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Catalogue excerpts

T.T.A. TRIBUTE TO ALBERS PLANK TABLES WITH STEEL FRAME Inspired by the optical experimental works of Josef Albers, we set out to create a simple geometrical structure for a table frame with optimal functionality. The solid wooden table top supported by the raw solid black steel frame generates a silhouette that draws a subtle cut through any environment in which it is placed. Mikal Harrsen Outlining the Nordic Spirit, we designed the table with Dinesen planks, which gives us the possibility of offering these tables in various lengths – custom sized to match all requirements and projects. Solid Wood Compact Laminate Linoleum A table with simple and sublime character combined with a sophisticated elegance, T.T.A. provides a clear aesthetic structure along with uncompromised usability for any occasion. Powder coated steel frame Allégade 19 2000 Frederiksberg C Denmark (DK) Mail: contact@maustudio.net Web: www.maustudio.net COPYRIGHT© 2013 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED MA/U STUDI

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TABLE CONSTRUCTION CUSTOM LENGTHS Custom lengths available upon request. LAMINATE & LINOLEUM Origin Europe COMPACT LAMINATE TABLE FRAMES Powder coated steel frame COLORS DINESEN DOUGLES W/ WHITE OIL OR SOAP BLACK COMPACT LAMINATE WITH LINOLEUM WHITE COMPACT LAMINATE Black steel w/ clear powder coat White powder coat Black steel profile White powder coated steel profile DINESEN WOOD SURFACES We recommend Dinesen maintenance and cleaning products for our wooden desktops. Use mild soap for daily maintenance. Regularly maintain with Dinesen Oil. Visit www.dinesen.com for purchase. LINOLEUM SURFACES Use...

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