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HIGH-SPEED Hand Dryers Catalogue

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The largest range of Green & fast high-speed hand dryers in North America Green High-Speed Range

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Studies show that electric hand dryers use a traction of energy in comparison to paper towels, which adds to the depletion of our natural resources and dramatically increases the amount of waste in our landfills. The total cost of paper towels is increasing annually and many architectural firms are moving away from specifying paper towel dispensers in favor of high efticiency, cost saving electric hand dryers. However, with the rapidly advancing dryer technology, and the limited selection offered by other hand dryer companies, choosing the right dryer for a particular project can be...

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GREEN HIGH-SPEED RANGE machfLow® speedflow® duoLFLouu® ENERGY SAVINGS: New technology in Ihe design, manufacturing and components means that Ihese models use far less energy ihen traditional A convenlonal £.300 W dryer consumes an average of 16-19 W per drying cycle, versus: Adjusted to ils minimum power, 450 W, it consumes an average of 2.0 W per drying cycle, achieving energy savings of more than 89%. Adjusted ID its maximum power, 1150 W, it consumes an average of 3.61 W per drying cycle. Ihis represents energy savings of over With a total power of 1150 W, at maximum settings, it...

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This range is based on three state-of-the-art families which ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^corp represent SANIFLOW-MEDICUNICS commitment to develo- ping products with environmentaOy-triendly features. Launched on the U.S Market In the last 4 years, they have four Q fng^JjcliniCS COmpQny main objectives which are detailed as already explained This eco-high speed range has been designed specifically for installation in jects. And, in general, any building which in addition to design and speed criteria is also seeking a hand dryer with environmentally-friendly creden- tials. New schools, universities and...

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Probably, the FASTEST & MOST EFFICIENT hand dryer in the industry. (Only 6.4 Amps + 89% less energy cost per use) ULTRA FAST ■ ENERGY EFFICIENT ■ ADJUSTABLE SPEED Designed to dry quickly. The? machrlow®, combines a very powerful airflow wilfi low power usage. So fast and so efficient that is really a break- through for ihe Industry YXJ will LOVE this dryer. Fast & energy efficient drying. A real break-through producl. SUSTAINABLE QUALITIES: ■ Low power consumption: Wonts at an adjustable 450-1.300 Watts, instead of <hs usual 2.300 Walts of traditional dryers. ■ Energy savings, consumes only...

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" • ROCK SOLID & COMPACT DESI The most environmental friendly high speed hand dryer in the Steel one-piece cover, While epoxy coaled, 1/16" thick Stainless sleel AISI 304 one-piece cover, polished finish, 1/16' thick Stainless steel AISI 304one-ptece cover, salin finish, 1/16' thick MACHFLOW High Speed dryer - Raising the Bar: ■ Ultra fast - 3 times taster - Minimum Energy consumption * Lowest noise design • Sleek design. Manually adjustable thiu a potentiometer Motor rpm & sensor distance detection may be adjusted manually by means of a potentiometer. M09A • M09AC • M09ACS • COMPONENTS,...

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The ONLY adjustable ADA high speed hand dryer designed to fit ANY application. VERSATILE - STRONG ■ ICON of RELIABILITY ■ ECO-FRIENDLY The Speedflow® M06 operaras witt oxtfaordinary efficiency. Classified as a high speed dryer (10-15 seconds} tha Spaedflov/^ has a manual ad|ustment to reduce we noise level in certain building environments. The sleek shallow design allows the SoeedNow® to be installed without a recess kit and still meet the J " maximum prafrusior requirement irom the finished wall. UNIQUE FEATURES; ■ High speed motor can be edjusted manually to reduce wise levels. Ideal for...

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UNIVERSAL VOLTAGE ■ DURABLE • BESTSELLER IN T The only high-speed surface mounted ADA compliant vandal-resistant dryer Steel one-piece cover, whrte epoxy Cast lion one-piece cover, white epoxy coaled. 3/16' thick Stainless steel type 304 one-piece cover, poished chrome, 1/16* Wick Slainless steel type 304 one-piece cover, satin stainless. 1/16*" mick What makes Speedflow M06A Serie so UNIQUE? ■ Dries hands in 10-15 seconds. ■ Up 1o 5 limes more energy efficerrt lhan conventional dryers. ■ Compact size, ultra-thin profile. ■ Class leading warranty. Motor rpm & range ofetance detection may be...

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Top of the class - New generation hand dryer Stylish European designed hand dryer. The DUALFLOW* tias 300 air duels surrounding your hands literally nennoving water oroplets from them. Designed wllh anti-bacterial protection (Microfcetn^J, offers a new way of drying your hands. No need to move or rub hands together, Jusl place hands inside tile drying chamber. HYGIENIC & WATER SUSTAINABLE: ■ Microbart^ protection embedded tilo the ctyiig charter parts ot (he DUAI-FLOW^ that will not wear off like sufaca coatings do. ■ No contact with har=ds. Very sanitary lo use. 1 No paper waste is...

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High impact ABS cover m aJuminum silver finish, 1/8* thick What makes the Dualtlow MOB Series so ELEGANT & ENERGY-EFFICIENT? Does hands in 10-15 seconds. No heating element. Extremelty energy efficient. Incorporates MKroban® antimicrobial agent. Optional odourless gel tablet to neutralize restroom ooors. Elegant U-shape destgn in most popular ABS linlshes Water lank prevents watet trcm sftesNng orao the no Onoe the M08A M08ACS COMPONENTS, MATERIALS ft CERTIFICATIONS Dual high speed universal brush motors. High speed micro air currents from more than 300 ducts. An electronic infrared sensor...

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LANDMARK BUILDINGS machfLotu® speedFLow® duaLfLouu® The largest range of Green & fast high-speed hand dryers in North America

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-M06ACSSpMtav*@ United Aftlnst VIP rod cwpa dub, Chicago- M03ACS MaCtftowi i ADA rowM Kll S CINEUACK M.vi 'IWIDII. T( ■ M09AC Uacnnom IJ» Arenas Sho»ng Coramt Hsrcskna, Spam - MCfiACS OiWrltTWf @ Snoppng Com nr. CA - • M3BACS DmtHow @ b Stor HoW, fl ^HHHllllllllllllllllllllllllW COfp NORTH AMERICAN REFERENCES (U.S.A. & CANADA): ■ Wai-Man sices & superstores national wide ■ United Airlines VIP ted carpel Clubs, national wide ■ Cnemark mavis theaters, national wide - Weir'sfurniure Village, national wide ■ Texas Department ot Transportation TX Brewer H s stadium, Fon Worth. TX • U.S. El...

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