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Catalogue excerpts


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Independent Expert Report P. 4 Denso Corrosion Protection P. 7 Advantages of the Macalloy Bar over an 8.8 anchor bolt SAVE TIME Reduced number of bars diameter required Reduced on-site installation and stressing time Reduced fabrication time on flange plates Larger spacing between bars facilitate cable entry greater stressing loads and low Better fatigue & Denso corrosion Higher detail category >■ Higher load-bearing capacity Factory installed solution Less susceptible to damage from water ingress No need for a duct and grout Less susceptible to damage during installation_ INNOVATION QUALITY

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Up to 35% savings in material and cost Independent research comparing the use of Macalloy bar with 8.8 bolts for wind turbine foundations has proven the use of Macalloy bars can achieve up to 35% savings in both material and cost. The wind turbine foundation design group; Professor Bellmer Igenieurgruppe, compared the required number and diameter of Macalloy bolts against 8.8 bolts. Two projects were compared to calculate the data, with actual measurements and loads used. The tables below demonstrate Macalloy bar can be used as a direct replacement for the Grade 8.8 bolt giving up to a 35% material...

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Superior fatigue performance The fatigue strength of the Macalloy Bar system has been independently assessed by Prof Dr.-Ing Martin Mensinger of Büchting + Streit B+S Beratende Ingenieure VBI. The full report can be viewed on request. The resulting SN-Curve (Wöhler curve) is given below. The fatigue stress range achieved at 2 million cycles is 84 MPa. In case of centric loading the components can therefore be classed into detail category 80. The fatigue strength of post tensioning bars under dynamic loading is mainly influenced by the profile of the thread. The Macalloy Bar has a unique fatigue...

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The Macalloy thread The Macalloy Bar has a unique rolled thread. The Macalloy thread has unique twin peaks which provides an improved fatigue performance compared with standard metric threads. In rolling the Macalloy thread the grain structure of the material is aligned with the peaks and troughs of the thread, providing a smooth running thread form. As the threading operation is a cold working operation, it results in a local increase of the tensile properties to the surface of the bar. With a cut metric thread material is removed, creating dislocations within the grain structure. These dislocations...

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Strength & Quality Table 3 - Mechanical Properties Norminal ultimate tensile strength N/mm2 Norminal 0.1% proof stress N/mm2 Minimum elongation % Approximate modulas of elasticity kN/mm2 * Secant Modulus of Elasticity in range 5-70% UTS Steel Quality The Macalloy Bar is a carbonchrome steel with a composition designed to give the desired specified properties. All bars are hot rolled. Diameters from 25mm to 40mm are further cold worked by stretching. The stretching load and permanent elongation are predetermined by preliminary tests and the properties are monitored carefully during production to ensure...

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Denso Corrosion Protection Denso Tape Denso Tape is a grease Our Denso system is a cheaper impregnated a duct-sleeve and alternative tosynthetic tape and can be supplied pre-applied grout application, and it alsoto the Macalloy bar. The grease is greatly reduces the installation transferred to the bar and kept process, offering a cost saving to in place by and contractors, and developers the tape. The grease a provides protection for water unique selling pointfromany turbine based corrosion manufacturer. and the system is guaranteed for 60 years. The bar can still Installed Solution Factorymove...

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Wind Farm Applications Uljabuouda - Sweden The wind farm at Uljabuouda in Sweden consists of a total 0f 10 3MW WinWinD turbines. Macalloy 40mm bars were installed as part of the foundation system. 136 bars at approximately 2.6 metres long were supplied to each wind turbine, using Denso/ PVC tape for corrosion protection. Sodra Karra and Blekhem Sodra Karra and Blekhem are two neighbouring wind farms, each consisting of 6 Vestas 1.8MW V100 turbines. Macalloy bars, with Denso tape protection, are used as anchor bolts for the turbines. This publication provides the technical details currently used...

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