire)place. Throughout the ages, people have gathered around fires to share in life’s greatest joys. There’s just something about the glow of flickering flames that makes special moments feel even warmer. A Napoleon fireplace is uniquely designed to brighten the vibe of any room in your house. Napoleon has an incredible range of designer options to fit any vision. A fire not only raises the warmth and ambiance of a room, it can raise the value of your home. A fireplace offers some of the highest returns of any remodeling project. And that should make you feel good all over. And...

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Comes with the Ascent 40 electric firebox ™ The magnificent stature of the Aden mantel combined with the alluring cherry wood finish produces a forceful presence in any home. Solid wood hand carved columns border the sides of the mantel while encompassing a beautiful Victorian hand carved ornament. Other details like the dentil molding and black granite styled surround create a refined polished appearance. The Aden is simply GRAND and will demand the attention of all those who bask in its warm glow. •• Cherry wood finish •• Black granite styled surround •• Decorative dentil accent molding •• Pedestal...

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Pedestal Base Black Granite Styled Surround Dentil Accent Molding and Solid Hand Carved Columns Solid wood, hand carved ornament 5

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Comes with the Ascent 33 electric firebox ™ White emulates feelings of simplicity, purity and a clean slate. The Taylor mantel mimics these sentiments by encasing your fireplace with decorative features in a classic white finish. The black slate styled surround creates a striking contrast against the white finish and produces a modern and pure look for your fireplace. Dentil molding, ornamental focus point and inset panels all emerge together creating an elegant and timeless piece set upon a prominent pedestal base. •• Classic white finish •• Black slate styled surround •• Decorative dentil molding ••...

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Pedestal Base Decorative Keystone Black Slate Styled Surround Dentil Accent Molding

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Comes with the Ascent 33 electric firebox ™ The name “Monroe” stirs up thoughts of elegance and beauty. The Monroe mantel lives up to its name with a burnished walnut finish that will turn heads and keep the focus of those who are in its presence. Solid wood decorative rope molding and hand carved solid wood columns add a level of intricate detail while framing and capturing the allure of the fireplace itself. A pedestal base and inlay with diamond cut top finish the look and embrace the attention of your family and friends. •• Burnished walnut finish •• Solid wood decorative rope molding •• Black...

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Pedestal Base Black Slate Styled Surround Rope Molding and Solid Wood Inlay with Diamond Cut Top Hand Carved Columns

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Pedestal Base Dentil Accent Molding Decorative Keystone Inlay with Diamond Cut Top

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The Harlow 55"w x 18"d x 45.3"h Comes with the Ascent 33 electric firebox ™ The elegance that the Harlow mantel possesses is truly timeless. The warm feel of the mahogany finish paired with the multitude of simple yet stunning details, create an overall balanced and powerful presence. Experience sophistication with a solid wood, hand carved floral focal point surrounded by rich panel insets and topped with a decorative dentil molding. A black slate styled surround contrasts with the glow of the firebox and finds itself peacefully contained between a diamond matching inlay top and a classic pedestal...

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Pedestal Base Self Closing Drawers and Doors Soft-close Media Drawer Inlay with Diamond Cut Top Bevelled Glass Door with Interior LED Accent Lights

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Comes with the Ascent 33 electric firebox ™ The antique mahogany finish and distressed brass knobs create a time-honored display of traditional elegance. In a practical yet handsome combination of function and decor, the Colbert mantel offers an abundance of features for owners looking to get more out of their mantel. Soft closing, bevelled glass doors with iron accents offer cupboard space to place your treasured possessions on display. A convenient compartment for electronic media allows you to save space while the wire management system allows for a clean, easy use. Motion sensor LED lights...

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With the flick of a switch or a push of a button, the ease and comfort of an electric fireplace is second to none. Instant satisfaction and a mesmerizing focal point for any room. The Ascent 33 & 40 electric fireplaces imitate the look of a traditional masonry fireplace but with all the convenience of simply plugging it in, sitting back and enjoying the heat and glowing log set! Napoleon’s flame technology randomly adjusts the flame effect, color, height & speed creating the illusion of a true wood burning fire with a modulating ember bed for a realistic glow. The ULTRA BRIGHT LED lights and convenient...

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Simply plugs into a 120V wall outlet or can be hard-wired WHISPER QUIET fan and heater with modulating control keeps your comfort level exactly where you want it Fading logs and ember bed appear as a real “dying fire” when unit is turned off The modulating control features a timer and can be set to Fahrenheit (°F) or Celsius (°C) Non-reflective backing allows for optimal flame viewing and minimizes distracting room reflections Convenient remote controls the flame and ember bed intensity, blower and heat output, NIGHT LIGHT feature and timer ULTRA BRIGHT high power/high intensity LED lights can...

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