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Catalogue excerpts

> Single Track Sliding Glass Walls One Head Track, One Floor Track or Trackless The Leader in Opening Glass Walls

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2 Why NanaWall Single Track Sliding Systems NanaWall Denes the Single Track Sliding Glass Wall The NanaWall Single Track Sliding Glass Wall oers unique design options far beyond those of a multi-track sliding door system. Unlimited spans of individual top-hung panels glide open or closed—all riding within a single narrow header over a single oor track. One Head Track One Floor Track or Trackless • The single track design produces a clean sweep of panels that easily navigate multiple angle changes up to 90° and may be • stacked virtually anywhere. Single track end-to-end closure means secure, rattle...

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4 Extremely Wide Openings Boise State Stadium, Boise ID NanaWall Aluminum Framed HSW60 325-foot wide opening A single track supports very long continuous spans of panels that are moved independently and glide eortlessly on precision engineered NanaWall hardware. Stacking in multiple bays located away from the opening in convenient closets maximizes prime front row seating space. Cache Creek Resort, Brooks CA NanaWall Wood Framed HSW66 BeyondLiftSlide Architect: Williams + Paddon Architects & Planners The number of panels is restricted only by structural constraints. Tracks can be laid to the inside...

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6 Virtually Any Conguration or Shape A single track can navigate multiple angle changes up to 90° for sweeping segmented curves and open corners. Panels can circumvent structural obstacles, as in the case of this beautiful circular patio where the panels disappear into parking bays. Private Residence, Austin TX NanaWall Aluminum Framed HSW60 with segmented curves Bay House Residence, Newport RI NanaWall Aluminum Framed HSW60 with segmented curves Architect: William L. Burgin Architects One Head Track One Floor Track or Trackless

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8 Open Corners Create dramatic open corners with the NanaWall Single Track Glass Wall. Corners close securely end-to-end and the perimeter panels may include one or more entry/egress doors. Private Residence, La Jolla CA NanaWall HSW60 with two open corners and no oor track Architect: Sebastian Mariscal Studio When open, all panels—including the operable doors—glide around the corners and into conveniently located stacking bays for a wide open unobstructed view. Private Residence, Northport NY NanaWall Aluminum Framed HSW60 with open corners Architect: Winter & Associates One Head Track One Floor...

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10 Stack Panels Virtually Anywhere Snap-On Tools, Kenosha WI NanaWall Aluminum Framed HSW60 with 12’ tall sound-insulated panels and tandem parking Architect: Buttereld, Rudie & Seitz Architects The Trackless Option NanaWall Single Track Sliding Glass Walls may be installed with no oor track. Particularly suited for interior applications or unconditioned spaces, the trackless panels lock securely into embedded adjustable oor sockets for a clean, undivided sweep of oor when open. United Nations International School, New York City NanaWall HSW60 with segment curves and no oor track Architect: Skidmore,...

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12 Storefront System that Slides Away The NanaWall HSW60 Vanishing Storefront Create Entrances and Storefronts that Slide Away The aluminum framed NanaWall HSW60 oers standard storefront features such as paired swing doors with weather and forced entry resistance; however, it has the unique ability for the panels (including the entrance doors) to eortlessly slide out-of-sight into the parking bay. • Entrance door panels can be located nearly anywhere in the chain of doors and disappear along with the rest of the panels when stored. • Entrance door panels open either inward or outward. • Closers...

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14 The NanaWall HSW66 SwingSlide Weather Resistance Sliding Glass Walls with Center Swing French Doors Unrivaled Weather Resistance • The thermally broken sills minimize inside condensation. • End-to-end closure with interlocking proles and heavyduty, double siliconized EPDM gaskets provide a tight weather seal. The wood framed NanaWall HSW66 SwingSlide looks and functions like a typical French door with xed sidelights. The NanaWall dierence is that both the operable doors and sidelights can slide away to create an unobstructed opening of nearly unlimited length. • Variable interlocking proles...

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16 Performance and Durability Promontory Ranch Club, Park City UT NanaWall HSW60 Architect: B3 Architects Acoustic Performance The Clear Sound Advantage • Durable NanaWalls signicantly reduce noise between interior spaces while still allowing supervision and access to the divided area. Exterior applications block outdoor audio distractions such as trac and airport noise. • NanaWalls can achieve up to STC 43 sound ratings with clear insulated, laminated glass. • NanaWall STC results represent complete systems including frames, header, jambs and sill. C E D • Each NanaWall is crafted with state-of-the-art...

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18 Case Study: Create Large Inviting Entrances Challenge: Vertigo wanted to attract more customers by opening the interior to the outside, making it easier for customers to connect with the restaurants ambience. Solution: NanaWall was the only solution with one oor track on a Baltusrol Country Club, Springeld NJ NanaWall HSW60 Architect: Jefferson Group Architects wide curved opening. The panels stack out-of-sight in the parking bay. When closed, the panels provide a weather-resistant barrier protecting against wind, rain, snow, and cold Vertigo Restaurant, New York City NanaWall Wood Framed HSW66...

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20 Panels within the opening Example Congurations and Stacking Arrangements Stacked Panels Incorporated Swing Panels (HSW60 only) Below are examples for 5 or 6 panels. Unlimited panel numbers are possible. Many other stacking congurations are available. As there can be many other stacking possibilities, please submit your ideas and sketches to NanaWall for evaluation. 1 3 Perpendicular stacking outside the opening with two stacking bays in tandem. Circular Congurations Swing Panel hinged to side jamb 8 In tandem stacking of panels along adjacent wall. 9 2 Perpendicular stacking in opening with...

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