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Catalogue excerpts

Nudura. Building Has Evolved. Energy Efficient. Environmentally Friendly. Superior Strength. Maximum Comfort. ™

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COST EFFICIENCY UP TO 2X GREATER* ENERGY EFFICIENCY With growing energy costs, building a home that is more energy efficient can save you significant amounts of money on a yearly basis. NUDURA is a highly insulated concrete wall that vastly reduces air infiltration, optimizing energy performance. When you combine two panels of NUDURA’s 25/8” EPS foam with the structural strength of reinforced concrete, along with our Ceiling and Floor Technology, you can be sure you are building a home that has superior energy efficiency over traditional building methods. NUDURA COMFORT UP TO 9X GREATER* HOME...

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NUDURA PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS • NUDURA is manufactured from recycled or recyclable material. • NUDURA buildings produce little waste during construction, all waste is 100% recyclable. (Subject to local recycling programs.) • NUDURA® forms emit no CFC or HCFC’s. • NUDURA® forms are manufactured under strict guidelines using only processes that are non ozonedepleting. • The NUDURA double foam insulated concrete core acts as an effective sound barrier, dampening sound vibrations, creating a serene and comfortable ambience. A HEALTHIER LIVING ENVIRONMENT NUDURA combines the use of polystyrene (EPS) foam...

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BUILDING WITH NUDURA Building with NUDURA allows you the freedom to build your home to any shape or size and gives you the versatility to design your home the way you want without any limitations. Finding quality building materials that will fulfill these design requirements, within the budget, is often difficult. With NUDURA Integrated Building Technology you can push the limits of design without pushing the limits of your budget. *Compared to a traditional wood framed home. THE NUDURA BUILDING ENVELOPE When you combine the full line of NUDURA® products you will get a more comfortable, durable...

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WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM NUDURA NUDURA is committed to leading the industry in product innovation. NUDURA’s research and development group are dedicated to providing products that make building more energy efficient and safer for your family. INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY At NUDURA we are providing you with quality products that are not only better for your family but also better for the environment. NUDURA is leading the way with product innovations: LARGER STANDARD FORM NUDURA is the only Insulated Concrete Form manufacturer to create a larger standard form that covers 12 sq. ft., resulting in less...

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THE INTEGRATED PHILOSOPHY NUDURA Corporation prides itself on service and quality.With over 50 years of combined industry experience NUDURA brings you the present and future of Insulated Concrete Form construction. NUDURA – AN INTEGRATED PHILOSOPHY The concept for NUDURA was inspired by an interest in consolidating the best features of existing Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) products and then improving on them to produce the most technologically advanced Insulated Concrete Form. From NUDURA’s inception, our philosophy has been one of integration. INTEGRATING SALES WITH SERVICE With the most technologically...

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BUILDING BETTER BUILDING STRONGER Building with NUDURA provides substantial benefits over traditional building methods. In striving to provide a better quality of life, NUDURA homes offer safety without compromise. Eagle Rising “BEST”Custom Home” “BEST”Overall Project” presented by ICF Builder Magazine WHAT ARCHITECTS ARE SAYING In designing Eagle Rising, the owners had done their research, and knew they were using ICFs right from the start. They wanted the house to be energy efficient, and the NUDURA ICFs offer both a good R value and a monolithic wall with minimal air leakage – a major contributor...

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Contact us for the distributor nearest you Nudura. Building Has Evolved. Energy Efficient. Environmentally Friendly. Superior Strength. Maximum Comfort. ™ ® are trademarks of NUDURA Corporation. © 2007 The performance claims referred to in this Brochure are based on a comparison between a typical 8’high NUDURA® wall with a 6" core, properly built to the National Building Code of Canada (NBC) and installed in accordance with NUDURA® Corporation’s specifications and a typical 8’ high 2"x 6" wood-framed wall insulated with R20 batt insulation, properly built to NBC and with regard to "fire resistance”...

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