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Mechanical Properties ultimate tensile minimum yield Macalloy 500 bar is a high yield reinforcing steel, with hot rolled deformations specially designed to form a thread along the entire CARES approved to the Macalloy 500 also approved by CARES to the performance Macalloy 500 has been developed to offer a competitive, economical alternative to standard rebar in any application where threaded joints with couplers or nuts are - Reinforced concrete - Ground Engineering standard lengths of 12m. Longer lengths are available as a special order. For more information contact our Sales Department. Quality...

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Macalloy 500 accessories Flat nut Hexagon Couplers Machined Round Coupler All couplers are available with and without central pinstops. Coupled joints: All bar diameters can be coupled to produce a full strength joint. The permanent elongation requirements over a mechanically coupled joint as specified in BS 8110 can be achieved through application of torque, to either the bars directly or the nuts. In such cases a machined coupler should be used. Further information can be obtained from the Macalloy Technical Department. Other products within the Macalloy Ground Engineering range are: • Macalloy...

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Applications of Macalloy 500 Possible Applications Shuttering or building ties Pipe supports - U bolts Anchoring container vessel roofs etc against pressure tests Jointing precast units Holding down bolts Anchoring sheet pile or other wharves to strong points Tying on brackets or other connections Rock bolts, soil nails, ground anchors and micropile reinforcement Stressing vertically precast block walls to give resistance to horizontal pressure Reinforcing Bar Coupling Applications Connection bars and couplers for fixed bar applications Connection details for extension bars Coupler turnbuckle...

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