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Catalogue excerpts

Field Fences Galvanized wires PVC coated / ECOVER wires Hardware and agriculture HERCULES PLUS® BRICOHERCULES PLUS® ECO PLUS® DOUBLE WIRE Barbed Wire HERCULES® Post QUICKFIX® Post PROFIX® Post EASYCLIP® Post Other products JARDITOR® Brico JARDITOR® Classic JARDITOR® Super FLORITOR® Chain link Fences Posts with rolls HERCULES PLUS® CLASSIC RESIDENTIAL / ECO HJ MOREDA® Light HJ MOREDA® Medium HJ MOREDA® Heavy High Tensile light High Tensile High Tensile Medium Progressive welded mesh ERIZO® DARDO® BRAVO® IOWA Wire netting Electro-welded mesh Staples and nails Welded mesh panels Mobile fencing

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Our mission, values and vision Fully integrated in CELSA GROUP, MRT is a leading manufacturer of galvanized wire and fences in Spain, and a prime reference in Europe. MRT has a wide range of products, suitable for residential, industrial, and agricultural markets. Thanks to its continuous investment policy, MRT has achieved a diversified range of value added products, adapted to the continuous improvements on the international market and, at the same time, respectful to environmental regulations. MRT is the result of a merge between two traditional and prestigious European wire-drawers, having...

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150 years of experience at your service 1854. Setup of the MOREDA S.A. wire-drawing plant 1879. Setup of the RIVIERE S.A. wire-drawing plant 1990. CELSA GROUP acquired MOREDA S.A. 1999. RIVIERE S.A. was also bought out by CELSA GROUP, which then owned the two leading European wire-drawing plants 2002. Merge of MOREDA and RIVIERE, MRT MOREDA RIVIERE TREFILERIAS born 2004-2009. MRT updated the plants in Barcelona and Gijon with the latest hi-tech coating equipment

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MRT Figures An international goal The power of CELSA Group A turnover of more than 5 billion Euros per year Leader in the Spanish market and strongly established in Europe, MRT has made internationalism its priority and pursues its further development in the East European countries and on the American markets. • A production capacity of 9 million tons per year • 7,000 persons worldwide of actual turnover is export market • Production capacity: 123.000 tons per year • 350 employees Significant export growth HOME MARKET Spain PRIMARY MARKETS Andorra France Switzerland Netherlands Sweden Germany England...

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What does the 10 years warranty consist on? Large colours selection 11 pre-treatment stages We have chosen one of the best painting treatments, even used in the high technology automotive sector: microcrystalline phosphatation. In addition, our treatment, in comparison to the amorphous phosphatation, allows MRT to guarantee the highest quality in our painting treatments. The MRT warranty is a proof of the high quality products, certifying the resistance to corrosion of our range of powder coated panel fences. Our warranty is based on objective criteria Recognised international standards: amorphous...

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Galvanized wire Coil dimensions (Øint/Øext) Commercial galvanized Heavy Galvanized * contact us for more information wide range of LOW CARBON STEEL WIRES. We manufacture wire in different coatings: We have 150 years experience in wire drawing, and we have a Coil presentation Coils with 4 arrows, 4 rings of suspension and PVC coated Zinc weight as per UNE-EN 10244-2 (gr/m2) ≥25 Commercial galvanized Galvanized and PVC coated by extrusion ZINC + ECOVER®: is a new and highly resistant coating that triples the lifetime of the wire in comparison to Heavy Galvanized wire. It blends in with nature thanks...

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Coil dimensions (Øint/Øext) Coil presentation Coils with 4 arrows, 4 rings of suspension and PVC coated Phytosanitary products used represent the disappearance accelerated of metal protection MRT perfects a new and highly resistant covering: Heavy GALVANIZED + ECOVER Product advantages: Product life triple that of heavy galvanized Green colour due to pigment Tensile strength (kg/m2) Hard Zinc weight as per UNE-EN 10244-2 (gr/m2) Better integration with nature Product life (norm: AS Tm B-117/UNE 112-017:92/ISO Results tested and approved by Pro coat Technology laboratory (Barcelona – Spain) and...

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Hardware and agriculture These are some of the applications of our wires in hardware and agriculture: Greenhouse Vineyard Do-it-yourself Construction Surface finish Commercial galvanized Heavy galvanized Heavy galvanized + ECOVER® Normal galvanized + PVC coated by extrusion Surface finish Commercial galvanized Heavy galvanized Heavy galvanized 12

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HERCULES® Plus Panel Quality coating 10 years warranty With its high rigidity, the HERCULES® PLUS panel is ideal for industrial sites. 25 100 · Polyester powder coating by microcrystalline phosphatising: 100 microns minimum 200 100 HERCULES® Plus Geometry the “PLUS” bend more than twice rigidity Oxidon: a metallic texture for a deluxe finish Also available in hot dipped galvanized 9 standard RAL colours to choose from: HERCULES® QUICKFIX® EASYCLIP® PROFIX®*

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BRICOHERCULES® Plus It is made for residential sites, giving you excellent value for money. 825 HERCULES® QUICKFIX® EASYCLIP® PROFIX® BRICOHERCULES® Plus Geometry The perfect solution for garden fencing. HERCULES® QUICKFIX® EASYCLIP® PROFIX®

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Horizontal Vertical diameter in diameter in mm mm Double wire Vertical wires: Horizontal wires: HERCULES® QUICKFIX® EASYCLIP® PROFIX® Double Wire 6x5x6 Geometry Horizontal wires: Vertical wires: 200 Double Wire 8x6x8 Geomet

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HERCULES® Post The rectangular HERCULES post enables sequential fitting. Powder coating with 10 years warranty · Sendzimir zinc galvanized profile: 70gr/m2 minimum · Powder coated by microcrystalline phosphatising: 60 microns minimum Available in the following coatings: Oxidon: a metallic texture for a deluxe finish 9 standard RAL colours to choose from: Nominal height of the panel in mm Hot dipped galvanized post 18 Post with base for wall Number of brackets per post

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3 options for fixing the panel Installation options Aluminium base HERCULES® bracket ULTRAFIX® bracket HERCULES® staple screws and caps are pre-fixed 1 Only one steel piece 90º corners with a single post 2 90º corners with a single post 2 No need to perforate the post, for greater durability Frontal installation by one person only Unbreakable with its caps placed towards the exterior Separation between post’s axes: 2525mm +10/-20mm 90º corners with a single post No need to perforate the post, for greater durability Available colours: Available colours: Steel base Does not fade: high resistance...

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