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Catalogue excerpts

THE STORY by Lassen is a Danish design company founded in 2008 with the aim of bringing the designs of visionary architect Mogens Lassen back into public consciousness. Later the designs of his brother Flemming Lassen, another of Denmark's great functionalist architects, were added to the collection, followed by those of an internal by Lassen design team. Our mission is to promote good design, whether historical or contemporary. This is why we regularly comb the archives, drawers and cupboards to source inspiration for furniture and accessories designed by Mogens and Flemming Lassen that may not...

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I N T R ODUCI N G T HE B R OT HE R S Mogens Lassen & Flemming Lassen

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INTRODUCING THE BROTHERS Mogens Lassen & Flemming Lassen 1901-1987 When he was only a child, Mogens Lassen already knew that he would one day become an architect. He purchased books about architecture with his pocket money and surveying and sketching buildings was his hobby. As he was dyslexic and funds were limited, Mogens entered the world of architecture by undertaking an apprenticeship. However, he was also involved in the academic world and turned his skills to assisting with the projects awarded to his friends and colleagues Ole Wanscher, Arne Jacobsen and Finn Juhl. around this time, Mogens...

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MOGENS LASSEN Solystvej 5, Workroom, 1959 He was a modest man by nature and not the type who cared about becoming rich and famous. He was always sketching, even on Christmas Eve, and passed away with a pencil in his hand. He loved to retreat to his workroom, which was more of a cave with small pathways carved out between mountains of papers and objects. It was anything but simple and stringent, but Mogens loved the cave's qualities and the feeling of security it conferred. In fact, he applied this 'cave' concept to the houses that he designed, where windows would never face each other directly...

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FLEMMING LASSEN 1902-1984 INTRODUCING THE BROTHERS Mogens Lassen & Flemming Lassen Architect Flemming Lassen was a modernist and part of the movement to bring functionalism to Denmark. He is particularly renowned for his overstuffed furniture, receiving major international recognition in the design world for his armchairs which today have become known as "the Flemming Lassen style”. Like his brother Mogens Lassen, Flemming already knew from a very young age that he wanted to become an architect. He was born into an artistic family with a father who was a decorative painter and a mother who was...

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LEFT SIDE Flemming Lassen (seated left) with his colleague Arne Jacobsen RIGHT SIDE Flemming Lassen project with Arne Jacobsen ‘House of the Future‘, 1929

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"I N T HE PAST, E V E N T HE GOOD CR AF T S M E N HAD DR AW I N GS T HAT T HE Y COUL D WOR K F R OM I N DE F I N I T E LY, F OR Y E AR S . N OW CHAI R S AR E CHAN GI N G AS QUI CKLY AS M Y W I F E CHAN GE S HE R S UM M E R AN D W I N T E R HAT S – AL L I N T HE N AM E OF FAS HI ON – B UT CHAI R FAS HI ON , T HAT ’ S E M I N E N T LY S E N S I B L E " Flemming Lassen FLEMMIN G LASSEN Prototype of an upholstered chair. The begining of My Own Chair, 1938

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THE STORY Architect Mogens Lassen's classic Kubus candleholder first achieved its final form in 1962 after he spent years fine-tuning an iron prototype that stood on his desk. Next to it was a small steam engine that he would activate when his work came to a standstill, giving him time to think of new ideas that would enable him to forge ahead. He was always filled with a fascination for mechanics and the way things worked and fit together. Mogens Lassen loved to experiment with new shapes and functions; he was a perfectionist and dedicated much of his time to experimenting with dimensions, shapes...

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CONEKT THE STORY Architect Mogens Lassen was very interested in kitchens and dining rooms, being particularly inspired by the large open restaurant kitchens he encountered during his time living in France. Throughout his life, Mogens designed a number of dining tables for the innovative open planned kitchens found in many of his architectural projects. Conekt was designed in 1975 by Mogens Lassen but has never actually been put into production until now. The dining table is an important piece of furniture throughout Scandinavia, acting as the centre of family life where people gather to talk,...

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" ON E M U ST CON S I D ER T HE WHO LE. E V E RYTH I NG I S CONNECT ED, JUST A S IT IS IN A M AC H I NE. . . AND IN NAT URE" Mogens Lassen “Good craftsmanship must be valued.” Mogen Lassen’s quotation resonates into the very heart of the by Lassen design ethos. Here high quality materials, uncompromising expression and beautiful craftsmanship are valued in order to make products that can live on for generations. In an understated way, designs are produced that combine function with clean, honest and nuanced aesthetics, whether formed in metal, wood, ceramics or textiles. by Lassen is amongst the...

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MA DE IN DENMA RK Kubus Local craftsmanship since 1962

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FRAME THE STORY Frame is a flexible storage solution that can trace its design back to a Mogens Lassen sketch from 1943. Inspired to a large extent by cubism, Mogens Lassen envisioned a number of square boxes in cubic frames which could be placed together in different ways creating multiple possibilities for personalised storage designs and arrangements. Perhaps too far-sighted and innovative for its time to imagine that individualised storage constellations would catch on, the system never evolved past the sketch stage. Many years later, the by Lassen design team discovered the original sketch...

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NORLI THE STORY Norli is a series of plates, bowls and cups with a simple expression and unique functionality. As well as being traditional tableware, a special design feature on the top of each of the four plates allows them to double as lids for the bowls in the collection. This instantly transforms the combined plates and bowls into a stylish and delightful solution for storing your food. Simple, minimalistic and unfussy, by Lassen's new tableware is made of high quality glazed stoneware and continues the strong Scandinavian tradition for artisanship and functional design. Norli is designed for...

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