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Rockfall Protection and Snow Barriers Brochure - 24 Pages

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Rockfall Protection and Snow Barriers Brochure
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Catalog excerpts


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M MAC.RO™ SYSTEMS NATURAL HAZARD & ROCKFALL MITIGATION Rockfall protection and natural hazard mitigation systems are key elements in the security and safety of roads, railways, mining operations and infrastructure networks. Even small rockfalls or debris flows can obstruct infrastructure and have far-reaching economic effects beyond the immediate disruption. This also applies to buildings or other installations at risk of damage from rockfalls, debris flows or avalanches*. *Please note that deep-seated slope instability is covered in other Maccaferri literature. With over 60 years' experience...

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GENERAL CONCEPTS OF NATURAL HAZARDS Rockfall and Landslide Embankments Debris Flow & Shallow Landslides Mesh Systems - Simple Drapery Dynamic Rockfall Barriers MAC.RO™ SYSTEMS Mesh Systems - Secured Drapery / Surface Stabilisation Soil Nailing and Surface Protection

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GENERAL CONCEPTS SOLUTION SUITABILITY & LOCATION There are many factors to consider when selecting appropriate interventions to mitigate natural hazards. Understanding the suitability and effectiveness of the systems and where they offer optimal performance is important. Combinations of systems often provide the most cost-effective solutions, where a balance is found between technical performance, risk, client value and ease/safety of installation; one product cannot solve all natural hazard problems. Detachment Zone Transit Zone Impact Zone Runout Zone Snow Fences Mesh Systems Rockfall Barriers...

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M MESH SYSTEMS INTRODUCTION Maccaferri offers a complete range of mesh systems for rockfall protection. Selection of the optimum solution is based upon the analysis of the project site conditions (geology, topography, environment, static and dynamic loading conditions) and client requirements (design life, maintenance). Maccaferri technical software MACRO 1, MACRO 2 and BIOS, enable designers to select the appropriate system and product type. Often the Serviceability Limit State sets the design criteria, in this case deformations and not breaking loads are to be considered, so stiffness is the...

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Double Twist ('DT') steel wire mesh is a highly efficient mesh combining ease and flexibility of use with unsurpassed cost-effectiveness. Used around the world for over 60 years, Maccaferri DT mesh is proven to offer robust, long lasting and cost-effective rockfall protection. Commonly used as 'drapery; DT mesh provides a protective curtain on the slope; any rocks and debris detaching from the slope are contained behind the mesh. Maccaferri DT mesh is available in a variety of puncture (punch) resistances and corrosion protection coatings to suit the project design and exposure conditions. It can...

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MESH SYSTEMS STEELGRID® HR Steelgrid® HR is a composite mesh offering high stiffness; high tensile strength at low strain and high punch resistance with low deformation. This patented mesh is an engineered combination of Double Twist steel wire mesh and high tensile (1770N/mm2) wire ropes in a single, easy to install product. The presence of the steel cables woven within the mesh during manufacturing enables better stress distribution in the upper longitudinal cables and reduced strain in the drapery system. □ Steelgrid® HR combines the flexibility and simplicity of installation of Double Twist...

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High Strength Drapery Steelgrid® HR is ideal for use on high rock faces and slopes with a long drop or where large volumes of debris are expected; the integral longitudinal steel ropes enable the efficient transmission of loads to the top ropes and anchors, with minimal mesh deformation. Certain types of un-reinforced drapery (especially some types of single twist or 'chain link' type meshes) can exhibit considerable heterogeneous deformation during loading from the accumulation of fallen material between the mesh and the slope and due to other factors such as self-weight and ice accumulation. Bolted...

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M MESH SYSTEMS HEA PANELS HEA Panels are the stiffest products within the Maccaferri Mac.RO™ Systems mesh range, offering extreme strength at low strain. The panels are woven from a single continuous length of high tensile strength steel wire rope, joined at each crossing point with the patented HEA 'double knot' connection. Unlike single twist spiral rope nets, the construction of HEA Panels provides exceptional stress/ strain performance with the lowest possible deformation. HEA Panels are used in secured drapery applications where a low deflection and high strength system is required. Due to...

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MESH SYSTEMS RING NETS Maccaferri Ring Nets have the highest strengths of any mesh in the Mac.RO™ Systems range. With high strain performance, Ring Nets are ideal for situations where there is a high risk of dynamic impacts. The nets are also used to face rock slopes featuring large rock masses prone to failure; Maccaferri Ring Nets can sustain high local stresses without any damage. Ring based construction High mechanical durability Multi-axial configuration Multi-directional strength / strain performance High strength / High strain panel Excellent dynamic impact resistance Specialist termination...

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M MESH SYSTEMS TESTING & DESIGN ^ Tearing, pull-apart and local puncture tests represent rock penetration forces upon the mesh. This models the resistance of the mesh to unravelling under extreme puncture loads. MACRO 2 D»jpctySyitcm vkci . Maccaferri meshes have been extensively tested by recognised technical institutions and on project sites throughout the world. Quality Management processes continuously improve the systems. Wherever possible, full-scale samples and testing is carried out to model real-world situations and load conditions as accurately as possible. The strain performance (stiffness)...

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2 Testing of Maccaferri meshes has been carried out in accordance with UNI EN11437:2012. The use of full-scale samples enables the test results using this methodology to be included in the MACRO Studio Design Software. MACRO 1 Studio: Secured Drapery design 3 Soil box compression and tensile testing are carried out to simulate the action of anchor plates bearing upon the mesh and soil beneath. MACRO 1 Studio: Secured Drapery design MAC.RO™ SYSTEMS

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