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H A N D D RY E R S designed to care your hands La Place Ronde, La Défense, Paris, France

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Victoria Station, London, United Kingdom

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soniFLouu® mediflouu j)30-40 // seconds MEDIUM / LOW TRAFFIC LOW NOISE MOST AFFORDABLE Simply functional significant reduction in operational costs, improve the sustainability performance of the building and reduce CO2 emission levels to the atmosphere. About 50 years ago, the first revolution in public toilet facilities took place throughout the world, with the appearance of the first hot air hand dryers. A new system for hand drying appeared and, thanks to its many advantages compared with other hand drying methods at that time, it slowly became more popular and familiar. Nowadays,...

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ECO-FAST RANGE Faster, safer, cleaner and more environmentally friendly HAND DRYERS. The hand dryers from the Mediclinics eco-fast range are very energy efficient, as their electrical power consumption is very low. They are also very environmentally friendly, as their CO2 emission levels to the atmosphere are very low and they are manufactured from 100% recyclable materials. The cutting-edge technology applied to this line of ecofast hand dryers makes them unique in the market. The main advantages of these hand dryers are: • Reduction in drying time (between 8 and 15 seconds). • Drying 3...

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ENERGY SAVINGS The new technologies applied to these hand dryers mean that they consume much less. The CO2 emission level of a traditional hand dryer is approximately 4.5 g CO2/drying cycle (*). The CO2 emission levels of a Dualflow Plus, Machflow or a Speedflow is approximately 0.8 g CO2/drying cycle (*). They are surely the lowest CO2 emission levels on the market. MINIMUM NOISE POLLUTION It is estimated that the noise from a conventional hand dryer is approximately 90 dBA, so the DUALFLOW PLUS, MACHFLOW and SPEEDFLOW families would be between 15% and 30% below this level. They are...

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D UALF LOW PLUS A new generation hand dryer, fast, powerful, efficient and with an elegant design • Ultra-fast drying speed (8-15 seconds) • Low energy consumption (1.8 - 4.2 W/h per drying cycle) • Very low CO2 emissions level • Very low noise level in its category (62-72 dBA) • Adjustable motor speed with a potentiometer (19,000-30,000 rpm) • Air filtration with a HEPA filter (filters 99.95% of 0.3 micron particles) • Removable water tank for cleaning and disinfection • Optionally it can be connected directly to the waste pipe • BioCote, inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause bad...

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dualflow plus a handryer for a new generation Dualflow Plus M14 is probably de most eco friendly "hands-in" type of dryer on the market. Stylish designed for safe, fast and economical use in all washrooms with high or low volume traffic. Dualflow plus offers great features at a competitive price. 4 Air nozzles For fastest hand drying Luminous frontal leds For a quick diagnosis of the hand dryer status BIOCOTE Antimicrobial technology is embedded to protect surfaces on the dryer in contact with the water 3 most popular finishes In white (M14A), satin (M14ACS) or black (M14AB) Water from...

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Biocote Antimicrobial Technology The Dualflow Plus incorporates BioCote® technology in additive form. This additive is incorporated at the time of manufacture of the machine’s components that are in direct contact with the water and provides continuous antimicrobial protection. Material surface Protected material Biocote® active ingredients The active ingredient on the surface of a material treated with a BioCote® additive attaches to the microbes that come into direct contact with the machine’s surface, it then attacks and inhibits their reproductive function. On not being able to...

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HAND DRYERS ALSO AVAILABLE IN BLUE ANGEL VERSION material: ABS finish: white sensor operated ALSO AVAILABLE IN BLUE ANGEL VERSION material: ABS finish: black ALSO AVAILABLE IN BLUE ANGEL VERSION material: ABS finish: satin M 1 4 A · M 1 4 A B · M14 ACS COM PON EN T S A N D M AT ER I A L S • High speed Class F universal brush motor. • ABS cover • Motor power adjustable, allowing electricity consumption to be regulated • Minimum Heating element (only 400W) with switch “on/ off” option • IR sensors in both sides for automatic hands detection • H13 HEPA filte, efficient to MPPS* > 99,95%,...

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M ACH FLOW Technology, robustness, compact design and quality at the service of hand drying • Ultra-fast drying speed (8-15 seconds) • Low energy consumption (1.8-4.2 W/h per drying cycle) • Very low CO2 emissions level to the atmosphere • Low noise pollution (67-74dBA) • Adjustable high speed motor (19,000-30,000 rpm) • Switch for turning the heating element on and off easily • Easy maintenance • Fast install/uninstall technology to the wall (optional). • So

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pure strenght Fast, tough, smart and most energy efficient eco high-speed hand dryer fully adjustable to individual needs. Designer for saving money and time in hand drying. dries hands in 10-15 seconds Heating element For a maximum comfort Air-freshener tablet. For a clean and fresh bathroom (Optional) Silentblocks In the base plate to cushion mechanical vibrations ■ switch for the I element to turn on/off the element The machflow® Plug-in technology is an easy, practical, fast and secure system to install and uninstall the hand dryer (optional) Variable speed. Energy consumption,...

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HAND DRYERS ALSO AVAILABLE IN BLUE ANGEL VERSION sensor operated ALSO AVAILABLE IN BLUE ANGEL VERSION material: steel material: steel finish: white epoxy finish: matte black epoxy M0 9 A · M0 9AB COM PON EN T S A N D M AT ER I A L S • Maximum air velocity: 325 Km/h • One-piece weld-free cover • The base includes silent-blocks to cushion mechanical vibrations • Class F high pressure universal brush motor • Motor power is adjustable, allowing electricity consumption to be regulated • PA6 V0 internal set • Disconnects automatically after 60 seconds of continuous use • Minimum Heating element...

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