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NATURAL BEAUTIES with red dots which we are proud of TIGER EICHE EIT0BKN Tiger OAK black : brushed | natural oil EIT0BK W Tiger OAK black : brushed | white oil R011BKN OAK Country Vulcano Riva Mezzo : brushed | natural oil R011BK W OAK Country Vulcano Riva Mezzo : brushed | white oil F500FKN BEECH Vulcano Fresco Duna : natural oil F500FK W BEECH Vulcano Fresco Duna : white oil mafi offers a variety of different colour variations. Different factors play a role. However, the most important colouring feature is always the natural colour of the wood. The striking colour scheme of mafi Natural Wood Floors is as follows: EIT1BKN Tiger OAK white : brushed | natural oil EIT1BK W Tiger OAK white : brushed | white oil EIT2BKN Tiger OAK gold : brushed | natural oil EIT2BK W Tiger OAK gold : brushed | white oil C503BKG Car ving Club I : brushed | grey oil OAK Countr y Riva Mezzo : brushed | natural oil R002BK W OAK Countr y Riva Mezzo : brushed | white oil C503BK W Car ving Club I : brushed | white oil F501FKN BEECH Vulcano Fresco Rombo : natural oil F501FK W BEECH Vulcano Fresco Rombo : white oil F502FKN BEECH Vulcano Fresco Punto : natural oil Specifically, the mafi thermal treatment “Vulcano” allows a variety of natural colours. The domestic woods are dried purely by wind, water and heat and change from light to dark. A comparison of this effect can be made by heating sugar where the sugar becomes darker, more viscous and thus more stable. F502FK W BEECH Vulcano Fresco Punto : white oil natural colour of the wood + a possible thermal treatment + surface treatment with appropriate wood floor oil nature is our best designer wood remains wood with all its positive characteristics EIT3BK W Tiger OAK silver : brushed | white oil C500BKG Car ving Nana I : brushed | grey oil C500BK W Car ving Nana I : brushed | white oil F505FKN BEECH Vulcano Fresco Arco : natural oil F505FKG BEECH Vulcano Fresco Arco : grey oil EIT3BKN Tiger OAK silver : brushed | natural oil EITCBKN Tiger OAK CC : brushed | natural oil EITCBK W Tiger OAK CC : brushed | white oil C501BKG Car ving Empire I : brushed | grey oil C501BKN Car ving Empire I : brushed | natural oil F506FK W BEECH Vulcano Fresco Arcolino : white oil LADOSK W Domino LARCH Vulcano : sanded | white oil C001BK W Car ving Grunge I : brushed | white oil C005BK W Car ving Paisley I : brushed | white oil C004BK W Car ving Kids I : brushed | white oil EDDOSKN Domino ASH Vulcano : sanded | natural oil EDDOSK W Domino ASH Vulcano : sanded | white oil LADOSKN Domino LARCH Vulcano : sanded | natural oil

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COLOUR GAMES FIR Wide-Plank brushed | lye treatment | white oil FIR Wide-Plank brushed | white oil LARCH brushed | white oil OAK Molto brushed | white oil OAK Character brushed | natural oil LARCH Countr y brushed | lye treatment | natural oil LARCH Vulcano Wide-Plank brushed | white oil Coral OAK black brushed | grey oil OAK Countr y Vulcano Medium brushed | white oil ACACIA Vulcano brushed | white oil Nero OAK Vulcano brushed | white oil FIR Wide-Plank brushed | natural oil MAPLE Europe sanded | white oil OAK Clear brushed | extreme white oil OAK Molto brushed | natural oil ROSSO Vulcano...

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