Catalogue 27th edition - 218 Pages

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Catalogue 27th edition

Catalog excerpts

“Our aim is to offer comprehensive solutions for your needs in bathroom appliances, with innovatively designed and high-performance products"

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The Export activity starts New logistics and assembly plant in Barcelona First steps of Saniflow Corp (USA)

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Launching of the Dualflow plus “hands-in" hand dryer Mediclincis Baby Changing Stations are marketed 20 16

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InnovationProduction Quality Our own R&D&i department, which is made up of highly qualified engineers and includes a test laboratory for our products. These resources enable Mediclinics to design and develop new products and industrialise the manufacturing processes for these products. Our own flexible, modern and efficient production lines, where qualified and trained personnel are responsible for manufacturing our products with excellent quality. The Mediclinics Quality department, made up of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals, is responsible for ensuring the quality of...

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ingGreen ATHIOVED Certifications Our products meet the market's most demanding safety and quality standards. Mediclinics, through external laboratories, such as VDE (Verband der Elecktrotechnik und Elektronic), TUV Rheinland and UL (Underwriters Laboratories), guarantees the quality and safety of its products. Logistics Central warehouse of more than 6000 m2, equipped with the most modern storage systems and handling equipment that ensures rapid and efficient preparation, packaging shipping of orders. Professional, responsive and highly qualified sales and customer care team who guarantee a...

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International References USA & CANADA • Wal-Mart Stores & Superstores Nationwide, USA • White House Visitors Center, Washington, USA • Dodger’s Stadium, Los Angeles, California, USA • YMCA Of New York City, New york, USA • Texas Department of Transportation, Texas, USA • Delaware State Fairgrounds, Delaware, USA • Penn State University, Pennsylvania, USA • University of California - Berkley, Vance Brown Bldf, California, USA • United Airlines VIP red Carpet Clubs, nationwide, USA • Polo Park shopping Center, Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada La Casona Theatre, Buenos Aires, Argentina Executive’s...

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EUROPE • Football stadium Camp Nou, Barcelona, Spain • Football stadium Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid, Spain • Ikea stores across Europe • Queen Mary, University of London, UK • European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium • United Nations Headquarters, Frankfurt, Germany • Charles de Gaulle International Airport, Paris, France • National Museum, Warsaw, Poland • Pirelli headquarters building, Torino, Italy • Hotel Epic Sana, Lisboa, Portugal • National University of Singapore, Singapore • Crown Regency Hotel, Manila, The Philipines • Bitexco Financial Tower, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam • Hong Kong MTR...

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HAND    Dualflow® plus DRYERS    Machflow® plus Machflow® Speedflow® plus Speedflow® Saniflow® 44-51    comparative chart table DISPENSERS    Standard / Adjustable to industrial    99-101 PAPER TOWEL    C/Z folder paper towel    109 AND BINS    Sanitary napkin containers    120 MULTI-PURPOSE    Hand dryer + soap dispenser and water tap    127-128 CABINETS    Paper towel dispensers + hand dryer + bin    129 Paper towel dispensers + bin    130-131 Toilet brush holders    153 GRAB BARS AND    Medi nox stainless steel    157-161 OTHER ACCESSORIES    Mediepoxy steel    162-164 Table of grab bars...

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H A N D D RY E R S designed to care your hands La Place Ronde, La Défense, Paris, France

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Liverpool Station, Liverpool, United Kingdom

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HAND DRYERS HAND DRYERS HIGH TRAFFIC HIGH DURABILITY LOW NOISE HAND DRYERS GREEN-SUSTAINABLE HIGH TRAFFIC HIGH SPEED ENERGY SAVINGS MEDIUM / LOW TRAFFIC LOW NOISE MOST AFFORDABLE OUR HAND DRYER RANGE significant reduction in operational costs, improve the sustainability performance of the building and reduce CO2 emission levels to the atmosphere. Simply functional About 50 years ago, the first revolution in public THE ADVANTAGES OF TRADITIONAL MACHINES toilet facilities took place throughout the world, Traditional hand dryers (hot air hand dryers) are with the appearance of the first hot...

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Energy savings, ultra-fast drying times, cleanliness, caring for the environment and maintenance free are the most important features of our Eco-Fast hand dryers. ENERGY SAVINGS The new technologies applied to these hand dryers mean that they consume much less. Reduction in energy consumption varies between 80 and 90%, compared to other traditional dryers. ULTRA-FAST DRYING TIME The usual drying time of conventional machines is over 30 seconds, so the DUALFLOW PLUS, MACHFLOW PLUS and SPEEDFLOW PLUS families are four times faster (8-15 seconds). They are unquestionably some of the...

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• iocote® technology is an additive incorporated at the B time of manufacture of the machine’s components that are in direct contact with the water and provides continuous antimicrobial protection. The active ingredient on the surface of a material treated with a Biocote® additive attaches to the microbes that come into direct contact with the machine’s surface, it then attacks and inhibits their reproductive function. On not being able to reproduce, the microbes gradually die off and disappear from the surface of the hand dryer. CARING FOR THE ENVIRONMENT The CO2 emission level of a...

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