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Catalogue excerpts

Operable Balcony Glazing System The Leader in Opening Glass Walls

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NanaWall Operable All-Glass Balcony Glazing System The NanaGlass SL25 provides architects, building owners, property managers, homeowner associations, and contractors with a solution for increasing usable space, enhancing an aging building’s value, preservation and preventative maintenance issues, improving overall energy eciencies, and building modernization. Space Utilization & Enhanced Property Values The NanaGlass operable all-glass panel system provides building owners with a structure that is more visually appealing as well as including nancial benets. In a rental building, higher rents...

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Why NanaGlass SL25 for Balcony Glazing Superior Performance • NanaGlass SL25 system can accept up to 1⁄2” (12mm) thick glass to meet demanding wind loads of taller buildings. • Independently tested per ASTM requirements for deection and acoustic performance. • Meets Florida State Wide Product Approval (FL 14404) • Each roller is made of Polyamide with sealed bearings to ensure sound free running and resistance to changes in temperature and operation. • The SL 25 glass is attached to the top and bottom rails using three methods for a stronger bond than other all glass products. Technical Advantages...

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Key Benet: Increased Usable Living Space / Wind, Rain, Sound Protection Application: Balcony Glazing / Behind Glass Rail Segmented System Building Type: Luxury High Rise Residences 4 5

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Key Benet: Increased Comfort / Energy Eciency / Sound Attenuation Application: Operable Double-Skin Facade Building Type: Loft Condominium Development 6 7

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Key Benet: Increased Energy Eciency / Decreased Operating Costs Application: On Rail Façade Application Building Type: Commercial Oce Building 8 9

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Key Benet: Increased Building Valuation Application: Balcony Modernization Building Type: High Rise Apartment Building 10 11

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Key Benet: Balcony & Furnishing Protection / Increased Usable Living Space Application: Large Opening / Multi-Panel / Warm Weather Environment Building Type: Luxury High Rise Residences 12 13

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Key Benet: Increased Revenue / Lower Maintenance Costs Application: All-Glass Behind Rail Cornerless Building Type: Apartment Complex 14 15

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Key Benet: Greater Space Utilization Application: Large Opening / Variable Congurations Building Type: Urban Condominium Development 16 17

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Key Benet: Operable Double Skin Protection from Wind Driven Rain Application: Segmented Behind Glass Rail Building Type: Waterfront Condominium Development 18 19

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Key Benet: Building Modernization / Façade Preservation Application: Operable On Glass Rail Building Type: Urban Renewal Apartment Building 20 21

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Key Benet: Renovation / Energy Performance Application: Operable & Cornerless on Brick Façade Building Type: Public Housing Apartment Complex 22 25

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Key Benet: Balancing Comfort with Energy Performance Application: Integrated Operable Balcony Glazing Building Type: Commercial Oce Building 24 27

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Key Benet: Passive Solar / Natural Ventilation / Therapeutic Value Application: Operable Double-Skin Façade Building Type: Hospital / Medical Institution 26 28 29

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Key Benet: Energy Eciency / Façade Preservation Application: Façade Integrated Balcony Building Type: High Occupancy Living / Dormitory 28

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Key Benet: Building Modernization Application: Staggered Panels On Rail Building Type: High Rise Apartment Building 30

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Key Benet: Year-Round Living Comfort Application: Behind and On Rail Building Type: Luxury High Rise Building 32

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Key Benet: Large Balcony Space Utilization Application: Cornerless Large Opening Building Type: Contemporary Apartment Complex 34

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Key Benet: Sound Attenuation Application: Small Openings Building Type: Urban Apartment Complex 36

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Key Benet: Clear Views / Comfort / Close to Nature Application: On Rail Building Type: High Rise Apartment Building 38

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Key Benet: Simple Modernization with Protection Application: 9’ Cornerless Panels / Behind Rail Building Type: Low to High Rise Buildings 40

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Key Benet: Operable Wind Barrier / Additional Security Application: Open Terrace Building Type: High Rise Penthouse 42

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NANAGLASS SL25 example congurations Segmented and Open Corners As there can be many other possibilities, please submit your ideas and sketches to Nana Wall Systems for evaluation. SL25 | XXL Section Details All Cross Sectional Views Are Half Size Detail 1.0 Head Jamb (with head compensating profile) Detail 1.0 Head Jamb (with head compensating profile) Scale: 1/4” = 1” 3 5/16" (84) 3 5/16" (84) 3/4" +/- 3/8" (20 +/- 8) 3/4" +/- 3/8" (20 +/- 8) The horizontal twin ball bearing running carriages allow the panels to be maneuverable through any angle between 90° to 180°, providing many layout options....

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NANAGLASS SL25 engineering details Ventilation Weather and Noise Resistant High Structural Performance Forced Entry Protection When shut, because of only a 1/8” (3 mm) gap between panels, a certain level of protection is provided against wind, rain and snow. The SL25 with 5/16” (8 mm) tempered glass tested to an STC value of 17. With thicker and/or laminated glass, even higher values are possible. Depending on structural design wind load requirements, glass thicknesses from 5/16” (8 mm) to 1⁄2” (12 mm) is available. A DP of +40 psf/ -45 psf per ASTM E330 structural load testing was achieved with...

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About NanaWall For NanaWall photo books, please contact us at NanaWall Systems provides operable glass wall systems for large architectural openings. NanaWalls are used in commercial and residential buildings for interior and exterior applications. The broad scope of the NanaWall product line oers the design professional unequaled freedom of choice and innovative design options. Every NanaWall is a single-source product with components designed, produced and assembled as a complete system of unparalleled quality and performance. Education Volume 1 Hospitality Volume 1 Residential...

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Operable Balcony Glazing System NanaWall SL25 Nana Wall Systems Inc. 100 Meadowcreek Drive Corte Madera, CA 94925 800 873 5673 415 383 3148 Fax: 415 383 0312 Nana Wall Systems reserves the right to change specications without notice. NanaWall and the NanaWall logo are trademarks of Nana Wall Systems Inc. r.3-0512

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