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Catalogue excerpts

Macalloy Tension Structures Macalloy Tension Rods Macalloy Compression Struts Macalloy Stainless Cables Macalloy Connection Solutions Macalloy Site Services EXPERIENCE INNOVATION QUALITY

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With innovation at the heart of our company ethos, Macalloy has been developing new systems and technologies in Tensile Structures since the early 1980’s. Macalloy is a proven market leader in the design, manufacture and supply of threaded bar systems. Macalloy has experience in liaising with world renowned specifiers and contractors for the development of some truly unique and pioneering structures. Macalloy’s Tension Structures range is 9001 accredited and is approved with European Technical Approval – ETA - 17/0849, providing the CE certification, alongside other globally recognised certifications...

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Tension Rods Adjustable Compression Struts Macalloy CHS Fork End Stainless Cables Connection Solutions Component Dimensions Gusset Plates Fork Alignment & Site Services

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Table 1 - Material Properties Product name    Material Minimum Yield Stress N/mm2 Min. Charpy Impact Value J@ -20°C Table 2 - Tendon Capacities for Carbon and Stainless Macalloy 460 Min. Yield Load    kN 25    36    69    108    156    249    364    501    660    912    1204    1756    2239    2533    3172    3520 Min. Break Load    kN 33    48    91    143    207    330    483    665    875    1209    1596    2329    2969    3358    4206    4667 Table 3 - Tendon Capacities for Carbon and Stainless Macalloy 520 M85 to M105 in stainless is not covered by an ETA but is available by special request. Table...

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Tension Rods Fork Adjustment and Set Up Points Fork Adjustment – M10 to M56: +/- ½ thread diameter in each fork end. Fork Adjustment – M64 to M105: +/- 25 mm in each fork end. Set-Up Point – M10 to M56: 1 ½ x thread diameter in each fork end. Set-Up Point – M64 to M105: 1 x thread diameter plus 25mm in each fork end. Min Engagement Lockcover Thread Size Gusset Plate Set-Up Point Fork Turnbuckle Adjustment and Set Up Points Turnbuckle Adjustment – M10 to M24: +/- 25mm. Turnbuckle Adjustment – M30 to M105: +/- 50mm. Set-Up Point – M10 to M24: 1 x thread diameter +12.5mm in each end of the turnbuckle....

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Tension Rods For both pre-assembled and non-assembled tendons please follow the assembly and installation instructions to ensure correct set up points and thread engagement. 1 Note the thread direction of each bar end. 2 Screw tapered lockcovers on to the bar as far as thread allows with taper pointing away from fork, coupler or turnbuckle. Ensure correct lockcover is used for fork or turnbuckle. 3 Screw forks, turnbuckles and couplers on to bars noting set up points on page 5 Couplers 5. should be fully engaged. p ace s secure 4 Position bar in place and secure with pins. load/adjustment required....

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Tension Rods TechnoTensioner The Macalloy TechnoTensioner allows you to induce an accurate load into Macalloy tendons where a turnbuckle is used. The Macalloy TechnoTensioner works by gripping the tension bar on either side of the turnbuckle and pulling the bars together into tension thus loosening the turnbuckle. The turnbuckle can then be tightened with a strap, chain or stilson wrench. Fork and Lock Cover Sealing Recommended for use with all finishes to protect against vibration and corrosion. The same method should be applied whether used with a fork, coupler or turnbuckle. Sealant Injected...

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Adjustable Compression Struts Table 5: Capacity and Lengths of Architectural and Standard Compression Struts ‘Maximum lengths are based on carbon steel strut taking compressive capacity. For lower compressive loads longer lenghts can be used, Alternative wall thicknesses are available. Contact Macalloy for details regarding maximum length of stainless steel struts, Compression Strut Examples Standard Compression Strut Fork Adjustment and Set Up Min Engagement pin Locking Collar Max Engagement Adjustment with each fork: M12 to M56: +/- V2 thread diameter M64 to M100: +/- 25mm Set-Up Point in each...

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Macalloy CHS Fork End Corrosion Protection Can be galvanised and or painted and supplied in stainless steel to special order. Assembly and Installation 1 Insert Macalloy CHS Fork End into CHS / tube, ensuring it is fully inserted and that the forks are perpendicular to each other. 2 Weld directly to CHS with full penetration butt weld and clean weld as required (ensuring forks are perpendicular to each other) 3 Position complete strut in place and secure using pins. Architectural pins can be supplied by Macalloy. Please refer to table number 12 on page 13 for further information. Table 7: Macalloy...

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Stainless Cables Table 8: Minimum Break Loads for Stainless Cables Cable Dia.    mm    4    6    8    10    12    14    16    19    22    26 Macalloy Fork Size    M10    M10    M12    M16    M20    M24    M24    M30    M30    M36 Stainless steel cable will begin to distort at around 50% of its breaking load. For this reason it is recommended to apply a factor of safety of 2 and not to load the cables to more than 50% of their breaking loads. *1 x 37 or 1 x 61 may also be offered. SC460 Cable Systems - SC460 Swaged Fork / Tensioner Assembly and Installation 1 Remove pins using supplied allen key...

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Cable stretch Cables undergo an initial, permanent stretch. This can be between 0.10% and 0.75% dependant on the loading and type of cable. Further elastic stretch will then be proportional to the load applied and cable used. Elastic stretch can be calculated using the following formula: d =    Load (kN) x Length (mm)    Where E =    2 E (k/Nmm2) x Cross Sectional Area (mm2)    7 x 19 Slrand    H85 kN/mm2 All cables are supplied non pre-stretched, if pre-stretched cables are required please request at time of the enquiry or order. Stainless Cables Fork Adjustment ‘-’ Set-Up Point Set-Up Point...

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