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Catalog excerpts

LEGENDA SIMBOLI E NORME APPLICATE SYMBOL LEGEND & APPLIED RULES “Comunità Europea”: Il prodotto è conforme alle NORME CE EUROPEE sulla commercializzazione e l’utilizzo del prodotto. “European Community”: The product is conform to the EUROPEAN CE RULES as regards marketing and product utilization. “Ministero dei Trasporti”: Il prodotto può essere collocato in suolo pubblico (approvato dal Ministero delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti) “Ministry of Transports”: The product can be placed in public ground (approved from the Ministry of the Structures and Transports). “EN veried”: Il prodotto è conforme...

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fflOYRBIG flRIIIOURGD BOllflRD Absorbed power and supply. ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES HEAD 300 RELEVATION OF OBSTACLES with high reliability (sensitive head) LIMIT SWITCH positive opening AC15 (250V 5A) PATENTED AND APPROVED

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Testa sensibile Sensitive HEAD signalling danger adhesive stripe Robusta cassaf. robust formwork Ingresso cavi Cobles imput

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h tip://www. m ezza nottifa usto, it Oil IIYDRnUIIC fllOYflBIG BOIIflRD STfllMESS STGEI 504 OIL-HYDRAULIC BOLLARD Resrsiance to impact fivimou/ deformations) uj Static resistance bollard open Time Opening/Closing (tsmplB'C) Time of complete cycle O Complete daily cycles (Eteclrical valve power 230VBC) OlL-HyDRAULIC CONTROL BOARD Installaledfio/tarcf s inside)* wired + tested Protection rating Working temperature Absorbed power and supply. ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES HEAD 300 RELEVATION OF OBSTACLES with high reliability (sensitive head) sensitiveness 3 Kg LIMIT SWITCH positive opening AC15 (250V 5A)...

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moDuuiR cflBincT roR BOIUIRD'S $wh ■ Eiotjimo^ii): Vka Enrico Mattel. 9 oPTionni ACCESSORIES CORRECTED IASIDE

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OII-IIYDRnUIIC BOIIflRD RETRACTABLE IIORIZOnTfll hinm http:^wwwm ezzanottifausto.it E-niH [nfo@mezzanotttfauslo.it VulenDi used Bollerd * inching Powder paint (anEnracjle grey) Retro reflective approved band Pies srar.ee 'o breaKtlvcuoh Res-si ance la impact (wntxna Sialic resistance bollard open Orjfiflina'dotina time ftenwTfl'C) Emergency lowering OIL-HYDRAULIC CONTROL BOARD I n stal led+wi red+tesled Working pressure Protection ratirvg Heating reliance Arjsortted power arrd power TOTAL wslght ttltxxjfnt ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES bollard managed by an hydraulic control board. This retractable,...

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TOTEM (optional) Totem INPUT comprehensive of: +access control cabinet § +hydraulic power unit cabinet ♦pushbutton and control cabinet +traffic light cabinet everything in STAINLESS STEEL 304 Piping For cable passage Piping for oil pipings passage Pipe for liquid flow, to be connected to the sewerage system Point at liquid connections Also available with the following dimensions: 3000/4000/5000/6000mm __________________ Remote COHTROl conTROt - uniT JOUHD Rccocnizcn

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mnnunuY RETRncrniuE BOIMRD WITH RElEflf E DEVICE SERIES PALMO 200 RETRACTABLE SEMI-AUTOMATIC BOLLARD PALMO200N C7 is a retractable entirely vanishing bollard on the level of the soil. The semi-automatic bollard has a gas spring that it makes easier the lift of the bollard, and thanks to a release key it is possible to arrest the bollard in a low or high position. This bollard has been designed in order to keep the energy generated from an impact with a vehicle with a low speed. -Hot galvanized formwork, supporting brackets and aluminium anti-slip platform. - Mechanical pipe, hot galvanized and...

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RcmoynBiE rixcD BOIMRD WITH SECURITY lOCK Sects e swiflmeriM. Via Enrico Mattei. 9 REMOVABLE FIXED BOLLARD Powder paint standard anthracite grey Resistance to impact (without REMOVABLE FIXED BOLLARD WITH SECURITY LOCK. BLINDO300 C7 is a removable bollard, because it can be removed if This bollard guarantees safety where it is installed, because it has a security key that it doesn't allow the unlock. This removable bollard has been designed in order to keep the energy generated from an impact with a vehicle with low speed. -Mechanical pipe, hot galvanized and painted -LED lights and retro-reflective...

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flXED BOllflRDS flOT RETRACTABLE 5wk a MaUn™niD. Via Enrico Mattel. 9 i^atfnd. http://'www.mezzanottifaus[o.?t LIBRA300/200/140 are fixed bollards, not removable, set on the ground 1 through appropriate fixing screws. l.FLE: external welded flange, supplied with a covering accessory \ (aluminum platform with anti slip reliefs) 2FLI: internal welded flange, in order to hide the fixing screws. I 3 WALLED UP: They have been given appropriate brackets to anchor securely the bollard's cylinder to the predisposed framework, in order to contain the impact of the vehicle, supplied with a covering accessory...

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Efldn a sMbi.nkMin Vta Enrico Matt&i. 9 * irwrw: http://www, m ezzan ottifa usto, it Material used Cylinder finish Powder coating yeflow standard Opening / closing time (fempre'Cf THE PK370 SAVE CAR PARKING is an automation for the protection of private car parking. For practical and fast installations on the line of the It doesn't need any building works. This automation is managed by an electrical control board with low voltage 24Vcc, available with batteries and radio receiver. This automatism is a reliable, robust and esthetically well-finished automation. - Robust base and iron bow, hot galvanized...

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Swk a naWKctcnin Via Enrico M attal. 9 °<rjn*-v info@mezzanottifausta.it SERIES TRAFFIC PLATE 1000 The traffic Plate 1000 is a mechanical automatic device for regulate the sense of way. It doesn't need any power supply. This device is useful in order to regulate the sense of way in: Automatic parking, roads with one way, entry slip road in highways. This device is available either with a floor installation and with an underground installation on the level of the soil). The TRAFFIC PLATE1000 device is composed by: Anti-slippery covering, sheet of supporting counterforts, and from movable counterforts moved...

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Programmatore elettronico per il controllo numero 4 dissuasori (MAX 500W) Automazione DISSUASORE automatico retrattile M1 Descrizione Description Articolo Alimentazione di ingresso Uscita motore monofase Uscita elettrovalvola Uscita luci testa dissuasore Uscita semaforo Uscita alimentaz. ausiliari Uscita lampeggiatore Apre + FUNZIONE OROLOGIO Chiude - Stop - Apre / chiude Start-stop da trasmettitore Ingressi di controllo corsa Uscita luce di cortesia Memoria codici (integrata) Memoria aggiuntiva Tipologia di radio Sic 1: inversione moto da microprocessore Sic 2: interruzione diretta bobine relè...

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