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Coastal and Marine Protection Brochure - 20 Pages

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Coastal and Marine Protection Brochure
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Catalog excerpts


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INTRODUCTION: COASTAL & MARINE PROTECTION Mankind has always had a reliance on the sea whether for food, transportation or trade. As a consequence, a high proportion of the world’s population lives in coastal cities, resulting in the emergence of large ocean ports, harbours and major transport infrastructure to support commercial development and population mobility. Additionally tourism is increasingly developed along our coasts, boosting economic activity. INTRODUCTION: COASTAL & MARINE PROTECTION In parallel with this coastal development is the global environmental change we are now experiencing,...

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The appropriate design of coastal protection works has proven important for several years now, especially in the light of recent catastrophic events including hurricanes, tsunamis and typhoons that have caused widespread damage and destruction. Maccaferri offers a range of engineered solutions to minimise the erosion of the coastline caused by waves and currents and hence reduce inland flooding. Dune Reconstruction and Preservation Breakwaters and Groynes Ballasted Mattress Technology Seawalls and Shoreline Structures Port Structures, Quays and Open Pile Jetties Pipeline and Cable Protection Seagrass...

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PROBLEM UNDERSTANDING For over a century, Maccaferri has worked with its clients to provide solutions to limit erosion and protect coasts, estuaries, rivers and pipelines. The forces and exposure conditions associated with coastal interventions requires the careful selection of solutions and clear advice on the expected performance. This extends to product choice, installation techniques and integration into the local environment, all geared to provide value for money for our clients. Our global presence enables us to draw upon a wide experience of different site conditions and project requirements,...

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SOLUTION PORTFOLIO From a starting point of discovering and understanding the engineering problems facing our clients, we draw upon our experience of similar projects and technical knowledge to select the most appropriate solutions from our portfolio. Often a number of products are combined to optimise the coastal protection intervention. Our experience in coastal protection and hydraulic structures enable our team of engineers to provide a range of solutions based upon the analysis of the project site conditions and client requirements: Needs of the landscape eteo-marine parameters: tide, waves,...

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DUNES & INTERTIDAL ZONES RECONSTRUCTION & PRESERVATION The vital role that dunes play in the equilibrium of the coastal environment is widely recognised. Many countries have undertaken projects to reconstruct and preserve existing dunes. INTRODUCTION: COASTAL & MARINE PROTECTION The dune profile changes naturally throughout the seasons but disruptions to this, through exceptional storms or man-made events, can affect the long-term stability of the dune. Any breach in the protective dune alignment can be exploited, leading to accelerated erosion and should be filled. Solutions can include: Erosion...

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MacTubes® or gabions “ can be ideal to reconstruct dunes, by providing a robust core. “ Erosion paths generated by a combination of people movement and wind erosion Filling the gaps with dune vegetation restoration DETAIL Filling the gaps combined with vegetation growth Combination of gabions/ Reno Mattresses® or other solutions as required Clovelly Beach, Cape Town, South Africa COASTAL & MARINE PROTECTION

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COASTAL PROTECTION BREAKWATERS & GROYNES INTRODUCTION: COASTAL & MARINE PROTECTION Typical cross-section Breakwaters and Groynes are designed to reduce the effects of waves and currents approaching the coast. They can be submerged or emerged and in the case of breakwaters can be either attached to the shore, or positioned offshore. Breakwaters are used to protect shorelines or shore based infrastructure such as ports and harbours. They reduce the impact of waves on the shore and on the operation of the port. In estuarial zones where the sediment transport regimes are very dynamic, groynes are...

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“ Unlike other geotextile or As groynes reduce the littoral longitudinal transport they are normally implemented with a beach nourishment scheme, with the overall objective of reducing shoreline erosion. Groyne works can also be combined with submerged offshore breakwaters. geocomposite products, our Ballasted Filtering Mattress can be deployed underwater as it is not buoyant. “ In the armour layers, rocks contained within our gabions or mattresses offers numerous advantages: se smaller stones – Rocks contained in U mesh perform better than loose rocks of the same diameter eduction of armour layer...

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SOLUTION FOCUS BALLASTED MATTRESS TECHNOLOGY “ Even the simplest breakwater using largeitrip-rap stones or tetrapods, requires a filter layer between and the seabed, to avoid differential settlement and reduced performance. “ When designing marine structures, engineers traditionally focus on the performance of the structure itself and especially the armour layer: For over 10 years, we have established expertise in the use of the Ballasted Filtering Mattresses (BFM). Drawing upon our extensive geosynthetic portfolio and manufacturing expertise, we use our geotextiles and reinforcement materials...

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PROJECT FOCUS MOSE PROJECT, VENICE, ITALY Regular high-waters frequently inundate Venice. Since 2003, The Consorzio Venezia Nuova has developed a system of gates within each of the inlets to the Venice lagoon. At times of high tides, these MOSE (Modulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico) gates are raised, isolating the lagoon and protecting this World Heritage Site. Depending on the size of the project, the BFM can be in large rolls or smaller panels. accaferri ballast and remedial mattresses are M scalable solutions; our manufacturing knowhow has made rolls of BFM 10m wide and 200m long The presence...

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COASTAL PROTECTION SEAWALLS & SHORELINE STRUCTURES Sea walls protect infrastructure (cities, transportation and industrial plants) from wave action and are typically rigid and parallel to the shoreline. They can increase the reflection of the incident waves and are affected by erosion phenomena at the foot of the structure and if this is not adequately addressed, the structure will be undermined. Reducing the slope of the intervention (sea-side) lessens the reflection of the incident waves. A combination of MacTube®, MacBag®, gabions and Reno Mattresses® can be used depending on the characteristics...

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