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Booklet PF Profiles - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

PF-Profiles Press Fit Technology

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This innovative technology is based on a mechanical joining process. 1. A locator groove is processed into the flanges A special pattern is embossed in the edges of the web The embossed web is set into the flanges‘ groove Joining grooves are rolled alongside the web which press a part of the flange material against the embossed web The result is a strong frictional joint with a perfect form-fit.

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Application Due to the great design flexibility, functional optimization and high precision these new products have achieved a great popularity amongst architects for visible and representative steel curtain walls. For this purpose we offer a wide range of standard and customized beams which are produced in different geometries and steel types. These eye-catching design beams create an elegant atmosphere in private and public areas.

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Design Increasing importance is being attached to design and quality. PF-Profiles give a very high degree of design freedom not only in size and geometry but also in web design. From small perforations to large cut-outs the web can be designed in a very individual way generating attractive solutions. If the desired material is stainless steel, PF-Profiles can be produced with different surface executions. We are ideally equipped to satisfy specific requirements.

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Precision The process allows to position the profile components to each other at wish and to individually select the material thickness of both web and flange. PF-Profiles can thus be optimized to their specific use. PF-Profiles have a very high accuracy on dimensional tolerances and geometry. Their parallel flanges, excellent rectangularity and straightness add further value to this product.

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Size Range A wide range of special geometries can be achieved by the press fit technology. The following table shows the overall size range with possible choices for material thicknesses. Thickness ratio web to flange Apart from standard geometries like I-Beams and T-Beams we offer the possibility to create Double Web Beams for higher structural performance.

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free combination of material thicknesses lightweight sections high design flexibility precise and barely noticeable join grooves parallel flanges with accurate rectangularity high accuracy on dimensions and geometry high end surface finish

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