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Single Packaged Type ModelCapacity (kW)

Refrigerant >

- Compact & Lightweight Design- U-shape Air Flow- Safety Condenser Fin Guard - Forklift Base rail- Easy access Panel- Time Delay Relay is Standard Component- Low Pressure Switch is Standard Component- Reciprocating Compressor with internal high-pressure & Over-current Protector- Durable Painting Steel Cabinet- Factory Charged Refrigerant
- Direct-drive multi-speed PSC Blower Motor
- Direct-drive PSC Condenser Fan Motor




Cooling Heating


Cooling/Heating: 15.5/15.5

Condenser Fin Guard Safety purpose Non Glasswool Insulation for your healthy High Efficiency Heat Exchangers Durable Cabinet >


X-Louvered Fin (LG Patent) & Inner Grooved
Tube add turbulence to air & refrigerant flow
to give higher efficiency & cooling capacity. Galvanized steel with a durable
powder-paint finish Supplemental Electric Heater(Optional) Allows for easy handling & installation Low Pressure Switch for anti-freeze control Forktailed Base Rail Recipro Compressor Allows for easy handling & installation >


High efficiency and low noise >


Air Conditioner Window Type Brochure
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    Model Capacity (kW) Refrigerant Cooling LK-0880CH LK-1080CH LK-1580CH LK-2080CH Cooling: Cooling: Cooling: Cooling: 22.9 31.1 10.6...
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    LG Air Conditioners Window As a single unit this can be installed on a window or on an externalwall in a small space. It offers excellent durability...
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    Remote control and Touch panel You can use either remote control or touch panel to operate air conditioners (Window Type Micom Models) Display Operation...
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    Window Type ModelCapacity (kW) >Refrigerant LWJ0561ACG Cooling:1.5 R22R22R22R410AR410AR22 >Cooling Features Model Capacity (kW) >Refrigerant...
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    ] Comfort & Convenience LG Air Conditioners Model | Capacity (kW) | Refrigerant Cooling LWG0760PFG LWG0960PFG LWG1260PFG...
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