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NanWall Residential Volume 4 - 63 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Opening Glass Walls that Perform When Closed

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Who We Are Uncompromised Quality and Performance NanaWall Systems is the recognized industry leader trusted by architects, builders, and homeowners alike to provide opening glass wall systems. Based on a foundation of testing, research, and innovation, NanaWall Systems provides countless style options, unsurpassed durability, and superior performance. Unrivalled Performance Creating large opening glass walls is the easy part—the challenge is performance when the wall is closed. A NanaWall system protects from water and air infiltration, sound attenuation, and provides superior energy efficiency...

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Why Architects and Builders Choose NanaWall Systems Every NanaWall system is backed by rigorous system testing, improvement, and high-grade materials resulting in unsurpassed durability and exceptional long-term performance. Design Flexibility NanaWall Systems operable glass walls provides total design flexibility with options for tophung or floor mounted models and inward or outward openings. Additionally, NanaWall delivers options of individual panels that glide open or closed, can navigate multiple angle changes up to 90º and may be stacked virtually anywhere. Single Source Product Benefit...

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Burnaby Residence • British Columbia 3 Lake Erie Residence • Rocky River OH 7 Oyster House • Lottsburg VA 9 Guilford Beach House • Guilford CT 1 1 Belvedere Kitchen • Belvedere CA 1 3 Pacific Northwest Residence • British Columbia 15 Wapiti House • Wapiti Valley WY 1 9 Omena Residence •OmenaMI 23 Arizona Desert Residence • Scottsdale AZ 25 Kelly Residence • Raleigh NC 27 Chappaqua Residence • Chappaqua NY 29 Tampa Coastal Residence • Tampa FL 31 Wine Country Residence • Glen Ellen CA 35 Palisades Residence • Palisades CA 39 Moorpark Residence • Moorpark CA 41 Silicon Valley Residence • Menlo Park...

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Burnaby Residence “We went with a NanaWall system because we understood it to be the best of its kind on the market. We wanted the ability to open the interior to the outdoors and to create a large entertaining area. The NanaWall SL82 gave us this, as well as unobstructed panoramic views of Vancouver. The wall is extremely easy to operate and performs very well in this climate. Also, when the wall is closed, the SL82 has no frames and the all glass panels are extremely attractive—it looks like seamless glass from the exterior. Overall, we are highly impressed by the NanaWall system as it helped...

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Lake Erie Residence “Winter on Lake Erie is brutal. Our goal was a 3 season room—we achieved an air tight 4 season room. Last year the NanaWalls passed another test. Hail and 60 mph winds left homes along this lake front with severe window damage. The NanaWalls came through without a scratch. We are very pleased.” — Barbara and Ralph D, Homeowners Lake Erie Residence, Rocky River OH NanaWall Wood Framed Aluminum Clad Folding System WA67 Architect: The Arcus Group 7 8

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Oyster House “The NanaWall achieves perfectly the goal between the inside and outside, removing any barrier between people and the outside landscape. Being on the water, the performance and long-term durability is of utmost importance as the design feature of the façade is the focal point. The additional benefit of the screen component allows for occupant comfort during the summer.” — Dale Overmyer, Architect Oyster House, Lottsburg VA NanaWall Aluminum Framed Thermally Broken Folding System SL70 Architect: Dale Overmyer Architects 9 10

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Guilford Beach House “A principle of the Shakkei, the centuries old Japanese concept of the “borrowed landscape”, is to deny the constraints of man-made space and capture the expansive natural world beyond. Our ambition as architects for this home was not simply to frame the view but to become one with the landscape. The NanaWall system achieved this in one elegant and dramatic gesture. It defines the project and the experience of living in this remarkable place.” — Sandra Vlock, Architect Guilford Beach House, Guilford CT NanaWall Aluminum Framed Thermally Broken Folding System SL70 Architect:...

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Belvedere Kitchen The NanaWall Kitchen Transition The NanaWall kitchen transition combines a NanaWall folding glass window system with a NanaWall folding glass wall system seamlessly turning an existing kitchen into an indoor/outdoor entertainment space. Belvedere Residence, Belvedere CA NanaWall Wood Framed Folding System WD66 Window/Door Combination (Kitchen Transition) 13 14

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Pacific Northwest Residence Pacific Northwest Residence, British Columbia NanaWall Aluminum Framed Thermally Broken Single Track Sliding System HSW60 Architect: Jonathan Ehling Architect 15 16

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Pacific Northwest Residence, British Columbia NanaWall Aluminum Framed Thermally Broken Single Track Sliding System HSW60 Architect: Jonathan Ehling Architect 17 18

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Wapiti House Wapiti House, Wapiti Valley WY NanaWall Aluminum Framed Thermally Broken Folding System SL70 Architect: Studio.BNA Architects 19 20

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Omena Residence “We needed the interior of the home and the large exterior deck to flow seamlessly from one into the other, but we wanted that sense of spatial connection without compromising any of the thermal performance, especially given the level of LEED certification that we were after. The NanaWall system enabled us to blend that concept effortlessly as well as give our clients the ease and access to really use the operable wall day-in and day-out. Despite the size and span of the system, the wall is treated like any other door—to be opened and closed and used as a beautiful functional part...

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Arizona Desert Residence “In our Arizona home, indoor / outdoor living is a daily part of life, especially in the spring and fall. We love the way our NanaWall generously opens up our home to the expansive desert views.” —Debbi DeYoung, Homeowner Arizona Desert Residence, Scottsdale AZ NanaWall Aluminum Framed Folding System SL45 with open corners Architect: Residential Design 25 26

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