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grandMA2 full-size - 2 Pages

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grandMA2 full-size
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Catalog excerpts

The grandMA2 full-size represents MA Lighting's most powerful consoleandoffersthecontrolofconventionallight,movinglights, LEDfixturesandmediafromononeplatform. Equippedwiththemostup-to-datetechnologyandevensomespecial features(e.g.keyboarddrawerandmulti-touchcommandscreen),the grandMA2issuitableforalllightingsegmentsandsuppliesanintuitive andfastcontrolofallconnectedfixturesandchannels.Furthermorethe grandMA2faderwingprovidesupto60extramotorizedexecutorfaders foranalmostunlimitednumberofpages. Moreover grandMA ‘series 1’-showfiles can be converted to be used with the grandMA2. And for yet easier operation, all command keys can be found in the same place on every console of the grandMA2 series.ThegrandMA2offersextremelyflexibleandcomfortablewaysof programming,includingnearlyinfinitenumbersofpresets,cues,pages, sequencesandeffects. *USPatentpending Scopeofdelivery  Built-inkeyboard MALEDdesklampgrandMA2(2),DustcovergrandMA2full-size Technicalspecifications  Dimensions 

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120121 grandMA2 fader wing 120122 MA LED desk lamp grandMA2 120131 Dust cover grandMA2 full-size 121029 MA Case grandMA2 full-size, with wheels (by Amptown) 121030 MA Case grandMA2 full-size, without wheels (by Amptown) 130032 MA NPU (Network Processing Unit) 120142 MA remote control package, incl. Apple iPad* (16GB) 120141 MA remote control package, incl. Apple iPod* touch (8GB) MA Lighting International GmbH Subject to change. Printed on 23.07.2013

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