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R.A.C. / RANDOMLY ATTACHED COMPARTMENTS R.A.C. RANDOMLY ATTACHED COMPARTMENTS SHELVING SYSTEM Our main focus, when designing the R.A.C. system, has been to provide a storage solution with maximum flexibility and usability, based on an absolute minimum of components, and in addition - no tools needed for assembly. The slim construction of only 3 millimeter metal sheets with no visible weldings, or other irrelevant features from the manufacturing process, creates this simple structures aesthetic and clean appearance. We like the fact, that due to the lightness of the silhouette, it almost isn ́t there, and allows the content to be the key player. A simple solution to serve the simple purpose. The R.A.C. shelving system is as easy to rearrange as it is to arrange, and thus offers the perfect shelving solution for rapidly changing as well as static storage and decoration layouts. Mikal Harrsen Powder coated steel and anodized aluminium The patented “lock-disc” is the simple mechanism that joins the few basic components, and facilitates the ability to freely combine and play with these - creating unlimited configurations, whether placed back-to-wall or used as freestanding space dividers. Allégade 19 2000 Frederiksberg C Denmark (DK) Mail: contact@maustudio.net Web: www.maustudio.net COPYRIGHT© 2013 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED MA/U ST

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R.A.C. / RANDOMLY ATTACHED COMPARTMENTS BASIC COMPONENTS STANDARD COLORS Black White Custom colours on request BASIC ACCESSORIES SINGLE LOCK DISC Connecting 2 vertical units FLOOR STANDING SHELVING SYSTEM Fig. 1 The lock disc are placed in the slots in the towers to attach more towers or a lid. The example illustrates single- and double lock disc placed in slots. Black- and natural anodized aluminium DOUBLE LOCK DISC Connecting 2-4 vertical and/or horisontal units Fig. 2 Illustration of 4 components joined horizontally and vertically by using a double lock disc. Black- and natural anodized aluminium SILICON...

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