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At Naava we are reconnecting humanity with nature. We use future technology that embraces millions of years of natural innovation combined with Scandinavian design. We make the smartest green walls on the planet to bring nature inside, everywhere.

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THE AIR YOU BREATHE AFFECTS YOUR HEALTH AND PRODUCTIVITY • We spend on average 90% of our time indoors • We breathe more than 10 000 liters of indoor air daily • Stuffy and tiring indoor air reduces work productivity by 6 to 9%* • Up to 15% of sick leave days are related to indoor air quality** INDOOR AIR IS RARELY OPTIMAL FOR HEALTH • Emissions, air pollutants and street dust flow into indoor spaces through mechanical ventilation • Chemicals evaporate into indoor air from construction and surface materials, furniture and technical appliances • The human body is not made for synthetic...

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Biophilia Acoustic benefits Harmonious acoustics (under 21dB) Harmful chemical removal Particle removal Air naturalization Air humidity management IOT & AI Optimized functions Data integration to intelligent buildings & apps On-site maintenance Ease of use, mobility Guarantee Naava © © © © © © © © © © © For life Air purifiers Green walls What are the Naava effects? NATURALIZES INDOOR AIR    REDUCES HARMFUL OPTIMIZES HUMIDITY COGNITIVE PERFORMANCE IS IMPROVED In fresh indoor air, you can focus on your work better and have enough energy to enjoy your free time as well.

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Beauty of plants, power of biofilters SELECTED PLANT SPECIES The plant species we use are beautiful, resilient and allergy-friendly, carefully selected and tested to ensure high quality and visual impact. DRACAENA DEREMENSIS DRACAENA DEREMENSIS DRACAENA DEREMENSIS ‘WHITE JEWEL’ ‘COMPACTA’ / ‘GREEN JEWEL’ ‘LEMON SURPRISE’ REFINEMENT OF PLANTS Traditional soil is washed off the plants, which are then replanted into a soilless, porous growth medium and special Naava pots which together enable enhanced air circulation. HEARTLEAF PHILODENDRON - HEARTLEAF PHILODENDRON 'BRAZIL' - BIRD’S NEST FERN...

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”The air purification technology of Naava and the research done on the subject were the factors that lead us to choosing Naava Green Walls for Svea Ekonomi’s new premises.” JUKKA RYTKONEN, FINANCIAL MANAGER, SVEA EKONOMI, FINLAND ”With the help of Naavas, we have the energy to work efficiently throughout the work day, and consequently also enjoy our downtime to the fullest.” KLAUS KUHANEN, CEO, JCDECAUX FINLAND ”Our construction project was an indoor air project at the same time, so we wanted to make sure the green wall had more features than just striking visuals. Thus, we decided to also...

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This is how the Naava Green Wall works 5 Indoor air is absorbed through the plants’ roots and the soilless growth medium. Naava’s artificial intelligence analyzes and directs functions automatically. The sensors of the smart green wall measure the variables of Naava and its surroundings. The fans return the pure and naturalized air back into the room. The microbes of the roots purify the air of harmful chemicals. The remote system transmits information (e.g. from weather satellites) to the smart green wall The functions are tracked in real time. In case of malfunction, the system will...

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NAAVA one Free-standing model, can also be used as a room divider. Purification efficiency is enough for spaces of up to 60m2. Color options: white or graphite black painted aluminium. Standard sizes: W 100 cm, H 210 cm & D 35 cm Special order sizes: W 80 cm, H 230 cm & 300 cm* *must be secured to wall.

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NAAVA duo Double-sided design; plants on both sides. A natural, eye-catching room divider. Enables the effect of fresh air into two directions. Purification efficiency is enough for spaces of up to 100m2. Color options: white or graphite black painted aluminium. Standard sizes: W 100 cm, H 210 cm & D 50 cm Special order sizes: W 80 cm, H 230 cm.

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NAAVA one slim A slimmer version of Naava One, depth only 21 cm. Wall-secured. Streamlined design blends in with the space and can be seamlessly integrated. Purification efficiency is enough for spaces of up to 60m2. Color options: white or graphite black painted aluminium. Naava One Slim is only available through order, so please take note of the possibility of longer delivery times. Sizes available through order: W 100 & 80 cm, H 210 & 230 cm, D 21 cm.

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Naava is a sign of wellbeing in a work community NAAVA HAS BEEN PROVEN TO REDUCE AND ELIMINATE NEGATIVE SYMPTOMS BY PURIFYING AND HUMIDIFYING INDOOR AIR:* • Redness and irritation of eyes • Cold, itchy nose and sneezing • Sore and irritated throat THE IMPROVED QUALITY OF AIR HAS FINANCIAL EFFECTS • Reduced sick leave days • Increased productivity and efficiency • Improved acoustics and reduced noises; enhanced peace at work * Naava technology significantly reduces health symptoms at a work environment (Statis

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Naava Green Wall is a fully automated SMART TECHNOLOGY optimizes Naava’s performance 24/7: • Sensors measure the surroundings • Connection to the cloud and weather satellites prepare for environment changes • Real time information of the green wall’s functions • Automated irrigation and air circulation adjustments NAAVA SERVICE ensures that Naava always looks fresh and beautiful: • Plants are nourished • Plants are replaced if needed • Withering leaves are taken off and the growth of the plants is controlled • Systemized reporting of your Naava’s performance • In our Premium Service, even...

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