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Catalog excerpts


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Officine    Consultancy Maccaferri    and Partnership Founded in 1879, Officine Maccaferri soon became a technical reference in the design and development of solutions for erosion control and retaining structures. Since then, through technological innovation, geographical expansion and focussed diversification, Maccaferri now offers solutions at a global level for a wide range of civil and environmental engineering applications. Maccaferri's motto is 'Engineering a Better Solution'; We do not merely supply products, but work in partnership with our clients, offering technical expertise to deliver...

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Gravity Retaining Walls & Soil Reinforcement    4 Rockfall Protection & Snow Barriers    8 Erosion Control & Drainage    19 Coastal & Pipeline Protection    25 Acoustic & Safety Barriers    29 This guide provides a short introduction to the range of Maccaferri solutions. Detailed technical information, brochures, design guides and more are available from your local Maccaferri office and website.

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Maccaferri offers clients a wide range of solutions for appropriate to the client’s specific project needs. retaining walls and slope reinforcement problems. Maccaferri develops solutions and uses design tools Whether this is a small retaining wall in a housing in accordance with the latest generation of technical development, or massive reinforced soil structures on standards and design approaches. major highways, Maccaferri offers cost-effective, value Consequently, Maccaferri manufactures and supplies high engineered, scalable solutions. quality durable materials which enhance the service life Maccaferri’s...

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Gravity Retaini ■■■ ■■ ^4“ aun^nm a    ■ ■ The stability ofmass gravity retaining walls relies upon the structural integrity of the units and their filled mass, to support or contain unstable earth slopes. In order to selectthe optimum Maccaferri retainingwall solution, key considerations include: • The geotechnical parameters of the retainedand foundation soils • The presence of water and hydrostatic loads • External loads from structures and live or seismic loads • The simplicity and speed of construction Certified by many authorities worldwide, Maccaferri double-twist woven gabions offer strength...

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Reinforced soil walls & slopes Modifying soil slope profiles beyond their natural angle of repose, can lead to slope instability. This situation can arise when reducing the footprint of a new highway embankment, or to gain development area on a sloping site. Green Terramesh® Maccaferri geogrid reinforcements used in conjunction with the soil, enable that soil to per form better than it would in its unreinforced state. Maccaferri geogrids enable soils to accommodate greater loads and stand at steeper angles. The geogrids are laid horizontally within the compacted soil mass during construction,...

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MACCAFERRI Where there is not enough space on a project to construct a reinforced soil slope, it may be possible to use Soil Nailing. With soil nailing providing the overall slope stability, Macmat® R offers flexible surface reinforcement and protectionoptions for use between soil nails. In collaboration with leading technical Universities, Maccaferri has developed software to assist in the stability analysis of reinforced soil projects. The MacSTARS software incorporates the latest design methodologies to check both local and overall stability of complex structures. Maccaferri's reinforced soil...

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Rockfall and avalanche protection are key elements inthe security and safety of infrastructure networks. Even small rockfalls, or debris flows can block infrastructure, damage buildings or other installations, having far-reaching economic effects beyond the immediate disruption. With over 50 years'experience in rockfall protection systems and rockfall hazard mitigation, Maccaferri offers a wide range of solutions that stabilise rock faces and snow slopes, reducing risk to people, buildings and infrastructure. These interventions often consist of a number of structural components which acttogether,...

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Rockfall Protection & Snow Barriers Drapery Rockfall drapery systems are installed on rock slopes to contain loose and falling rock debris and allow it to fall to the foot of the rock slope in a controlled manner. Rockfall Netting Steel wire double twist mesh is ideal as it is flexible in all directions and it conforms easily to the rock slope. Also, it does not unravel in the event of accidental breakage of the wires, unlike single twist meshes, irrespective of the strength and type of wire used. Ring-net Panels Maccaferri Steelgrid ® and Steelgrid ® HR high strength drapery is used when increased...

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Rockfall barriers In certain rockfall hazard situations, due to technical, topographic or access issues, flexible rockfall catch fences are an ideal solution. These barriers are positioned to intercept and stop falling rocks. The fences consist of a complete kit of components, for a specific height and length, capable of absorbing impacts of kinetic energy normally in the range 5005000kJ. Rock Catch Fences Maccaferri’s range of rockfall barriers have been tested in accordance with the requirements of the European guideline ETAG 027 and provided with CE marking. Hybrid Barriers Specialist hybrid,...

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Rockfall Protection & Snow Barriers Soil nailing Soil nailing is a consolidation technique used on natural or excavated slopes, where the ground is reinforced by the inser tion of tendons. The nails address the global slope stability and are connected to a facing system which provides surficial stability. The facing system can be rigid, flexible or even a structural revegetating system such as MacMat ® R. MacMat® R Reinforced Geomats The facing system restrains the superficial portion of the slope which can mobilize between the anchorages, potentially destabilising the overall slope. To design...

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