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Catalogue 2018

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Driven by a singular desire and a very creative background, Nani established nanimarquina in 1987 with a clear goal: to design unique and surprising handcrafted rugs for people to enjoy. The idea of blending contemporary design to traditional rugs was well received and in the early 90s nanimarquina embarked on the adventure of outsourcing production to those countries that offered cultural value and unlimited possibilities for rug craftsmanship. We are a family-owned company, pioneer in the field of contemporary rug design; searching for constant innovation, handcraft techniques, and...

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NY Showroom 588 Broadway, Suite 607 New York, NY 10012 (USA) T + 1 646 701 7058

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r<-£? ^>v°. ff V j^»SvP ^'A v^hos-^    /L-^vt'o^P Ready to ship! Warehouse Franca 16 Pol. Ind. Pla de Llerona 08520 Les Franqueses del Valles Barcelona (Spain) T + 34 938 492 709

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Innovation is possible when there is a concise understanding of the past, of traditions and cultures. We travel the world, uncovering manual techniques, cultural and craft heritage, applying this first-hand knowledge in the creation of our rugs. Rugs are symbolic of history and origins; we research tools, looms, and artisanship to achieve the perfect harmony between our design and the finished product. We make tradition contemporary. La artesarna es nuestra principal fuente de inspiration. Viajamos a pafses donde las alfombras son sfmbolos de su cultura, de su historia, de sus orfgenes......

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6 reasons to buy a rug It defines a room, creating different environments while adding warmth and comfort to your home or workspace. Proporcionará aislamiento térmico natural debido a la composición de sus fibras, ¡y acústico! ya que absorbe los sonidos y reduce los niveles de ruido. Ayudará a definir espacios, separar ambientes y creará un ambiente confortable donde trabajar y vivir. Er definiert einen Raum und schafft ein differenziertes Ambiente, und Ihr Zuhause, Büro oder Arbeitsplatz erhält ein Plus an Wärme und Komfort. Er dient aufgrund der Zusammensetzung seiner Fasern als natürliche...

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Global conscience. This is a key factor at nanimarquina — actively being aware of others and devising strategies to improve the lives of people in the areas where we produce our rugs. Our work with organisations such as Care&Fair, or the implementation of initiatives such as the Kala Project, allow us to build a brighter future for those directly involved in the process of producing nanimarquina rugs. Caring for the environment is one of our key values as a brand. That is why we strive to enhance our work with the use of biodegradable and recycled products, experimenting with the different...

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Texture & Volume Flying carpet Little field of flowers Mélange pouf Milton Glaser Ghost Hayon x Nani Tres pouf

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Fibre Obsession Chobi    Earth Singular Shapes The samples help to distinguish the fibers of each collection. Little field of flowers    170-175

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Kilim pouf Shade pouf Tres Vegetal Tres pouf

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Design by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

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Blur Black Blur Green Blur Runner

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Blur Red Blur Runner

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Blur Runner Blur Green Blur Black Can be dry-cleaned Fibre 100% Hand spun Afghan wool Technique Hand loomed Type Kilim · Density 156.000 knots/m2 Total height 4 mm · Weight 1,40 kg/m2 Fibre 100% laine Afgane filée à la main Technique Hand loomed Type Kilim · Densité 156.000 noeuds/m2 Hauteur totale 4 mm · Poids 1,40 kg/m2 Fibra 100% Lana Afgana hilada a mano Técnica Hand loomed Tipo Kilim · Densidad 156.000 nudos/m2 Altura total 4 mm · Peso 1,40 kg/m2 Fibra 100% Filata a mano lana Afghana Tipo di lavorazione Hand loomed Tipo Kilim · Densità 156.000 nodi/m2 Altezza totale 4 mm · Peso 1,40...

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Design by Nani Marquina

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Herb yellow + Kilim pouf 4 + kilim pouf 3

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Yellow · Amarillo · Gelb Jaune · Giallo Black · Negro · Schwarz Noir · Nero Brown · Marrón · Barun Marron · Marrone Natural · Natural · Natur Naturel · Naturale Dry cleaning not recommended Fibre 100% Hemp Technique Hand loomed Type Dhurrie · Densité 36.000 noeuds/m2 Hauteur totale 8 mm · Poids 2,30 kg/m2 Fibra 100% Cáñamo Técnica Hand loomed Tipo Dhurrie · Densidad 36.000 nudos/m2 Altura total 8 mm · Peso 2,30 kg/m2 Fibra 100% Hemp Tipo di lavorazione Hand loomed Tipo Dhurrie · Densità 36.000 nodi/m2 Altezza totale 8 mm · Peso 2,30 kg/m2 Faser 100% Hanf Technik Hand loomed Ausführung...

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Design by Marcos Catalán

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Kilim pouf Herb Natural + Kilim pouf 1 Herb Natural + Kilim pouf 2 Herb Black + Kilim pouf 3 Herb Brown + Kilim pouf 4 Hand wash Tejido Fibra 100% Lana Afgana hilada a mano · Técnica Hand loomed Tipo Kilim · Densidad 156.000 nudos/m2 Relleno espuma de PU Estructura Madera aglomerada · Base Madera aglomerada de abedul Volumen 0,12 m3 · Peso total 7 kg Stoff Faser 100% Handgesponnene Afghanische Wolle · Technik Hand loomed Ausführung Kilim · Dichte 156.000 Knoten/m2 Füllung PU-Schaum · Struktur Spanplatte Basis Brike Spanplatte · Volumen 12 m3 · Gesamtgewicht 7 kg Tissu Fibre 100% Laine...

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Design by Begüm Cana Özgür

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Fibra 100% Lana Nueva Zelanda Técnica Hand loomed Tipo Dhurrie · Densidad 75.000 nudos/m2 Altura total 6 mm Peso 1,50 kg/m2 Faser 100% Neuseeland Wolle Technik Hand loomed Ausführung Dhurrie · Dichte 75.000 Knoten/m2 Gesamthöhe 6 mm Gewicht 1,50 kg/m2 Fibre 100% Laine Nouvelle-Zélande Technique Hand loomed Type Dhurrie · Densité 75.000 noeuds/m2 2 Hauteur totale 6 mm · Poids 1,50 kg/m Fibra 100% Lana New Zealand Tipo di lavorazione Hand loomed Tipo Dhurrie · Densità 75.000 nodi/m2 Altezza totale 6 mm 2 Peso 1,50 kg/m Available in special dimensions. Ask for terms and conditions of delivery....

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