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Catalogue excerpts

Cooling Heating Condenser Fin Guard Safety purpose Non Glasswool Insulation for your healthy High Efficiency Heat Exchangers Durable Cabinet > X-Louvered Fin (LG Patent) & Inner Grooved Tube add turbulence to air & refrigerant flow to give higher efficiency & cooling capacity. Galvanized steel with a durable powder-paint finish Supplemental Electric Heater(Optional) Allows for easy handling & installation Low Pressure Switch for anti-freeze control Forktailed Base Rail Recipro Compressor Allows for easy handling & installation > High efficiency and low noise >

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As a single unit this can be installed on a window or on an externalwall in a small space. It offers excellent durability and various model types. 4-Way Air Deflection Auto Swing > It removes dust in the air as well as bacteria proliferation, making the indoor atmosphere healthy. The air circulation vents swing constantly and silently from side to side, directing cool air to every corner of the room. Slide-out Chassis Reversible Open Grille & One touch air filter > For easy installation and service, the slide-out chassis eliminates the need to remove the unit from the window or wall. Reversible...

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Display Operation mode It indicates Cool/Fan/Defrost/Heat On/Off Timer Button Set the time of starting and stopping operation. The timer is set by 1 hour. Remote Control Receiver Fan Speed Everytime you press this button, it is set as follows. ( F3 F1 F2 F3 ...)(High) (Low) (Middle) (High)... Temperature Setting This button can automatically control the temperature of the room. The temperature can be set within a range of 16C to 30аC by 1C. Select the lower number for lower temperature of the room. Auto Swing(optional) The air circulation vents swing constantly and silently from side to side,...

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R22 R22R22R410A R410AR22 > Cooling Features Model Capacity (kW) > Refrigerant Heating Features ModelCapacity (kW) > Refrigerant Heating Features > Anti Rust Gold FinWireless Remote Controller12-Hour OFF Setting TimerOne-Touch Air Filter (Anti-Bacteria)

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An LG Dehumidifier in your home will help remove excess moistureresulting in a healthier, more comfortable environment. DHA1260HL / DHA1660HL > Quiet OperationՕ Automatic Shut Off Hot Gas DefrostՕ Signal Light(Bucket Full & Power On/Off) Casters WheelsՕ Removable Bucket External Drain Connect Օ Optical Catalyst Deodorizing Filter Washable Air Filter Adjust humidity to your personal comfort level.Set the level of moisture removal with two fan speeds. Auto Shut-off : indicator glows red to clearlyindicate the bucket needs emptying. Auto shut off automatically stops operation.Green indicator glows...

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LG dehumidifier will help reduce; condensation on windows and sills, damage caused by mould to curtains, paintwork,wallpaper, and carpets, musty odours, asthma symptoms in winter and reproduction of mites and bacteria. > Temperature(˚C) Range suitable for the growth of wet mold and mites. When humidity reaches 70% or more, reproduction of mites and growthof mold increase dramatically. If you use a dehumidifier to maintain roomhumidity between 50% and 60%, you can prevent the occurrence of mitesand mold for a healthier living environment. When humidity is high, mites and mold occur everywhere in...

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With LG Aircon's Plasma Air Purifying System, this product removesdust, odours, and particles that can cause allergies, thus ensuring perfectly clean air. 68 >

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LA-D1561PM > - Rapid elimination of dust and odor- High Efficiency (95%) - Convenient auto flow control according to degree of pollution - Low Noise - Minus lon generation - PLASMA Air Purifying System PLASMA Air Purifying System The Plasma filteration system is a highly efficient ionizing filterthat more efficiently removes odours, dust and allergen than standard air conditioning filters. LA-B0560FM / LA-B0560FR > - Low maintenance & Low Noise- Easy to move from room to room - Attractive, circular design - 78% particle removal to 0.5 micron - Minus lon generation - Filter : Electrostatic Filter...

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