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Main catalogue 2013-2015 - 876 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

High Performance Ligman offers LED modules that accommodate all exterior applications with high efficiency and excellent color rendering. LED do not generate UV radiation as they are illuminated through a process which involves electrical current flowing to semiconductors. Therefore it does not contribute to the discoloration and degradation of furnishing and other items of value. Retrofit Design Complete Product Offering Chose from a wide range of products to suit all lighting requirements for exterior applications. Long life & Resource Savings Using our existing high performance and aesthetically...

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LED TECHNICAL INFORMATION 50,000 Hrs Service Life at 70% Lumen Maintainance @ T 25 C˚ a max. Our design incorporates a low average temperature set point for improved LED reliability and increased light performance. Relative LED service life time with temperature Estimated Life span (h) Average LED product temperature 30,000 20,000 Designed temperature range Color Rendering Index indicates how well LED lightsource renders colors, on scale of 0 - 100, compared to a reference light source of similar color temperature. We select high quality LED chips for excellent color rendering properties to render...

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LED HP SERIES TECHNICAL INFORMATION UV & IR FREE PRODUCT WARRANTY This graph illurstrates electromagnetic radiation in wavelengths from 380 to 780 nanometers visable to the human eye. LIGMAN LED products have no infrared radiation and transmit only a very low amount of heat. [mW/nm] Intensity *LIGMAN Standard LED HP Series Product warranty period of 5 years. Visible Light *LIGMAN Standard LED power supply unit warranty period of 3 years. Infrared zone *If the luminaire failed or malfunctions within warranty period 5 years after purchase, due to a problem in LED module or power supply unit, LIGMAN...

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BUREAU VERITAS UGMAN LIGHTING COMPANY LIMITED IIIOUJL*HK:I: ASHPACHMIV. n/i MLX»4.ntuwrntwr; JITDISTEUX MllUi UUriWT. UliCHO«MMM] UHO, THAILANU H 7t\l\.\M*Ml HChAn^HKL.II N.N^C.K.Ml.h.TSCWBl injtil. 111 III.1MI l*ur?iu Venus Unification cenify due the Manflgcnxm System ot the LIHH-*' I irjfjnnatu in \m Ix'm iiiiiilvil and ECMJIILI Co be ui accurilniicr with the tnjLiiruiiKtLU uf the nunagemem )«wm tnndvdj detailed be low HEAD OFFICE AND FACTORY: DESIGN. MANUFACTURING UNDER Tl Ik HRANU NAMk"IJC;ftf.AN'" ttkANCI t: ADMINIST RATIVE SUPPORT PROCESSES falMJI npeiMwiflflhe orgsnuitinn'i M*iugcment Sytrem,

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The Company LIGMAN Lighting Company Limited was founded in 1995 by Mr. Sakchai Manawongsakul (Managing Director) with the objectives of designing, manufacturing and distributing high quality and high efficiency outdoor lighting products under the brand name “LIGMAN” We are proud to present sustainable and reliable outdoor lighting products under the brand “LIGMAN”. Our slogan is., “The Quality of Life,” and we provide high quality “Outdoor Lighting Solutions” to our customer base by working with architects, lighting designers and lighting engineers as well as other designers in this area of expertise....

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LATEST INTERNATIONAL LIGHTING EXHIBITION IN FRANKFURT GERMANY “light + building 2012” “Dernier salon “light + building 2012”, Francfort Allemagne La Societe LIGMAN Lighting Company Limited a été fondée en 1995 par Mr Sakchaï Manawongsakul (PDG) dans l'objectif de concevoir, fabriquer et distribuer de l'éclairage extérieur de haute qualité sous la marque “LIGMAN”. Nous sommes fiers de pouvoir vous présenter dans ce catalogue notre nouvelle collection. Notre slogan est “La Qualité de Vie. Nous apportons notre expertise aux clients désireux de proposer des produits de première qualité et qui collaborent...

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LIGMAN’s architectural lighting showroom and marketing/sales /customer service offices located in Bangkok with area: 800 m2 We present our luminaires , demonstrating the light performance of individual product. This assists in the selection process , allowing designers to select the correct luminaire for their particular requirement. LIGMAN’ 2 Notre direction des ventes est située dans des locaux de 800 m abritant le showroom à Bangkok. Nous y présentons nos produits,y démontrons leurs qualité d'éclairage, d'intégration dans l'environnement et aidons à choisir le modèle adéquat au projet.

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Semi-Parts Warehouse Entrepôt des pièces détachées Finished Goods Warehouse Entrepôt des produits finis Factory Department Office Bureaux de l'usine Production line Ligne de production

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Technical Information Degree of protection The International Protection (IP) classifies luminaire according to their protection against the ingress of dust , solid foreign bodies and water as an IP number system required by IEC 60529 and in accordance with IEC 60598. Protection from solids (First number) IP1X Protection against solid objects of 50 mm. diameter and greater than 50 mm. IP2X Protection against solid objects of 12 mm. diameter and greater than 12 mm. IP3X Protection against solid objects of 2.5 mm. diameter and greater than 2.5 mm. IP4X Protection against solid objects of 1 mm. diameter...

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Informations Techniques Indice de protection L'Indice de Protection (IP) classifie les luminaires selon leur protection contre les pénétrations de poussières et de corps solides ainsi qu'à l'eau. L'IP est nécéssaire pour se mettre en accord à la norme IEC 60529 en accord avec la norme IEC 60598. Protection aux solides (premier chiffre) IP1X Protection contre la pénétration de corps solides de plus de 50 mm. IP2X Protection contre la pénétration de corps solides de plus de12 mm. IP3X Protection contre la pénétration de corps solides de plus de 2.5 mm. IP4X Protection contre la pénétration de corps...

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Product information Materials aluminium that is USE A corrosion resistant , low copper content aluminium alloy ADC12 is used for all luminaire bodies. This is same grade aluminium that is use in the automobile industry. The high-pressure die-casting bodies provide superior mechanical strength and excellent heat dissipation , ideally suited for both low and high ambient temperature applications. All external screws use is 316 stainless steel and also have silicone grease applied where there is a contact between stainless steel and aluminium such as tapping holes to prevent corrosion that can be...

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