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metaline - 20 Pages

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Catalog excerpts

LIVING WALLS Ingenious Futuristic Surreal CALL US WHAT YOU LIKE ‘We are no ordinary modular walls. We are alive. We inspire with dynamic colours, we warm you up or give you goose bumps. We change our appearance. We produce the most beautiful sounds. We arouse your imagination and stimulate achievements. Discover us. Hear us. Feel us.’ At Maars, our fascination with the wonderful influence the environment can have on a person continues to grow. More and more is becoming known about the stimulating effect of the spaces in which people spend their time. Can a hospital room contribute to faster recuperation?...

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Maars has put all its creativity and inventiveness into making optimal use of the versatile qualities of steel. Just how well Maars has succeeded in doing so has been proven amply by the global success of its Metaline steel partition wall range. Metaline distinguishes itself through ingenious construction combined with a sleek and slim design. The patented click system offers unprecedented, quick assembly and unique adaptability. Metaline’s versatility lies in its aesthetic finishes as well as the ability to integrate special features and its suitability for the Maars Magnetics range. This range...

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an advanced working space

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combine aesthetics with efficiency

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Thanks to the patented twist-and-click principle of the Maars Metaline partition wall, significant time savings can be achieved in assembly. All wall, glass and door elements can be quickly and easily assembled into a very stable partition wall. Metaline walls also occupy less space than a standard partition wall, thanks to the special design and slim dimensions. With Maars Metaline you are automatically set up for the greatest possible flexibility in the future. Changing, moving or expanding the system is also simply a matter of twist-and-click.

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perfec tion of tomorrow

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Everything for a customised wall Maars Metaline has been developed to make customised solutions possible for each space. To begin with, the wall elements can be made to size, both in height and width. This gives you a lot of design freedom in terms of dimensions. The same applies to the colours and textures. By applying a durable powder coating the steel panels can be rendered in many colours, in gloss or with a light structured finish. The Metaline elements are easy to combine with steel or aluminium frames. You can choose from a wide selection in the doors range, from functional to high-spec...

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*Deviations of nominal sizes are optional. Standard tolerance +/- 13 mm on nominal size

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DESCRIPTION Demountable steel faced partition. STRUCTURE • SOLID ELEMENTS: - Thickness: 82 mm - Uprights/Studs: steel sections, 2 x 0,8 mm clinched clamping stud - Panels: steel, galvanized, 0,8 mm on 12,5 mm plasterboard backing - Fabric covered steel panels - Internal filling: mineral wool - Floor and ceiling U-channels: 1,5 mm galvanized steel sections • GLAZED ELEMENTS: - Double glazed panels in 4, 6 or 8 mm thickness in aluminium or steel sections - Integrated blinds possible • DOOR ELEMENTS: - Doorframe: aluminium or steel frames provided with 3 hinges - Door leaves: Wide range of doors...

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Project: BMC Architect: Zvi Dunsky and Vered Gindi Photographer: Uzi Porat

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BESCHREIBUNG Demontierbare, mit Stahl verkleidete Trennwand. STRUKTUR • MASSIVE ELEMENTE: - Starke: 82 mm - Stutzen/Stander: Stahlprofile, 2 x 0,8 mm gestauchte Spannschraube - Oberflachen: Stahl, verzinkt, 0,8 mm auf 12,5 mm Ruckwand aus Gipskarton - Stoffbezogene Stahlpaneele - Innerer Fullstoff: Mineralwolle - Boden- und Decken- U-Profile: 1,5 mm verzinkte Stahlprofile • VERGLASTE ELEMENTE: - Doppelverglaste Paneele in 4, 6 oder 8 mm Starke in Aluminiumprofilen oder Stahlprofilen - Integrierte Jalousien moglich • TURELEMENTE: - Turrahmen: Aluminium oder Stahl, Rahmen mit 3 Bandern - Turblatter:...

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Spécifications techniques DESCRIPTION Partitionnement démontable avec panneaux en acier. STRUCTURE • ÉLÉMENTS SOLIDES: - paisseur: 82 mm É - ontants / Supports: sections en acier, 2 x 0,8 mm M crampon de serrage - anneaux en acier galvanisé, 0,8 mm, collée sur P une plaque de plâtre de 12,5 mm - anneaux en acier recouverts de tissu P - embourrage intérieur: laine minérale R - assages sol et plafond en U forme: sections acier P galvanisé de 1,5 mm sont reliés via un connecteur « tournez et cliquez » breveté, permettant une installation simple et un accès aisé après l’installation. • NTÉGRATION...

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OMSCHRIJVING Demonteerbare systeemwand met stalen panelen. CONSTRUCTIE • GESLOTEN ELEMENTEN: - Wanddikte: 82 mm - Stijlen: 2 x 0,8 mm dikke geklonken klemstijlen - Panelen: staal, gegalvaniseerd, 0,8 mm dik op 12,5 mm dikke gipsplaten - Met stof beklede stalen panelen - Vulling: steenwol - U-profielen op de vloer en het plafond: 1,5 mm dikke gegalvaniseerd stalen delen • BEGLAASDE ELEMENTEN: - Elementen met dubbele beglazing van 4, 6 of 8 mm in aluminium of stalen profielen gevat - Optioneel: geintegreerde jaloezieen • DEURELEMENTEN: - Deurkozijn: aluminium of staal v.v. 3 scharnieren - Deuren:...

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built from beautiful, natural products. I will be reused in the future. A strange thought. I feel good, because I am put together well.’ The welfare of people in any space is central to Maars. That includes public space. As such, Maars is constantly looking for sustainable and responsible solutions. New production techniques are not avoided, rather they are sought out and studied. Reducing, reusing and recycling has become deeply rooted within the philosophy of the company. Maars knows that things always can and always must be done better. For instance, we have made enormous progress with environmentally-friendly...

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Reduce Reuse Recycle

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Newtonweg 1, PO Box 1000 3840 BA Harderwijk The Netherlands

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