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Soil Stabilisation & Pavements Brochure - 16 Pages

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Soil Stabilisation & Pavements Brochure
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Catalog excerpts


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INTRODUCTION: SOIL STABILISATION & PAVEMENTS Whether constructing a gravel forestry track over soft soil or resurfacing a multi-lane highway, Maccaferri has the technical knowledge and wide product range to provide solutions for the rigorous demands of today's roads. Resources are becoming scarce and pavement owners require a longer service life for less money. By reducing materials and whole-life costs, Maccaferri's leading range of pavement and ground stabilisation products can help achieve these goals. Because every project is different, Maccaferri offers the widest range of products for asphalt...

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Reinforcing pavements over peat produce a threefold increase in the service life of pavements by reducing fatigue. “ Improving access over wet or soft ground MACCAFERRI SOIL STABILISATION & PAVEMENTS MACCAFERRI COASTAL & MARINE PROTECTION

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ASPHALT INTERTIDAL ZONES DUNES & REINFORCEMENT PERFORMANCE RECONSTRUCTION & PRESERVATION Reinforcement can produce a threefold increase in the service life of pavements by reducing fatigue, reflective, thermal and settlement cracking. Stress concentrations in the asphalt matrix are relieved and redistributed by the reinforcement. The unique geometry of Road Mesh® allows full compaction to occur around the wire strands resulting in full interlock with the asphalt mix. With steel Road Mesh®, fibreglass or polyester geogrids MacGrid® AR and stress-relieving geotextiles MacTex® AR, Maccaferri provides...

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Road Mesh® - Structural reinforcement of asphalt Rutting and shoving Fatigue cracking Typical applications that benefit from the inclusion of asphalt reinforcement are: runways, highways, road widening, ports and wharves, uphill running lanes, junctions, industrial areas, mining, heavy vehicle turning-areas, bus lanes, trench reinstatement, overlaying concrete pavements, material handling and parking areas. Key problems: □ Reflective cracking & thermal cracking d Fatigue/"Crocodile" cracking □ Rutting and shoving □ Haunching failure d High-axle loads d Construction on weak sub-grades or peat soils d...

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Reinforcement placed within an unbound granular layer can reduce the layer thickness required by a third. Two mechanisms work to increase the elastic modulus and bearing capacity, resulting in improved resistance to deformation and rutting: Q Confinement mechanism minimising soil particle movement Q Tensioned membrane effect Maccaferri's woven geogrids MacGrid® WG and extruded polymer grids MacGrid® EG, provide a complete solution to reinforcement and stabilisation of the unbound layers and can be used in conjunction with MacTex® geotextiles and geocomposites to form a separation barrier to prevent...

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Soft ground stabilisation Access over wet/soft ground Reduction of granular layer thickness SOIL STABILISATION & PAVEMENTS

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PAVEMENT DRAINAGE LOCATION DEPENDENT The pavement structure can be weakened by water within, beneath or adjacent to it. Maccaferri's MacDrain® drainage geocomposites are used to control and rapidly remove this water, enhancing pavement performance. Selection of an appropriate drainage geocomposite is dependent upon its intended location within the pavement, the materials it will be in contact with and the drainage capacity required. Performance requirements will be different for an unbound pavement in a monsoon region, to an asphalt pavement in an area susceptible to ground frost. MacDrain® geocomposites...

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Traditional roadside trench drains can often be replaced with MacDrain® drainage geocomposites, reducing excavation, backfill material volume and cost when compared with alternative standard solutions. Additionally, by reducing the large volumes of quarried granular materials normally used in highway drainage, the speed of installation and the carbon footprint of the structure are also greatly improved. Road Mesh®, MacGrid® AR MacGrid® WG S, MacGrid® EG, MacTex® Filtration Drainage Soil MacDrain® Clovelly Beach, Cape Town, South Africa SOIL STABILISATION & PAVEMENTS

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PRODUCT RANGE & SELECTION MATRIX Asphalt layers Grid size & strength Maccaferri offers a range of solutions to meet your pavement needs. Our products are CE marked and many have local conformance certification. Please contact your nearest Maccaferri office for product selection advice, data sheets and project specific technical assistance. For global contact details, please visit MACCAFERRI SOIL & PAVEMENT STABILISATION Road Mesh® MacGrid® AR MacGrid® AR G MacTex® AR Steel wire hexagonal mesh with transverse steel bars. Road Mesh® provides the highest level of protection against...

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PROBLEM VERSUS SOLUTION +* A successful implementation starts with the clear identification and prioritisation of the problems to be addressed. Often, the optimum solution is found by combining different systems, each one delivering specific technical and cost benefits. Stress relief 0 = In conjunction with other reinforcement products * = MacGrid® ARG MACCAFERRI I SOIL STABILISATION & PAVEMENTS

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RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Maccaferri's pavement products have been developed through an extensive programme of international research. Smart Road, Virginia Tech, USA: Full-scale field trials showed Road Mesh® produced a 72% decrease in strain and a fatigue life improvement of up to 120%. Comparison between various asphalt reinforcements. Nottingham University, UK: Beam bending tests showed Road Mesh® can reduce thermal cracking, extend the service life of asphalt overlay by three times and halve the depth of rutting. ISMES, Italy: Cyclic loading showed Road Mesh® can extend the service life of asphalt...

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MACREAD Sludto Maccaferri uses state of the art design software and innovative design approaches within the MacREAD software package, to optimise the reinforcement and the required thickness of the pavement layers. As reinforced pavements require less maintenance, whole life costs are lower: m Reduced materials m Reduced vehicle movements « Reduced roadworks & traffic congestion m Reduced carbon footprint

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