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hand dryers designed to caress your hands

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The hand dryer Specialist We manufacture and commercialize three ranges of hand dryers, divided into nine families, each with different features and finishes, which allows us to offer a wide variety of hand dryers.

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MEDICLINICS offers three ranges of hand dryers, comprising nine families, available in a variety of finishes and feature options. Select the perfect dryer for any restroom GREEN - SUSTAINABLE HIGH TRAFFIC HIGH SPEED ENERGY SAVINGS HIGH TRAFFIC HIGH DURABILITY EDIUM/LOW TRAFFIC speed flour medi flour

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Eco-high speed range Hand dryers; faster, safer, cleaner and greener High-speed, energy-efficient hand dryers are the new standard in the industry. Mediclinics high speed dryers represent significant technological advances over other dryers. They use moderate air heating and increase air velocities up to 400%. The results are amazing: • Decreases drying times (10-15 seconds). • 3x faster drying than traditional models, reducing waiting times and increasing traffic flow. • Up to 90% savings anually in drying costs vs. towel-dryings. • Lower energy consumption. • Lower noise levels than...

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Example: A conventional 2,300 W appliance consumes an average of 19.16 W per drying cycle, hence: Traditional hand-dryer New technology in the design, construction and components means that these models use far less energy than traditional ones. Energy savings: CONSUMPTION IN WATTS PER DRYING CYCLE MACHFLOW AND DUALFLOW PLUS: Adjusted to its minimum power, 420 W, it consumes an average of 1.9 W per drying cycle, achieving energy savings in excess of 90%. Adjusted to its maximum power, 1,100 W, it consumes an average of 3.28 W per drying cycle: this represents energy savings of over 80%....

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A new generation hand dryer; fast, energy efficient & stylish design. The Dualflow® Plus provides a premium experience in every aspect. Very fast (10-15 seconds), quiet (only 65 dB on the eco-setting) and pleasant to use. Very eco-friendly, saving more than 73% in terms of economical savings vs other “hands-in” dryers on the market. Operation of the unit is hands free, and excess water from hands, instead of dripping onto the floor, is collected in an inner tank. ----------- Ultra-fast drying time Minimum energy consumption Minimum CO2 emissions Lowest noise level in its category Adjustable...

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HANDS-IN HAND DRYER ® DUALFLOW PLUS HANDS-IN HAND DRYER (ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY) Dualflow Plus M12 is probably the most eco friendly “hands-in” type of dryer on the market. Designed with good looks for safe, fast, economical use in all washroom with high or low volume traffic. Dualflow Plus offers great features at a competitive price like: Luminous frontal leds for a quick diagnosis of the hand dryer status. 4 air nozzles for fastest hand drying 2 most popular finishes --In white (M12A) or satin (M12ACS) --immediate delivery. Water from hands is collected –No hazardous water waste on the...

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HANDS IN HAND DRYER ® anti-microbial protection BIOCOTE ANTI-MICROBIAL AGENT Dualflow Plus utilizes BIOCOTE antimicrobial technology. The inclusion of BIOCOTE, a silver based antimicrobial agent that is embedded into the key parts of the drying system, inhibits the growth of odour causing and staining microbes. It makes the DUALFLOW PLUS one of the most stain and odour resistant hand dryers in the market. BIOCOTE antimicrobial protection technology is built in all parts of the drying chamber and also in the water tank during manufacturing. BIOCOTE antimicrobial protection, as an integrated...

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material: ABS finish: white sensor operated sensor operated HAND DRYERS M12ACS material: ABS finish: satin H · igh speed Class F universal brush motor. No heating A · n optional odor neutralizer for a cleaner and more pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom is available. P · A6 V0 ABS cover. M · otor power adjustable, allowing electricity consumption to be regulated. 2 · IR sensors in both sides for automatic hands detection. F · ilter with antimicrobial treatment which avoids the spread of bacteria. SurfaceAide  XL. I · nternal tank to collect the water. The water tank is emptied by an outside...

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A rock solid & compact design Our most powerful & energy efficient high speed hand dryer incorporates a low energy, high pressure, adjustable motor that allows you to choose noise levels between 68 to 75 db. Reduces drying times to 10-15 seconds and utilizes an incredibly energy efficient 1.9 amps per drying cycle consuming a min. of 420 watts instead of the usual 2.300 watts. ------ Ultra-fast drying time Minimum energy consumption Minimum CO2 emissions Minimum noise pollution Adjustable high speed motor: turn up for fast drying; turn down for quiet operation -- Rock solid & compact design...

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HAND DRYERS sensor operated sensor operated M09A material: steel finish: white epoxy 1 HAND DRYERS M09AC material: AISI finish: bright M09ACS material: AISI finish: satin · Maximum air velocity: 325 Km/h. · One-piece weld-free cover. · The ABS-PC base includes silent-blocks to cushion · Disconnects automatically after 60 seconds of continuous use. mechanical vibrations. No · heating element. E · lectronic infrared detection sensor. Detection distance · Class F high pressure universal brush motor. · PA6 UL 94-V0 internal set. Motor power is adjustable, allowing electricity consumption ·...

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Versatile, ADA Compliant, durable, modern & ultra-sleek design The Speedflow hand dryer is the first designed adjustable speed warm air hand dryer in the market. It can be set to fit any application. Users can choose their preferred air speed (through a potentiometer) and active settings for quieter operation (museums or libraries). Convenient to install as the voltage (110-240 V) adjusts automatically saving on installation time. No need to order a recessed kit for ADA applications. -- Fast drying time -- Protrudes only 100 mm from the wall in compliance with ADA requirements -- Adjustable...

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