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Flood and Emergency Brochure - 12 Pages

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Flood and Emergency Brochure
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Catalog excerpts

M INTRODUCTION FLOOD & EMERGENCY WORKS It is argued that global warming over the last century has affected the frequency and the scale of natural disasters. This climate change has impacted sea levels which have been rising about 3mm per year since 1993 and a total increase of 200mm in the global average sea level since 1870. In recent years, floods, landslides, tsunamis and coastal erosion are becoming more frequent and with greater intensity. Furthermore, there is a close interaction between these different natural disasters so that they tend to occur together or one can trigger another, increasing...

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FLEXMAC® DT EMERGENCY WORKS Maccaferri FlexMac® DT offers an efficient and effective response to these phenomena. FlexMac® DT for flood and emergency works: □ Rapid and simple to deploy □ Flexible and light d Simple connection between units □ Uses locally available fill material □ Easy transportation □ Re-usable FlexMac® DT is used to rapidly construct large barriers to protect assets from rising flood water. Filled on-site using locally available materials, FlexMac® DT is up to 40 times faster to construct than sandbags. The versatility of FlexMac® DT enables it to be an effective solution for...

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4 EASY DEPLOYMENT AND EASY FILLING The versatility, simplicity and rapid deployment of Flexmac®DT make it ideal for emergency situations. Minimal labour requirement; 2-3 people FlexMac®DT is a multicellular structure engineered from double twisted wire mesh which is reinforced with vertical steel bars and internally lined with geotextile. The geotextile lining enables FlexMac®DT to be filled with locally available materials such as sand, general fill or other materials. These can be easily placed within the structure using mechanical means or by workers. The simplicity of the structure as well...

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PRODUCTIVITY FLEXMAC ® DT VS SANDBAGS The great advantage of FlexMac®DT is clear when compared with traditional sandbags. In 3 hours, 30 people can construct a 10m embankment using sandbags, compared with 5 people constructing a 60m embankment using FlexMac®DT units. To deploy and assemble a single unit requires only 2-3 people and 20-30 seconds. 3 hours 5 person team 60 metres 3 hours 30 person team 10 metres FLOOD & EMERGENCY WORK

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TECHNICAL DETAILS OF PRODUCT FlexMac®DT is a modular structure made from double twisted, heavily galvanised steel wire mesh panels, reinforced with vertical steel bars. The cells are connected together in the factory and then folded to reduce shipping volume and facilitate rapid deployment. Each cell within the FlexMac®DT unit, is lined with a geotextile which is fastened to the double twist wire hexagonal mesh during the manufacturing process. Flexmac®DT units are supplied in bundles and wrapped in plastic for protection during freight and storage. Advantages of hexagonal double twist mesh 1....

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M PROJECT EXPERIENCE GREAT FALLS, WASHINGTON DC, USA Protection of ancient building Hurricane Isabel caused increased water levels in the Potomac River, threatening buildings in the C&O National Park. FlexMac® DT was deployed with waterproof membranes to protect structures. FLOOD & EMERGENCY WORKS

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SOLUTION Raising and repair of breached embankment Rising water breached the left embankment of the river. The embankment also experienced seepage through it. The embankment was raised and seepage contained and repaired. FLOOD & EMERGENCY WORKS

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PROJECT EXPERIENCE GDANSK, POLAND SOLUTION River bank protection Extreme rainfall caused washout of structures. FlexMac® DT was used to shore up defences, increase channel capacity and contain flows. The filled units were then covered with soil to form a reinforced embankment. . FLOOD & EMERGENCY WORKS

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PROJECT EXPERIENCE PESCIA ROMANA, ITALY SOLUTION River bank protection The crest level of the river embankment was raised to increase the capacity of flow. The structure was covered in soil and revegetated to blend back into the environment. FLOOD & EMERGENCY WORKS

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Officine Maccaferri S.p.A. Via J.F. Kennedy, 10 40069 Zola Predosa (Bologna) - Italy Engineering a Better Solution OFFICINE MACCAFERRI GROUP PROFILE Founded in 1879, Officine Maccaferri soon became a technical reference in the design and development of solutions for hydraulic works and retaining structures. Since then, through technological innovation, geographical expansion and focussed diversification, Maccaferri now offers solutions at a global level for a wide range of civil, geotechnical and environmental engineering applications. Maccaferri’s motto is ‘Engineering a Better Solution’; We...

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