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LIVING WALLS Ingenious Futuristic Surreal Call us what you like ‘We are no ordinary modular walls. We are alive. We inspire with dynamic colours, we warm you up or give you goose bumps. We change our appearance. We produce the most beautiful sounds. We arouse your imagination and stimulate achievements. Discover us. Hear us. Feel us.’ At Maars, our fascination with the wonderful influence the environment can have on a person continues to grow. More and more is becoming known about the stimulating effect of the spaces in which people spend their time. Can a hospital room contribute to faster...

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High tech with a natural warmth Maars String combines the natural character of wood with the sleekest and most elegant designs you could wish for. The ingenious construction of this versatile partition wall makes it possible to achieve a wall thickness of only 82 mm. The patented click system offers unprecedented, quick assembly as well as unique adaptability. Maars String has proven in projects around the world how well constructive high tech goes with attractive wall cladding such as veneer, melamine and textiles. And perhaps the best feature of all: beneath that elegant exterior lies a...

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perfec tion of tomorrow

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Harmony in glass, steel and wood Thanks to the attractive, high-quality materials of a String partition wall you can create a harmonious whole. The different materials can be seamlessly mixed and matched to create an endless variety of designs. With String it is also possible to incorporate steel frames in the wall. Maars String offers a wide choice of wood, textile and glass types. Add to this the many colours and patterns in which the system is available and it will be clear that the variations are virtually endless. You can choose from a wide selection in the doors range, from functional...

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Tailored solutions With the String partition wall you are not limited to standard solutions. You can expect a tailored solution for your project, in every way; in the aesthetic sense, in terms of materials and colours used, but also when it comes to tailoring the dimensions and layout to your precise requirements. What’s more, the patented Maars click and fix system for assembling elements ensures flexibility for future adaptations. In short, the String wall system can be fully adapted to your needs, now and in the future. Irrespective of the composition of materials and elements, each...

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an advanced working space *Deviations of nominal sizes are optional. Standard tolerance +/- 13 mm on nominal size

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Technical specifications Technische Daten Demountable particleboard and/or steel faced partition. • TOLERANCES: - loor: +/- 13 mm F - eiling: +/- 13 mm C - djustable floor track for easy adjusting of A tolerances Demontierbare, mit Stahl und/oder Spanplatten verkleidete Trennwand. • TOLERANZEN: - oden: +/- 13 mm B - ecke: +/- 13 mm D - erstellbare Bodenschiene zur einfachen Adaption V von Toleranzen • SOLID ELEMENTS: - hickness: 82 mm T - prights/Studs: steel sections, 2 x 0,8 mm clinched U clamping stud - anels: 13 mm melamine finished particleboard P panels - 3 mm veneer finished...

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Spécifications techniques Technische specificaties Partitionnement démontable avec face agglomérée et/ ou en acier. • TOLÉRANCES: - ol: +/- 13 mm S - lafond: +/- 13 mm P - henille au sol réglable pour une adaptation aisée C des tolérances Demonteerbare systeemwand met spaanplaten en/of staalpanelen. • MARGES: - loer: +/- 13 mm V - lafond: +/- 13 mm P - erstelbare vloerplint waardoor verschillen in de V hoogte makkelijk zijn op te vangen • ÉLÉMENTS SOLIDES - paisseur: 82 mm É - ontants / Supports: sections en acier, 2 x 0,8 mm M crampon de serrage - xtérieur: panneaux agglomérés 13 mm avec E...

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‘I generate a wonderful space. I am sustainable. I am built from beautiful, natural products. I will be reused in the future. A strange thought. I feel good, because I am put together well.’ The welfare of people in any space is central to Maars. That includes public space. As such, Maars is constantly looking for sustainable and responsible solutions. New production techniques are not avoided, rather they are sought out and studied. Reducing, reusing and recycling has become deeply rooted within the philosophy of the company. Maars knows that things always can and always must be done...

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